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Know the facts about rape

  • Rape is a violent crime, a hostile attack, an attempt to hurt and humiliate. It is NOT the result of "uncontrolled passions".
  • Rape can happen to anyone - children, grandmothers, students, wives, mothers and even males.
  • Rape can occur anywhere and at anytime, in public or in your own home, day or night.
  • Rapists are not necessarily strangers.

Prevention tips

First, know the facts about rape. Become aware of locations and situations where rape might occur, and avoid them. Consider your alternatives if confronted by a rapist. Practice possible responses so that you can recall them even under the stress of a real encounter.


  • Be alert to your surroundings and the people around you - especially if you are alone or it is dark.
  • Avoid dark streets.
  • Don't walk alone, especially at night.
  • Walk at a steady pace with a self-assured stride.
  • If you are followed, get away fast, change directions, walk into crowded areas.
  • Walk near the curb and avoid passing close to bushes, dark doorways and other places of concealment.
  • Have your key ready in your hand so the door to your home or car can be opened immediately.
  • If a driver asks directions, don't get too close to the car.
  • Maintain a secure grip on your purse, preferably under your arm.
  • If in danger, scream and run, yell "fire," or break a window to attract attention.
  • Walk on the side of the street facing traffic.

At home

  • Many rapes occur in or near the victim's home. One way to prevent sexual assault is to practice good home security.
  • Install a door viewer.
  • Do not open your door automatically to strangers.
  • Keep windows and doors secured with adequate locks.
  • Women who live alone should list only last names and first initial in phone directories and on mailboxes.
  • Close your curtains or blinds at night to prevent strangers from seeing you are alone.
  • Be alert to protect your neighbors and yourself. Never mention to a stranger that a neighbor lives alone or is at home alone.
  • When a stranger asks to use your telephone, do not permit him to enter. Offer to summon emergency assistance or make the call for him.
  • If you come home and find a door or window open or signs of forced entry, don't go in. Go to the nearest phone and call the police.

On the telephone

  • If you receive an obscene phone call hang up immediately.
  • Never give out personal information over the phone.

Car safety

  • Keep windows rolled up and doors locked.
  • Never pick up hitchhikers.
  • Make sure your car has plenty of gas and is in good running condition.
  • Check the back seat of the car before you get in. Someone could be hiding there.
  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • If you think you are being followed, drive to a public place or the police station.
  • If your car breaks down, open the hood and attach a white cloth to the car antenna. If someone stops to help, stay in your locked car and ask them to call the police or a garage.

If attacked

  • Remember: Your main concern must always be your safety. No one can tell you whether you should fight back, submit or resist. IT DEPENDS ON THE SITUATION. However, your best defense is to be prepared; know your options ahead of time. Your safety may depend upon your ability to stay calm.
  • Remember his description.
  • Check his height with your own.
  • Check his approximate age, hair color, unusual marks or scars.
  • If he is in a car, note the license, color, make, damage and direction of travel.

If you are a victim of a rape....

  • Get help quick. Call the police, a rape crisis center, doctor, friend or relative.
  • Do NOT wash, douche, change clothes, or clean up in any way until talking with police and going to the hospital.


  • CHOC
  • North Orange County - (714)834-4317
  • South Orange County - (949)752-1971
  • Rape Crisis Hotline - (714)957-2737
  • Domestic Violence Assistance Program - Temporary Restraining Order Assistance Resource and Referral Counseling - (714)935-7956
  • Temporary Restraining Order Infoline (Available 24 hours) - (714)935-7956


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