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Motor Unit 1958The Fullerton Police Department Traffic Bureau is dedicated to the safety of motorists and pedestrians. We strive to keep our streets flowing safely and freely using public education, aggressive enforcement, and traffic engineering. The Traffic Bureau of the Fullerton Police Department works in close cooperation with our citizens to ensure a safer community.

As the City of Fullerton changes, so do the traffic problems. If you see traffic related problem please let us know what the problem is. We will make every effort to alleviate the problem and keep traffic moving. You may contact the Traffic Bureau at (714) 738-6810.

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Commonly asked questions

What to do if an emergency vehicle is approaching you while you're driving?

If an emergency vehicle is approaching with its lights and siren on, the law requires that you:

  • Safely pull to the right and stop CVC 21806.
  • Make sure there are no more emergency vehicles approaching. There are times when more than one emergency vehicle responds to incidents.

If you are unable to pull the right:

  • You should stop and wait:
    • Until the emergency vehicle passes you OR
    • Directs you to move somewhere.
    • After it passes check to make sure there are no more emergency vehicles approaching. There are times when more than one emergency vehicle responds to incidents.

Oh no, I'm being pulled over!

If an officer stops you while you are driving, you should:

  • Safely pull to the right curb and stop.
  • Listen carefully, as the officer may use the public address system to give you additional instructions.
  • The officer will approach on either side of your car and normally ask for your driver's license.
    • They may ask for other documents such as the vehicle registration and proof of insurance.
  • If the officer doesn't explain why you were stopped it is okay to ask.
  • If you are issued a citation you will be required to sign it.
    • Signing the citation is not admitting guilt;
    • You are just agreeing to appear in court.
    • If you disagree with the citation you may contest it in court.

Issuing CitationYou receive a citation while driving, now what?

Fix-it Ticket

If you were issued a “fix-it” ticket for lighting, equipment, or license plate violations you must:

  • Make the correction(s).
  • Your vehicle must be inspected at the Fullerton Police Department (or other law enforcement agency) during normal business hours.
  • Repairs and the subsequent inspection are required to be completed prior to your scheduled court appearance date (as written on the citation).
  • Your fine will be reduced to $10.00 when you mail in your valid proof of correction to the court.

    Driving Violation

    If your citation was for a driving violation you may:

    • Pay the fine
    • Pay the fine, and (if eligible), attend traffic school
    • Contest the citation in court
      • You may come into the Traffic Bureau at the Police Department and fill out a form for an "initial review" of your citation. This form is the first step to contest a cite.

    You may receive a courtesy notice from the court that will tell you how much the fine is and how to take care of it. Follow the instructions on the notice if you receive one.

    If you don't receive a notice you must appear in court on the date and time listed on the citation.

    If you have lost your citation you can call the court at (714) 773-4615 for further assistance.

    You may also pay your citation by credit card or get additional information by logging onto the court’s website at www.occourts.org.

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