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In an emergency, DIAL 911 ...

  • A woman is battered in the United States every 15 seconds. Domestic violence can strike any household.
  • One-third of the homicides in this country are domestic violence-related. Domestic violence can be fatal.
  • National statistics indicate that as many as 50% of all women in America experience violence in their intimate relationships. Domestic violence is a fact.
  • Besides beatings, battering can involve threats of violence, verbal abuse and/or sexual assault. Domestic violence is not something anyone enjoys, asks for, or deserves.
  • Victims of domestic violence often feel isolated, powerless, fearful, guilty, and dependent financially and/or physically. Domestic violence can leave victims feeling trapped and unable to help themselves.
  • Children who learn violence at home are at risk to continue the violence in their own relationships as adults, either as batterers or as victims. Domestic violence can have long-term effects on children.
  • Spousal abuse in California is a crime and the batterer can be sent to prison. Domestic violence is intolerable and must stop.

Domestic violence centers can help victims

  • If you are battered, your local domestic violence program can provide you and your children with emergency shelter and services.
  • In addition to finding a safe place, you may want to call your local law enforcement agency to report the batterer.
  • Obtain medical help if you are injured.
  • File a temporary restraining order against the batterer.
  • Counselors with your local domestic violence program can help you understand your rights and help you determine the options most appropriate for you.

Domestic violence restraining orders

A petition must be filed at the Juvenile Justice Center, 341 City Drive, Orange, to obtain court-ordered relief of the following situations:

  • An order restraining the attacker from abusing the victim or other family members.
  • An order directing the attacker to leave the household.
  • An order preventing the attacker from entering the residence, school, business, or place of employment of the victim.
  • An order awarding custody or visitations with a minor child or children.
  • An order restraining the attacker from molesting or interfering with minor children in the custody of the victim.
  • An order directing payment of child support for minor children.
  • An order directing either or both parties to participate in counseling.

For criminal prosecution

  • The Fullerton Police Department will process all criminal reports through the North Orange County Municipal Court for prosecution. If additional information is desired, you may contact the District Attorney's office at 773-4480, or the Desk Officer at the Fullerton Police Department at 738-6715.
  • The case number of the Fullerton Police Department report documenting the crime may be obtained from the police. Please retain this number as it may be helpful to you and personnel at the Victim-Witness Assistance Program Office as you process your application for assistance.

Victims of violent crimes

  • Section 13959 of the Government Code has established a program to compensate and assist in the rehabilitation of California residents who have suffered financial loss as a result of crime.
  • If you or someone in your family has suffered injury or death as a result of a crime, you may qualify for compensation by the state. Reimbursement may be sought for wage losses, medical and psychological care, and burial expense. Victim-Witness Assistance Services are available to you at no cost, and are designed to help you with many of the problems you may be faced with as a victim of crime. The office will assist you in filing claims, and will provide continuing support, information and referral services.
  • The Victim-Witness Assistance Program in Orange County has an office in each of the six county courthouses. The local office is at the North Orange County Municipal Court, 1275 North Berkeley Ave., Fullerton, and the phone number is 773-4575.

Temporary housing


Food or meals

Medical assistance

Legal assistance

Restraining orders

  • 24-hour recorded message information - 714-973-0134

Domestic violence assistance program

  • 935-7956 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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The Fullerton Police Department

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