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CSC Minutes February 10, 2003

CSC Minutes February 10, 2003

City Council Chambers


Chair Spencer called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.


Vice Chair Miller led the flag salute


Present: Quirk, Miller, Spencer, Dalton, Han, Russell, Swanson
Absent: None


Susan Hunt, Director




  1. Approval of the Minutes of the January 13, 2003 Regular Meeting.

    Commissioner Dalton MOTIONED to approve the January 13, 2003 Minutes, as written.

    Vice Chair Miller SECONDED the MOTION

    The Minutes were approved with the following vote:

    AYES: Miller, Spencer, Dalton, Quirk, Han, Swanson, Russell
    NOES: None

    The MOTION carried unanimously.

  2. Equestrian Lease

    After a lengthy discussion at its January 15, 2003 Commission Meeting, a motion was made to table this item until a site visit could be arranged for the Commissioners. The site visit, conducted on two separate dates, gave the Commissioners the opportunity to view the property being discussed. Director Hunt and Cindy Graham, representing Cindy Howells, Coyote Hills Ranch Owner/Operator, were available to answer any questions the Commissioners might have.


    Tony Bushala, 129 W. Ash, Fullerton, voiced his concern regarding parking, the number of horses currently on the property, what was the total number of horses allowed per the original agreement. Mr Bushala thanked the Commissioners for taking the time to visit the site and is interested in hearing their comments. He commended Cindy Howells on her work, but feels the current ring is sufficient and doesn't see the need for another one.

    Cindy Graham stated the intent of the owners has always been and will continue to be to operate it as a family orientated stable and work with foster children and community. Currently, there are 24 horses boarded on the property. There is no intention to board more horses and feels it is at capacity and has no plans for any expansion. Mrs. Graham re-iterated the benefits of the new ring, no parking concerns as adequate parking is available on the property.

    Paulette Marshall, Hickory Place, is very much in favor of the lease and the positive effects and messages given on the handicapped and foster children currently utilizing the facility and in allowing high school students to perform Community Service, which is encouraged through the schools. When you look at that area, it is rural, and would like to see this preserved. The ring under discussion would be located next to the stable. The Sports Complex was developed with an equestrian trail specifically included. She looked at the County maps of the Army Corp of Engineers. These maps show a flowage easement, which allows for the water flow and has been present since the 1940's, when the dam site was established, these easements were included. Mrs. Marshall thanked Cindy Howells for all of her hard work being done to the property and is 100% in support.

    Commissioners' Questions and Comments:

    Commissioners' asked questions and commented as follows: Inquired with Mrs. Marshall if she were building a home in this area; What is the zoning of the property and how many horses are allowed; Will there be an increase in traffic and/or parking; Could a sign be made showing the public/private lands and be helpful to the citizens; How was the rental fee formula determined and what about liability insurance; Inquired of Mr. Bushala, if any of his building plans have been approved, what is the size of the property; As this is a one year lease with a renewal option, how does the lease work at the end of that first year, does City staff handle it or is the item brought back to this Commission; Who determines if there are problems; Would a resident with issues, have any recourse to express them; The site visit was helpful and found the site under discussion to be located far away from Mr. Bushala's property; As this is a short term issue, feel it is something we want to look at on a temporary basis; If in the future an issue arises, it is certainly something that can be re-visited; The condition of the property was found to be very well kept and commended Ms. Howells for all of her efforts; inquired with Mr. Bushala if he has contacted Development Services regarding his over-all concerns regarding the stable.

    Commissioner Swanson MOTIONED to approve the equestrian lease as written by staff.

    Vice Chair Miller SECONDED the motion.

    AYES: Dalton, Swanson, Miller, Han Quirk, Spencer, Russell
    NOES: None

    The MOTION was carried unanimously.

  3. Landscape Division Monthly Report

    Building and Facilities Superintendent Lyman Otley was on hand to answer any questions. An Arbor Day flyer was distributed of all Commissioners. Dan Sereno, Fullerton Beautiful and Volunteers plan to plant 20, 24 inch boxes of Camphor Trees. Flyers have been delivered at City Hall, Library's, Community Services, Fullerton Arboretum, Fullerton Beautiful and PIO, Sylvia Palmer Mudrick has circulated a press release.

  4. Building and Facility Maintenance Monthly Report

    Building and Facilities Superintendent Lyman Otley answered questions. Mr. Otley stated park restrooms, upgraded to stainless steel toilets, urinals and sinks are almost finished.

    Commissioners' Questions and Comments:

    Commissioners asked questions and commented as follows: How many restrooms are at the new Sports Center; How many fields are there; The Sports Complex playground should be a positive asset to the City and all who frequent it. With Arbor Day approaching it is hoped there will be a great turnout with sponsorship provided by Fullerton Beautiful.

  5. Report on City Council Agenda Items:

    Director Hunt commented on the following:

    • Downtown Plaza Park project has received Council approval.

    • Laguna Lake project is progressing Advisory Committee meeting tentatively scheduled for February 27tth and the Commissioners committee members will be notified.

    • Sports Complex official opening ceremony is scheduled for April 5th, the contractor and Unocal are still completing some last minutes items.

    • The City Budget will be presented to the City Council on May 6th with public hearings and adoption on June 9th. Commission will review the budget at its May 12th regular meeting.

      Commissioners are requested to check their calendars to determine if the Monday before or Monday after would be better suite for rescheduling its June 9th 2003 regular meeting.

    • Commissioners will be asked to determine which month to take vacation either in July or August if there is no pressing business.

    Commissioners' Questions and Comments:

    The Commissioners' asked questions and commented on the following: Commissioner Quirk presented staff with pictures taken during "Snow Day" which her family attended, stating the event was well attended - despite the hot weather. Commissioner Han will be faxing the Arbor Day flyer to the Korean Newspapers. Commissioner Russell inquired about the budget, what direction the City has given the departments on cuts, when the Commission would receive it and strongly stated that he would like the Commission to have earlier input in the process.

    Director Hunt advised the Commission she would convey the Commissions questions and comments to the City Manager.

    Vice Chair Miller requested to be excused from the remainder of the meeting due to another commitment.

    Commissioner Dalton made a MOTION to adjourn the meeting at 8:14 p.m.

    Commissioner Russell SECONDED the motion.

    AYES: Miller, Spencer, Han, Swanson, Quirk, Dalton, and Russell
    NOES: None

    The MOTION carried unanimously.

The regular meeting of the Community Services Commission adjourned.