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City Council Chamber

Monday, June 11, 2007

6:30 p.m.



Chair Russell called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.




Commissioner Adam led the flag salute.



Present:          Shawna Adam. Sueling Chen, Kathleen Dasney, Craig Russell Kathleen Shanfield, Scott Stanford.


Absent:           Nancy Spencer


Staff:               Parks and Recreation Director Ron Molendyk and Joe Felz, Assistant to the City Manager; Parks and Recreation Managers Grace Carroll Lowe, Alice Loya, Dannielle Mauk and Judy Peterson; Cultural and Events Specialist Ashley Glass; Building and Facilities Superintendent Lyman Otley; Landscape Superintendent Dennis Quinlivan.




No public comments.


CONSENT ITEMS (Items 1 - 5)


Chair Russell requested a motion to approve the Consent Calendar items as corrected. Commissioner Dasney MADE A MOTION and Commissioner Shanfield SECONDED THE MOTION to approve the Consent Calendar items as corrected.


            AYES:             Adam, Chen, Dasney, Russell, Shanfield, Stanford

            NOES:            None

            ABSENT:       Spencer


The MOTION PASSED unanimously.



Recommendation to approve the Minutes of the April 16, 2007 Special Commission Workshop.


Commissioner Dasney noted corrections to the minutes on Page 7, saying the second paragraph from the bottom, reads that Vice Chairman Commissioner Dasney said that she sent an e-mail with commission minutes.  It should say, “referencing commission minutes”, because the minutes were not sent, but referred to commission minutes. On Page 13, three paragraphs down from the top, it stated, “the existing building was not up to school standards” and should read “state standards”.



Recommendation to approve the Minutes of the May 14, 2007 regular meeting.


Recommendation to receive and file the Landscape Division May 2007 Monthly Report.


Commissioner Dasney questioned how may trees had been planted.  Landscape Superintendent Dennis Quinlivan replied that 610 trees had been planted year-to-date.



Recommendation to receive and file the Building and Facilities Division May 2007 Monthly Report.


Commissioner Dasney requested additional information regarding the building report, specifically the Tennis Center.


Director Molendyk addressed the request, stating that the changes noted from the different operating departments have been submitted to Crane Architects for review.  He indicated staff does not have a complete report with a recommendation at this time pending the requested x-rays of the metal poles and reviewing the additional costs to repair the lights.


Commissioner Chen requested more information on the scope of the Tennis Center renovation.


Director Molendyk responded that the renovation was started a couple of years previously as a result of a meeting in which the community expressed an interest in enhancing the center in response to losing the Sunny Hills Racquet Ball Club.  He indicated that the renovation would upgrade the existing building with some amenities, incorporating a meeting room and improving the restrooms.  He noted another issue to address is the damage to a metal light pole that fell during a storm which requires investigation into the extent of repairs that may be needed for the center’s lighting system.  He stated this is not an improvement issue, but more of a safety issue.  He stated the department budget reflects $750,000 for improvements at the Tennis Center to upgrade the building and hopefully the repair of the lighting system will not impact the project. 




Recommendation to approve a memorial tree donation from Cassie Bunts.





Director Molendyk introduced Manager Dannielle Mauk and Cultural and Events Specialist Ashley Glass to make a presentation on the Fourth of July and Summer Concert Series events sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department.


Specialist Glass provided a power point presentation for the July 4th Fireworks event on Wednesday.  She stated the Community Festival Fireworks Show will be held at the Fullerton High Stadium with free admission from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm and the fireworks show takes place at 9:00 pm.  She indicated there will be interactive kids’ activities at a nominal fee of $2.00 per activity.  She noted food vendor booths are open to non-profit organizations with approximately 15 vendors. She also stated there will be non-food vendors: Democrats of North Orange County and the Republicans of North Orange County, which do voter registration and provide information to the public; and another vendor, Orange County Deaf Advocacy, which will provide carnival activities.   She said sponsor opportunities start at $100 and that sponsors, who provide a large portion of the budget revenues, are listed in the official event program. 


Specialist Glass highlighted the following:


·        Miss Fullerton will sing before the fireworks show.

·        Fireworks Show at 9:00 pm provided by Pyro-Spectaculars approximately 15 to 20 minutes to a customized patriotic sound track.

·        Anticipate 40,000 area attendees.


Director Molendyk acknowledged staff’s effort in developing this program and noted the Redevelopment Agency and MG Disposal as two other funding sources for this event.


Commissioner Chen inquired as to what the cost is to the City for this event. Manager Mauk replied that revenue funds for this event are approximately $22,000:


            Ride Tickets                          $  3,000

            Water Bill Denotations         $10,000

            Vendor Fees                         $  4,000

            Sponsor Fees                       $  5,000


Commissioner Chen asked if the City is able to make money from this event, if it broke even, or if the City funds the event.  Manager Mauk stated the $22,000 expected revenue provides part of the funding, but the event is funded by the City.  Director Molendyk indicated he did not know what expenses were incurred by other departments like Police and Fire.  He noted the fireworks costs by themselves are $20,000 so the total costs for the event would be near $50,000 with funds coming from the general fund.


Commissioner Dasney questioned if there is a charge for the booths.  Specialist Glass indicated each vendor booth is $200/base fee, plus an electrical fee of $25 and $100 deposit. 


Commissioner Dasney questioned if some of the children’s activities are free.  Specialist Glass answered Parks and Recreation staff will provide games at no charge.


Specialist Glass continued the presentation on the Summer Concert Series, indicating that concerts are a six-week series at Fullerton Sports Complex at 560 E. Silver Pine Street and the hours are 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.  She indicated food vendors would be available, however, picnic dinners are encouraged.  She stated the entertainment lineup is The Answer, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, Hot August Nights, Derek Bordeaux, Tom Nolan Band, and James Intveld.  She noted a free arts and crafts booth will be provided by Museum staff, and Aimee Aul, Museum Educator will run that booth.  She stated there are sponsor opportunities of $100, $250, $500, $1000 for this event.


Commissioner Shanfield asked about the process for the sponsorship program.  Specialist Glass indicated that post cards are mailed out from a list to Fullerton businesses.  Commissioner Shanfield suggested more advertisement of the sponsorship program.  Specialist Glass replied that information is provided on their website and Manager Mauk said staff is pursuing more areas to present the sponsorship program.


Commissioner Stanford asked about participation in the event.  Specialist Glass indicated that between 500 and 700 people attend each week.


Commissioner Chen asked how distribution of the flyer is accomplished.  Specialist Glass answered that approximately 800 flyers are distributed through the public schools by Central Services and a mailing list of about 800 from the Museum Center.  Commissioner Dasney stated the information is sent out through Parks and Recreation brochures, the water bill and both the newspapers.


Chair Russell expressed appreciation for the presentation on sponsorships, but suggested that sponsors would be considering what they will get in return; thus follow-up should be more aggressive to obtain sponsorship, including a title sponsor for the events. Manager Mauk indicated that naming rights for a title sponsorship has to go to Council.  She also noted that if contact is made very early, interest is lost as time passes.  Chair Russell noted that marketing is something that staff was not experts at and perhaps some experts could help in this effort so staff could focus more on presenting the event.


Commissioner Stanford questioned if any consideration had been given to a 5K Run in conjunction with 4th of July Event.  Assistant to the City Manager Joe Felz indicated that the City does not have staff resources to extend unless this could be in a joint effort/partnership.


Chair Russell asked if there is a fee from the school district for use of the stadium. Specialist Glass indicated there is a fee from the college for security staff as the fireworks are set off from the college and the high school charges the city custodial fees.  Commissioner Dasney asked if the parking structure is closed.  Specialist Glass replied yes as the area behind the structure is part of the firing zone and will not be available for parking.




Director Molendyk noted that vacations are generally scheduled in August.  Chair Russell stated that he will be out in July; Commissioner Adam indicated she will be out in July and the remaining commissioners indicated they will be available for a meeting so the regular July Commission meeting was scheduled.




Director Molendyk thanked the Commission for their support and turnout at the opening of the Dog Park last Saturday and also to complement all the volunteers and especially recognizes Manager Alkema and Chris Gerry’s efforts in Dog Park presentation on Saturday.  He noted many complements from the community and wanted to commend the staff.


Director Molendyk addressed the budget presented to the City Council and stated that the Commission and City Council Dinner would be scheduled some time at the end of the summer.  He noted Commissioner Dasney attended the council meeting supporting the approval of four additional maintenance staff for the parks.  He mentioned an invitation was extended regarding the open house program between Richman School and FAST with the goal for all 4th grade students in the community to be made water safe.  He thanked the commission for the 33 months of his service and extended thanks to Virginia Han, Neil Swanson, Katie Dalton and George Miller who played an important part on the commission during his service time.  He noted that starting July 9th, the meetings will be quieter and smoother for the new Director Joe Felz.




Director Molendyk noted the Mayor’s Cup rugby award was presented to McKenzie Lane and also the commission is to be advised of the June 19th staff presentation to the Council regarding the Fishing Derby and recognition of the art work on the t-shirts.  He indicated that staff will be presenting an overview of the Dog Park, and that the YMCA lease agreement is on the consent calendar for the next meeting.


Commissioner Dasney asked if the Office on Aging Contract had anything to do with the Senior Center.  Director Molendyk stated the item is on the agenda and relates to funds received for the Meals on Wheels program and transportation.  Chair Russell asked if the Cal State Fullerton Richman project grant had gone to Council.  Director Molendyk indicated the item is going through the City Manager’s office to expedite the project, following grant parameters and approval from Commission.  Chair Russell stated he wanted the plans revisited regarding this building on public property.




Commissioner Dasney praised the Dog Park Project and stated that the booth affair was great.  She noted it would be good to have a booth at the Farmers Market to advertise parks and recreation programs.  Manager Mauk indicated that participation has not been utilized, but there is a booth available always.


Commissioner Dasney indicated she was able to attend a FAST swim class and was very impressed by the whole program; especially the young instructors.   Director Molendyk noted the Police and Fire Association donated money for suits and towels and stated the program is very successful.


Commissioner Adam thanked the Parks and Recreation staff for the opening at the Museum of the steel guitar and ukulele exhibit.  She inquired about total attendance.  Manager Mauk indicated over 200 people attended, the museum gained 27 new memberships and that it was a fun family night.


Commissioner Shanfield asked if Hillcrest Park is on any upcoming agendas. Director Molendyk indicated the existing conceptual plans are available for review, and in the City Budget Session, City Council is proposing $6.5 million for Hillcrest Park.


Commissioner Shanfield noted her concern regarding grant monies available and that the timing might be right to get some money that is out there.  She mentioned meetings regarding the General Plan, noted there is no representation from the Commission and questioned the need to have someone from the Commission attend and give input.


Manager Loya stated she is attending meetings and addressing trails at this time with the General Plan.  She noted meetings are open to the general public and any commissioners are welcome to attend.  She indicated efforts are being made to get the general public to also attend these meetings as flyers are being sent out to advertise this.


Director Molendyk stated he will request more information be provided to the Commission.  Commissioner Shanfield indicated that it would be good if someone would attend these meetings.  Assistant to the City Manager Felz indicated the consultants will make a presentation to all the commissions.


Commissioner Chen commended the director and staff on all the events and hard work.  Chair Russell indicated Chris Gerry did a great job in his first ribbon cutting at the Dog Park and requested the status regarding the Civic Center.  Director Molendyk stated the library has been funded, and the Boys and Girls Club and Senior Center are being reviewed.  He noted the entire Council is supporting a Community Center with an emphasis on service to other agencies, but that it should be primarily a Community Center.


Chair Russell noted that Cal State Fullerton Titians are going the College World Series again and would like if some City official could see them off to Omaha for college finals by wishing them well or making a phone call.  He commended Director Molendyk for his run of issues with the commission and his efforts to make changes. 


The meeting was adjourned at 7:51 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,





Joe Felz, Secretary



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