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City Council Chamber

Monday, March 12, 2007

6:30 p.m.





Chair Russell called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.



Commissioner Spencer led the flag salute.

ROLL CALL By Director Ron Molendyk


                        Present:          Kathleen Dasney, Craig Russell, Kathleen Shanfield, Nancy Spencer, Scott Stanford, Shawna Vee Adam


Absent:            Sueling Chen


                        Staff:                Parks and Recreation Director Ron Molendyk; Parks and Recreation Managers Dave Alkema, Grace Carroll Lowe, and Judy Peterson; Administrative Analyst   Chris Gerry; Building and Facility Superintendent Lyman Otley, Director of                                   Engineering Don Hoppe.




No public comments.


CONSENT ITEMS (Items 1 - 4)




Commissioner Dasney questioned items in the minutes regarding Lion’s Field approval going to Council on March 20.  She indicated that in the minutes on Page Seven and Page Six, Commissioner Swanson had noted that the plan was radically different from the one approved earlier and Commissioner Shanfield had asked about parking spaces.  She stated Manager Alkema indicated he would bring the original plans to the 3/12 (today’s) meeting for comparison and requested clarification of these items being approved or if additional information would be provided before the City Council March 20 meeting.  Director Molendyk stated the agenda had been pushed back to April 3 and the item being considered for approval is a conceptual plan, which does not include costs.  He noted Council would approve a conceptual plan and staff would present a budget and a recommendation to bid.




Recommendation to receive and file the Landscape Division February 2007 Monthly Report.






Commissioner Dasney made an inquiry with regard to the Buildings and Facilities Report; but she first commended the Maintenance Department on the new format of the report and that the spray pool was in service prior to Market opening.  In questioning Item Number Seven in the report about graffiti removal, she requested more information about the graffiti disposal sheets and inquired if the Park Rangers were also going to do graffiti cleanup.  Superintendent Lyman Otley stated that the disposal sheets have a special chemical on them; they come in a plastic container and are given to maintenance workers along with the Park Rangers.  Commissioner Dasney asked if the sheets will clean the signs when there is writing on the signs.  Superintendent Otley stated the sheets clean well and save a lot of time instead of sending the graffiti crew.  He also noted that City Council approved two men on graffiti.  Commissioner Dasney appreciated the information on Item Number Nine about park lighting and the quarterly schedule. 




Recommendation to approve a memorial tree donation for Cathy Fix Tryon.


Chair Russell asked for any other questions, comments or discussion, and requested a proposal to approve the consent items.


Commissioner Spencer MADE A MOTION and Commissioner Shanfield SECONDED THE MOTION to approve the Consent Calendar items.


AYES:       Spencer, Shanfield, Russell, Dasney, Stanford, Adam

NOES:       None

ABSENT:   Chen


The MOTION PASSED unanimously.






            Director Molendyk presented opening comments and introduced Redevelopment Manager Ramona Castaneda.


            Manager Castaneda stated that Redevelopment Department has been working with Director of Engineering Don Hoppe as the lead and indicated there is a master plan for the Civic Center Area, Amerige Park and the Library.  Manager Castaneda indicated staff has moved forward with the Library and Amerige Park conceptual plan and requested Architect Richard D’Amato with LPA to do a presentation of studies along with some conceptual plans and alternatives.  Manager Castaneda noted that as this effort moves further along the City is going to start the master plan for the entire Civic Center area as this is an ongoing project and is actually one of the first phases.  She then introduced Mr. D’Amato.


            Mr. D’Amato with LPA presented the conceptual study, project overview of design concerns, specific site issues for all three different buildings and planning options for the Boys and Girls Club, the Senior Center as well as Parks and Recreation Department.  Mr. D’Amato stated the project scope included library expansion/renovation; Senior Center expansion/renovation; the Boys and Girls Club replacement/expansion as the Boys and Girls Club building is old, inadequate and in a poor location; therefore it should be razed, relocated and expanded.  Mr. D’Amato indicated site issues included traffic, access to all three buildings and parking for all three facilities, with overall considerations of parking, access/egress, structural and mechanical problems.  Mr. D’Amato noted other issues included the site circulation and traffic, American with Disabilities Act requirements and programmatic requirements of all three buildings.   Mr. D’Amato stated all three buildings are undersized and by obtaining programmatic requirements was able to develop schematic conceptual diagrams, square footage as well as an eventual cost of construction.  He noted programmatic requirements were based on proto types designed for Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the State, which are about a 34,000 SF facility.  He also reviewed maintaining the current practice field, which is part of St. Mary’s and the City property next door.


            Over all Site Options:                                                  Conceptual Cost:


            20,800 SF Facility without pool                                   $  7.8M 

            21,200 SF Facility with a pool                                     $  7.95M  and with Pool   $ 9.45M

            26,000 SF Facility with a pool                                     $  9.75M  and with Pool   $11.25M

            30,800 SF Facility with a pool                                     $11.25M  and with Pool   $12.75M

            34,400 SF Facility with a pool                                     $12.9M    and with Pool   $14.4M


Mr. D’Amato inquired if there were any questions on the Boys and Girls Club before reviewing the Senior Center.


Commissioner Spencer questioned the use of the present pool.  Director Molendyk answered that part of this exercise was to eliminate duplication; therefore it would not be built with just the Boys and Girls Club in mind, but built more with shared uses.  Commissioner Spencer stated the choice is going to depend a lot on whether the use of the pool is deemed to be fairly fruitful. Commissioner Adam noted that the pool is currently being used year round with installation of a new heater and pool covers.  Mr. D’Amato indicated it is difficult for any outside entities to use the pool as they have to go through the Boys and Girls Club, which is a security concern.  He stated it is now separated and will function individually without worry about security.  Commissioner Spencer remarked pools are very expensive to maintain and she would not want to put one in and not have many people use it.


            Commissioner Dasney requested clarification from the Department on the relationship with St. Mary’s Church: if it is joint use, but owned by them or vice versa.  Director Molendyk stated the City is the landlord of the property and noted St. Mary’s Church and the Boys and Girls Club are leasing the property for $300.00 per year.  Director Hoppe stated staff will be meeting with the church to discuss options.


            Director Molendyk stated the ball field is used by Pony League as a practice field.  Commissioner Dasney questioned the actual of use of the field.  Manager Lowe indicated that the field is used throughout the season and noted that Pony League uses it as their practice field as there are so few lighted fields.  Commissioner Dasney stated the practice field should not be eliminated without another option.  Manager Lowe replied the City had been in conversation with Pony League and invited Representative Blake O’Brien here tonight.  She stated staff is reviewing additional space at Amerige Field with the removal of the fence, etc., and other options are being considered.


            Chair Russell requested clarification, especially for the new commissioners, asking if someone could tell the Commission about the entire property as to who owns it and/or who leases the property.  Director Molendyk stated the lease with the Boys and Girls Club expired August 2006.  Director Molendyk indicated the City has a current lease with St. Mary’s Church for parking and noted that Pony League is seen as the main user of Amerige Park and the Senior Center is used by seniors.  Director Molendyk reiterated that the two paying tenants are the Boys and Girls Club and St. Mary’s Church.  Chair Russell inquired about St. Mary’s church area as to whether it is part of City property.  Director Molendyk confirmed the parking behind St. Mary’s Church next to the school is City property.


            Chair Russell inquired if the property the Boys and Girls Club is currently on all City property and Director Molendyk confirmed.  Chair Russell questioned the expired lease and whether it is month to month.  Director Molendyk acknowledged it was month to month and noted the City had not signed a new lease with the Boys and Girls Club, pending the results of this Civic Center Plan.  He stated the alternatives here were what the Boys and Girls Club would like to have in their facility and have asked the City to consider.  Chair Russell questioned if this property was part of Amerige Park before the Boys and Girls Club entered into their original lease.         Directed Molendyk stated he believed it all started off as a park.


            Commissioner Shanfield questioned if there was an agreement with the Boys and Girls Club to assist with financing of this building.  Director Molendyk stated this was a review of the highest utilization of the property on a conceptual level and there were no commitments from the City or Redevelopment Agency at this point to participate.  Director Molendyk noted that if the  building is going to be available to the public’s use during different periods of the week or the day, the Boys and Girls Club may ask for the City to participate.  He commented the administration of the buildings had not been determined; such as how the facility would be shared, or how much it would cost.


            Commissioner Spencer questioned the size of the facility and estimated expectation of how many children would be served.  She stated new programs would bring more children. Mr. D’Amato replied that prototypes of specific amounts of people served and the spaces are based on programmatic requirements and noted the actual size of the facilities depends on which spaces are incorporated and which are not, but no spaces were compromised.  Mr. D’Amato stated the gymnasium is shown in different options as the size it needs to be.  Commissioner Adam indicated that there were approximately 85 users during school year, over 200 to 250 users during summer time and anticipated it would continue to grow with any other development in the downtown area.


            Commissioner Dasney indicated some of the plans have the addition of teen centers and dance studios, which clearly identifies different kinds of needs and noted Independence Park had been addressing activity in that direction.  She mentioned the Kiwanis Park Annex next to the Boys and Girls Club and inquired if any consideration was made of eliminating that annex and incorporating the Boys and Girls Club at one site.  Director Hoppe answered that it was not in this particular study.  Commissioner Dasney inquired if staff was aware of the Boys and Girls Club’s needs or their wish list.  Director Molendyk stated Kevin McCarthy with Kiwanis indicated the Rotary Club would be assisting Kiwanis in revamping the building; however, there has not been discussion of an optional 21,000 SF building.


            Chair Russell questioned the pricing and asked who was going to pay for the Boys and Girls Club portion of the project and if City funds were going to build the facility.  Director Hoppe indicated that it was undefined at this time.  Chair Russell questioned why it was undefined.


            Director Hoppe responded that Council had not directed where the monies would go from the 2005 bond proceeds.  He indicated the project was still in the master planning stages and staff was going to various committee user groups obtaining their input and assimilating information with the consultant’s design concepts.  He stated staff would make a presentation to Council for review and direction.  He added that whether or not Council wanted to fund all or part of the Boys and Girls Club or do a match challenge similar to the Fox Theater was up to their discretion.  He reiterated that the plan was still in the concept stage; therefore staff was looking a gross dollar amounts so Council could determine if a new Boys and Girls Club, Senior Center or Library should be built and how much of the approximate $60 million dollar bond money was available for this project, considering funding for all the other projects.


            Chair Russell stated that a “hot topic” is that the City does not have a Community Center and this project could be a beautiful Community Center.  He added that if the Boys and Girls Club were to pay for this, then the Boys and Girls Club name would be on the building; however, if the City is financing the project on City property, it could be the City of Fullerton Community Center right in downtown Fullerton.  Director Hoppe acknowledged that was an excellent comment and stated it was their intentions to take all of the Commission’s comments to City Council.


            Commissioner Spencer noted that the use could almost be reversed, where the City could have a community center and then lease part of it to the Boys and Girls Club for special events, particularly if they keep the Truslow Park facility.


            Director Molendyk indicated part of this exercise; after the Senior Center, the Boys and Girls Club and the Library expressed their needs, was to eliminate duplication and keep the costs down.   He cited the example of the Boys and Girls Club requesting a kitchen when they only cooked a turkey dinner for needy families once a year and could use the Senior Center kitchen instead, or requesting a boardroom for 50 when they could use a room in the Library or a room in the Senior Center.  He also noted exploring the possibility of partnership on some of the programming, e.g., the new direction for libraries looking at after school workshops to help children with their homework or technological information, also teen programs.  He stated once staff knows exactly how all the groups want to work together in partnership, specific questions can be addressed.  He stated it is unclear how the priorities will be used for funding, so Council will make the ultimate decision.


            Commissioner Stanford noted the facility’s size would depend on the inclusive groups that are going to be able to use it and what would be available to the community.


            Commissioner Shanfield questioned the City’s obligation to the Boys and Girls Club versus building a large community center that could be used by everyone.  Director Molendyk replied the City had been asked and involved in the process because the Boys and Girls Club is an existing tenant.  He stated if the commission had concerns that the land has a higher and better use, or wants the City to have another ball field there instead, this is the time to discuss it, as we are just in the planning stages. 


            Commissioner Adam questioned the enrollment for Pony League and expressed concern as to  how they are utilizing the field currently.  Manager Lowe requested clarification of the field; the little back field or the front big field.  Commissioner Adam stated the little back field.  Manager Lowe responded the little back field is used for the smaller players and noted that Pony League has experienced a tremendous amount of growth just recently, especially in those lower division from T Ball on up. They actually have a new division called “Foals”, which are 3 and 4 year olds. Manager Lowe acknowledged staff has been looking at several options including moving practice to the northern edge of Amerige and revamping Valencia Park.  She stated that Pony League already uses Lemon Park.


            Chair Russell inquired if there were any more questions on the Boys and Girls Club and requested Mr. D’Amato to begin presentation of Senior Center.


Mr. D’Amato indicated there are two options to the Senior Center.  He stated one is to enlarge the facility into 25,000 SF, which would be both new and remodeled space on a single level and indicated the other option would be 25,000 SF of newly and remodeled Senior Center with 9,450 SF of Parks and Recreation.

            Mr. D’Amato noted Option A:  A single floor option, which does not incorporate the Parks and Recreation Headquarters and Option B:  New construction adding the second level Parks and Recreation Department providing circulation.  Commissioner Dasney requested no windows, so they would still feel as if they were in the basement.  Mr. D’Amato responded it’s just the opposite; we tried to put in as many windows in as possible and stated Parks and Recreation Department is basically surrounded on four sides by glass.


            Commission Spencer indicated she was on a committee about five years ago with Dick Waltz on remodeling the Senior Center in which there were numerous meetings.  She questioned if the previous plan was considered.  Mr. D’Amato replied the plan was reviewed with the seniors and it had all the same programmatic functions.  He noted that the a large curve element in that building was made part of the entry to relate to the new construction which was done on the Library and indicated all three buildings have a curved entry piece on them and relate them together.  He explained the public spaces in that original design also had curved walls and this tends to make them very inefficient, so we tried to straighten those out to make the rooms as efficient and usable as possible and still maintain the programmatic function.


            Commissioner Spencer noted the Senior Center is rented out on the weekends for catering and parties and questioned if the plan indicated the size of the large room is about the same size as the present one.  Mr. D’Amato stated that one of the requirements eliminated the stage which therefore enlarges the room. He indicated in remodeling the existing kitchen space it was enlarged by taking the storage component and relocating it.  Mr. D’Amato stated that they relocated the actual service entry and reconfigured it so now there is a distinct service entry and the  service entrance is past a new office space, so that will control entry into the facility.


            Commissioner Spencer stated that she used to do the testing for the Police and Fire recruitments that would have five or six hundred applicants and indicated this was the only large room that would be available.   Mr. D’Amato noted classroom block usage will be available.  He stated the classroom, like the kitchen and the main multi-purpose room is used separately from the Senior Center, so it can be used after hours and on weekends.


            Chair Russell inquired if there were questions from the Commission and questioned if this would be the only presentation from staff.  Director Hoppe indicated that was correct.


            Chair Russell opened the meeting to the community for comments.


            Resident Dick Waltz stated that since the Pony League is currently using other fields, possibly the Boys and Girls Club could move to the back area and have additional parking around it.  Mr. Waltz noted there were a lot of things that should have been addressed and was not sure that the people in the Senior Center had really been involved and would like to have the Senior Center more involved.  Chair Russell stated that this is just preliminary stages and assured him the Senior Center Board will be actively involved in the whole process.  Director Hoppe confirmed the process.


            Chair Russell asked if there were any more public comments.  There were none and inquired if the Commission had more questions or comments.


            Commissioner Stanford inquired if there were studies regarding the growth of the Senior Center or projection of new patrons to the Senior Center.  Mr. D’Amato indicated the building layout and functions were based on existing knowledge of facilities such as the Anaheim Community Center and Rancho Santa Margarita which has a real active senior center component, and numbers had been reviewed based upon current data.  Mr. D’Amato noted in response to Mr. Waltz’s concerns, that the Boys and Girls Club is pushed back in that corner as far as it can get and parking was more than doubled.

            Chair Russell stated that he has had this vision for the nine years he has been on the commission of having this, a Community Center and indicated would like to see the Community Center as opposed to the Boys and Girls Club if Parks and Recreation is being moved to that location.  He noted that it gives a different impression if our Parks and Recreation Department is in a Community Center and not a Senior Center and that it should be a City project.


            Commission Shanfield suggested possible compromise or collaboration could be considered if the Boys and Girls Club contributed financially and the building could be used 24 hours for the general community. 


            Commissioner Spencer inquired about other community centers and concepts that are being used in new buildings mentioned, like Mission Viejo.  Mr. D’Amato stated it depends on what type of community center you are looking for; some are much more sports related, whereas, some are much more academic related or multi-purpose related. He noted the one in Long Beach is more for assembly type uses and Rancho Santa Margarita has a gymnasium and pool rooms.  He stated by doing an assessment for the community you will find out what types needs are lacking within the community and then design the facility around that.  Commissioner Spencer stated Garden Grove Community Center has meeting rooms and is well used.  Mr. D’Amato indicated it is sort of a hybrid with meeting rooms and the gymnasium.


            Director Molendyk noted Parks and Recreation staff investigated relocating the Boys and Girls Club to Independence Park.  He stated staff reviewed expansion of the building, took into consideration the fact it is closer to the area that they are serving, and noted that with existing pools they could enter into an agreement with FAST and maybe accomplish the same results.  He suggested this would allow the Commission to explore the Community Center, however the location across the street has always been there historically and that’s where they would like to keep it.   Commissioner Spencer questioned how long of a history they were talking about and Director Molendyk answered the Boys and Girls Club had been in that location back to about 1960.


            Chair Russell stated his initial reaction would be to say I’m not moving to Independence Park, I’m staying right there.  He noted the Commission had discussions about a Fullerton Community Center and had always been told we had no place to put it.   He indicated a Community Center would serve well at this location.  Commissioner Dasney stated that Commissioner Russell would have a huge support for his theory about having a Community Center; the difficulty would be that the support for the Boys and Girls Club is very much politically entrenched in the City.   Commissioner Adam reviewed how the children arrived at the Boys and Girls Club and indicated moving to Independence Park would not really impact the program.


            Director Molendky reiterated the concern regarding the City’s obligation to a non profit organization on public land; as City dollars get tighter it is the responsibility of the Commission and professional staff to evaluate the needs of the community and put it on the priority list, and Chair Russell agreed.  Commissioner Shanfield stated, that in general, the community supports the Boys and Girls Club and would most likely continue their support in the event of relocating the facility.  Commissioner Spencer indicated the idea of moving it to Independence Park where we already have a large gymnasium would be an excellent idea.  She stated we have plenty of land over there to play and the pool.  Commissioner Shanfield asked if it was closer to the other Boys and Girls Club.  Commissioner Spencer noted it is closer to Kiwanis Park which would be easier for them to transport kids back and forth.


            Chair Russell stated the Commission is uncomfortable going forward on the idea that the one building is being built as a Boys and Girls Club as opposed to being a City building and questioned what would keep the process going and make sure that their concerns were on the table.


            Director Hoppe of Engineering suggested going to Council for additional direction as to how to proceed; and indicated that the Commission’s comments would be included as part of LPA’s presentation to the Council along with the minutes from the meeting which would make it very clear the concerns for the Boys and Girls Club versus a Community Center.  Director Molendky stated another option is a community center with the core assets in the middle that possibly could be shared by two agencies and accommodate both interests and better service the community as a whole.


            Chair Russell questioned the time frame when this item would go to Council.  Director Hoppe responded sometime in April, after direction from the Library Board is received as to how they would like to proceed; however this would be the last public meeting.


            Commissioner Adam requested a kitchen be added in the community center and rental fees charged to accommodate parties that would be interested in renting it.


            Chair Russell requested a motion to approve the concept with the caveat of today’s discussions be presented fairly and accurately to the City Council.  Commissioner Dasney MADE A MOTION to approve the Amerige Park Civic Center Conceptual Plan with some reservations and recommendations with regards to the Boys and Girls Club facility.  Chair Russell requested a second.  Commissioner Spencer SECONDED THE MOTION.  Chair Russell asked if there is any other discussion and called for the vote.


            Ayes:     Adam, Dasney, Russell, Shanfield, Spencer, Stanford

            Noes:     None

            Absent:  Chen


            The MOTION WAS APPROVED unanimously.




Director Molendyk introduced Fullerton Recreational Riders and stated the Recreational Riders have been very active in our community.  He noted the future goals for Parks and Recreation Department to work with the Recreational Riders goals and better represent the community interests in the equestrian area will be presented by Mr. Bill Naylor and Mr. Ben Miller.  Director Molendyk introduced Mr. Bill Naylor, President of the Fullerton Recreational Riders.


Mr. Naylor addressed the commission and distributed program material and brochures to the commissioners.  Mr. Naylor invited the commissioners to attend any of the 2007 events scheduled at the Fullerton Equestrian Center.  Mr. Naylor stated the Fullerton Recreational Riders is a community association incorporated in 1961 for the purpose of promoting the recreational advantage of the community and its general welfare through interest in good horsemanship.


Commissioner Spencer inquired about the organization’s current membership.  Mr. Naylor replied currently there are approximately 200 members.  Commissioner Spencer questioned if their membership is increasing and type of age range.  Mr. Naylor noted the membership is climbing with a wide variety of age as this a family program with good participation.  Mr. Naylor indicated some events are designed for younger children with lead line classes; however at any given event we may have 50 horses with 100 to 150 people from the community attending.  Director Molendyk stated the public has expressed greater interest in Fullerton’s trails; as a recent article in Orange County Register a few months ago indicated the trails are more important to the general public than the parks.   Director Molendyk acknowledged Fullerton Recreation Riders have agreed to help maintain the trails.  Director Molendyk also noted the Recreational Riders have agreed to partner with the City to expand our programs along with the equestrian events they host.


Commissioner Dasney questioned if membership is Fullerton based.  Mr. Miller stated it was originally, but we have people from surrounding areas and noted equestrians in this area also participate in California Safe Horseman Association which membership includes the surrounding areas with a strong base here in Fullerton.


Commissioner Dasney inquired if there is a plan in place to discuss offering classes through Parks and Recreations department.  Mr. Naylor indicated their executive committee is developing a master plan for future programs and look forward to working with the City’s programs.




Director Molendyk presented a request for the Commission to agendize this item, stating the City’s policies regulating facilities for youth sports and adult sports were adopted in 1977.  He noted an increased cost of maintenance and commented there had been discussion in the past regarding user groups participation with some formula or a fee annually.  He stated an effort had been made to work as partners with the maintenance services department to address ongoing costs relating to special interest groups.  He said Parks and Recreation staff is recommending a subcommittee of the commissioners to meet with staff.  He indicated staff would include Manager Lowe, a selected group and a member of the maintenance department.  He noted the subcommittee would review rules, field scheduling, and form projections for the next five years.  He stated the subcommittee would have the responsibility of a formal recommendation or presentation to the commission.  Director Molendyk addressed the Chairperson for direction on this particular item and Manager Lowe distributed materials for review.


Chair Russell questioned how many would be need on the subcommittee.  Director Molendyk suggested two or three commissioners.  Commissioner Stanford, Adam and Russell volunteered to serve on the subcommittee.


Commissioner Dasney questioned if representatives are exclusive to the commission or would qualifications merit consideration of someone such as Neal Swanson, who has knowledge and history.  Manager Lowe noted that was an excellent suggestion and would appreciate his experience in reviewing the policies.


Director Molendyk addressed the commission and introduced Parks and Recreation Department staff to the new commissioners.



·         Director Recruitment

Director Molendyk noted recruitment application deadline for a new Director is March 30.  He indicated the interview process is scheduled for April and will involve two panels; one panel consisting of professional managers, department head from the City and representation from the community.  He noted the community will be represented by the Chair Mr. Russell and a youth representative, a senior citizen representative and the Chair of the Museum Foundation representing the Cultural Arts.  Commissioner Dasney questioned who the Youth and Senior representatives are.  Director Molendyk answered it will be the president of the Senior Club and the youth representative is the Ruben Castel.



·         Independence Park:  Locker Room and Farmers Market

Director Molendyk indicated the locker room project at Independence Park went to the low bidder with completion for the summer of 2006 and it is now 2007.  He stated staff met with the City Engineer who has accepted the work covered by the contract, but noted there are drainage problems in the men’s locker room along with ventilation problems.  He said staff is in the process of preparing specifications for air conditioning.

Director Molendyk stated that for years it has been a tradition to have the Wednesday Farmer’s Market at Woodcrest and in an effort to address various issues, including parking; the Farmer’s Market was moved February 7 to Independence Park.  He noted the vendors are in the asphalt parking lot, so there’s no mud and the parking is easier for the patrons.

·         Museum Air Conditioning Update


Director Molendyk stated the museum project was scheduled to be completed between exhibits in September.  He noted the project has not been completed and the flooring has been damaged in the process.


·         Miscellaneous Items


Director Molendyk stated a final agreement between the School District and the Department as it relates to athletic lights at Richman School has been submitted to the City Manager’s Office for his review. 


Director Molendyk suggested a workshop be scheduled for the new commissioners start with a three or four hour park facilities tour on April 9 in place of the commission meeting, following up with a workshop meeting on April 16 to provide background information.  He stated it would be beneficial to take three to four hours to review current activities.  Director Molendyk confirmed to start at 4 PM and provide food and stated this opportunity will acquaint the commissioners with the facilities and parks being discussed in the next 6 months.



·         Council Member Quirk appointed as Council youth league representative with Council Member Keller as alternate. Chair Russell questioned what this item means.  Director Molendyk answered that Council Member Quirk was appointed the Council Youth League representative, in the past Council Member Leland Wilson was the council representative. 

·         Appointment of Parks and Recreation Commission members continued until March 6, 2007 Council meeting.   Director Molendyk reviewed representatives.




Commissioner Shanfield inquired about the Dog Park.  Manager Alkema stated staff met with a group last week to form an advisory committee and will follow up with the committee having their first meeting at the park next week.  He indicated they will be reviewing issues related to surfacing, fencing, rules and regulations and signs.  Manager Alkema stated interest has been expressed to form a nonprofit organization to assist with funding and mentioned the committee suggested contacting the local business community for contributing to funds raisers.  He noted staff was meeting Wednesday night with maintenance department to review lighting for the Dog Park in consideration of use into the evening to mirror the Library hours.  He indicated staff anticipates working with the advisory group for an opening in May.  Commissioner Spencer stated that the public is excited about the Dog Park.  Manager Alkema agreed and stated that about 35 participants were very positive about getting this park going.  Director Molendyk stated that for the benefit of the new commissioners this project is an experimental park and noted the fencing is on a rental basis for the first 6 to 12 months to review issues with design, big dogs/little dogs and operational concerns before it becomes a permanent park.


Commissioner Dasney inquired about the public art memo.  Director Molendyk stated the public art program has two projects, one involves a privately owned block wall fence that abuts Olive Park on Gilbert Avenue and the homeowner has agreed to an artist rendering in which the artist would put the sketch up and volunteers would fill in the art work and the other one is to do with an older building downtown currently occupied by Leo Fender.  Commissioner Dasney questioned who the Public Art Committee is.  Director Molendyk answered that the Public Art Committee is from the Museum and the liaison in the past was Neil Swanson.  Commissioner Spencer mentioned Fullerton’s program seems to be murals on the walls.    Director Molendyk stated that if the commission would want a memo, he would request Manager Mauk to prepare one for the next meeting.  Commissioner Dasney indicated that would be helpful.  Director Molendyk stated there are various perceptions of murals as public art.


Commissioners Dasney inquired if recognition of out going commissioners Neil Swanson and Katie Dalton is scheduled for a Council meeting.  Director Molendyk answered the Council does recognize outgoing commissioners with a plaque and suggested it would be it would be appropriate to invite out going commissioners to a commission meeting in May after an election of officers for Chairman and Vice Chairman.


Commissioner Dasney agreed with the Director’s suggestion.  She inquired if staff was aware of a newspaper article on Hillcrest Park and if there is a schedule for Hillcrest Park.  Director Molendyk stated Hillcrest Park will be covered at the workshop, but noted a funding source is available from bond money and will be explained more thoroughly in a workshop environment.  Commissioner Shanfield questioned if information regarding Prop 84 Parks Bond would be provided at the workshop.  Director Molendyk replied staff will advise available information at the workshop.


Chair Russell mentioned that out going commissioners were on various committees; i.e. a fields committee and an appeal committee, so we need to have someone taking those positions.  Manager Lowe stated that someone should be appointed to the appeals committee.


Director Molendyk reiterated that Prop 84 had passed and he attended a conference that indicated the same criteria will be used as the last proposition.  He stated the last proposition was based on a population formula and categories for grants, community center grants, and youth league grants.  He noted it is a lengthy process that requires the money be spent by 2008 or loose it, so you will see a lot of projects done this year. 


Chair Russell stated his last comment is regarding St Jude Medical Center at Richman Park as to how the local community is using it, whether people are actually walking to it and showing up, versus scheduling appointments.  Manager Peterson stated the center is scheduling appointments and noted the primary doctor has been working with staff at the center to do some outreach.  She noted it is not all walk-in traffic.  She said original hours were limited because of licensing issues, but this has been resolved and the hours have been increased to correspond to participation.  Chair Russell requested a report from the medical center for review and expressed the impression that center would be a walk-in clinic.  Manager Peterson stated that the name had been changed from clinic to Neighborhood Medical Center.  Commissioner Dasney noted she had read the doctor is walking with people discussing medical issues in the park.   Manager Peterson replied this is done on Saturdays in cooperation with Saturday events staff has scheduled and indicated the doctor requested participation in those activities to obtain exposure to the community.


Commissioner Spencer stated that one of the objectives of this clinic was to reduce the emergency room traffic at St. Jude and free up the emergency room.


Director Molendyk acknowledged the Chairman’s concerns and stated the center was sold as a clinic to free up the emergency room.  He noted that it was indicated 98% of the people using the facility would be walking to it.  He commented it would have been appropriate to obtain City approval for the name change or at least indicated why the change.


Commissioner Dasney inquired if the change in name means the center is now oriented toward education, like diabetes treatment, prenatal care, and providing more classes than treatment.


Director Molendyk reiterated one of the real purposes of this facility was to be a clinic.  He stated the facility was to provide availability to just walk across the street if your three year old had 103 fever and required medical attention.  He noted this initially started as a medical clinic and then expanded to a dental program and suggested to invite Mr. Ross to present an overview.


Chair Russell asked for any other comments and requested to adjourn.


Chair Russell called meeting adjourned 9:17 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,




Ron Molendyk, Secretary





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