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Development Activity

Development Activity

Get detailed information about major projects
Get detailed information about infrastructure projects managed by Fullerton Public Works Department
Projects with public review documents, community meetings, or of special interest to the community:
Project Type   Project Name (or Address)  General Location or Address  Case Number  Map Location
Apartments 131 E. Brookdale - 9 apartment units 131 E. Brookdale Ave.  PRJ13-00375 11
Church 464 W. Commonwealth Ave. 464 W. Commonwealth Ave.  PRJ15-00090 23


Fullerton Supportive Housing 1220 E. Orangethorpe Ave. PRJ14-00236  13
Townhomes Harbor Walk Specific Plan 770 S. Harbor Blvd., east side of Harbor north of Costco center  PRJ12-00300


Single-Family Residential Subdivision Laguna Road - Residential Development 313 Laguna Rd.  PRJ14-00113 6
Single-Family Residential Development Laurel Residential Project 3125 Laurel Ave. (Laurel Ave. and Lark Ellen Dr.)  PRJ15-00183  24
Apartments Orangefair Multifamily Development 1445 S. Lemon St.  PRJ13-00019


Residential, Open Space, Commercial West Coyote Hills PRJ03-00075A  1
Temporary Test Installation East Wilshire Bike Boulevard E. Wilshire Avenue between Pomona and Woods
 Mixed-Use  Red Oak Development  600 W. Commonwealth Ave. PRJ15-00271  26
 Mixed-Use Development Opportunity The Fox Block  Harbor Boulevard and Chapman Avenue   27

Reuse and New Construction

Beckman Business Center

4300 N. Harbor Blvd.



New Townhomes Commonwealth Row 1501 & 1525 W. Commonwealth Avenue PRJ16-00318  34

Residential Subdivision

Ladera Vista Drive Subdivision 1900 block of N. Ladera Vista  PRJ14-00255  15

Mixed-use Development

100 W. Amerige Avenue

100 West Amerige Avenue PRJ08-0072A