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CSC Minutes April 14, 2003

CSC Minutes April 14, 2003

City Council Chambers 6:30 p.m.


Chair Spencer called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.


Commissioner Quirk led the flag salute


Present: Quirk, Miller, Spencer, Dalton
Absent: Han, Russell

Commissioner Swanson arrived at 6:34 p.m.


Susan Hunt, Director; Alice Loya, Senior Administrative Analyst; Judy Peterson, Grace Carroll Miranda, Community Services Managers, Randy McDaniel, Parks Project Manager; Melissa Larkin, Acting Community Services Coordinator.

Chair Spencer congratulated Maintenance Services, Dan Sereno and staff on the successful Arbor Day and in planting 20 new trees. Additionally, congratulations go to Grace Miranda and her staff on the opening of the Sports Complex, it was a very nice ceremony. Fullerton Beautiful had a successful garden tour.




  1. Approval of the Minutes of the March 10, 2003 Regular Meeting.

    Commissioner Dalton MOTIONED to approve the March 10, 2003 Minutes, as written.

    Vice Chair Miller SECONDED the MOTION

    Per Chair Spencer, the Minutes stand approved without corrections as noted.


    Randy McDaniel, Parks Project Specialist and Orest Dolyniuk, Novak Associates, representing Sprint gave an oral and visual presentation regarding the proposed cell tower at West Coyote Hills Park. Mr. McDaniel stated the purpose of this item is to have the Commission recommend to City Council, approval of the proposed concept plan and enter into an agreement with Sprint for a cell tower. The proposal includes the construction of a working clock tower, which will beautify the corner, provide better local cellular reception and $2400 monthly rental income paid to the City. Mr. Dolyniuk reviewed the overall details of the proposal, stating the height of the tower will be 48 ft. from the street level grade. There will be 3 Sprint antennas, radio equipment and electrical cabinets located inside the tower and will not be visible to the general public. The clock is a working clock, which will receive monthly maintenance and will disguise the true use of it, which is the transmission of signals for better reception for all. Landscaping will be installed as part of this proposal, consisting of trees, ground cover and shrubs. Mr. Dolyniuk also presented the Commission with a photograph of a recently constructed clock tower located at the intersection of La Mirada and Beach Blvd. for their review. Mr. Dolyniuk asked the Commission for their approval and recommendation to the Council. Randy McDaniel stated that residents within a 300 ft radius of the site were notified about the proposed cell tower and the Community Services Commission meeting.

    Commissioners' Comments and Questions:

    Commissioner's asked questions and commented as follows: What is the composition of the tower itself, the top has fiberglass due to the transmissions, what is the base? What kind of landscaping is going around the clock tower? What will the hardscape consists of? Did staff review the landscape plans? One Commissioner commented that it looked very attractive, seems like an improvement to the corner. One Commissioner commented, esthetically, it is a major improvement, as the corner is pretty barren, and not particularly inviting entrance to the park. Several Commissioners felt it will actually add something esthetically and certainly serve a nice function. Several Commissioners indicated that the project was positive.

    Public Comments:

    Bob Vincent, 2119 Forest Wood Court, Fullerton, was in favor of the plan and inquired how long it would take to construct the tower.

    Vice Chair Miller MOTIONED to approve the proposed plan as presented.

    Commissioner Swanson SECONDED the MOTION.

    Ayes: Quirk, Miller, Spencer, Dalton and Swanson
    Noes: none

    The MOTION carried unanimously.

  3. Naming of the Major Field at Nicolas Park

    Grace Carroll Miranda, Leisure Division, Community Services Manager introduced the newest member of the Leisure Division, Melissa Larkin, Acting Community Services Coordinator for the Sports Complex and liaison to the Leagues. West Fullerton Little League has proposed to re-name the major field at Nicolas Park "The James Carter Memorial Field". Mr. Ken Vanek, representing the West Fullerton Little League, asked the Commission to honor a man who served as a role model to youth and was truly committed to the values of character, courage and loyalty. James Carter is the father of Gary and Gordon Carter, both who grew up on this field, with Gary going on to play professional baseball and was recently inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Mr. Van Eck presented a letter written by the Carter family to Director Hunt.

    Commissioner's Questions and Comments:

    The Commissioners' asked questions and commented as follow: Where is the league proposing to install the sign at the field? Is there a precedent for naming fields? Did you consider naming it "The Gary Cater Field' which will give instant recognition? Does the proposal meet the criteria for names? This Commission recently had a park which was named by a Citizens' Committee which the City Council rejected. The City could be setting a precedent with one Little League after another wanting to name park fields. Further comments were made regarding, criteria classification for naming places around the City. Mr. James Carter may fit as an "individual that dedicated services" year in and year out to the sports programs. The park naming quidelines are confusing. A comment was made that it would be nice if the Hall of Fame athlete could visit Nicholas School and talk about his father. Commissioners commented that the father is an inspiration and role model, but feels the general public will not know who James Carter was, maybe a press release and signage on background could be provided by the league. All agreed that if the name change is approved, the league should install a narrative plaque on the field to inform all who the man was and why the field bears his name.

    Public Comment:


    Staff Comments:

    Director Hunt stated that the Commission could have the minutes represent their comments to the city council and not take a vote.

    Vice Chair Miller MOTIONED to forward this Commission's comments to the City Council and not foreward a recommendation.

    Chair Spencer SECONDED the MOTION.

    AYES: Quirk, Miller, Spencer and Dalton
    NOES: Swanson

    Commissioner Swanson requested a Roll Call.

    Commissioner Quirk, Yes; Vice Chair Miller, Yes; Chair Spencer, Yes; Commissioner Dalton, Yes;

    Commissioner Swanson, No.

    Commissioner Swanson stated he felt the proposal had met the criteria and felt the item should be recommended for approval.

    The MOTION carried.

  4. Proposed Increase in Swim Lesson Fees for Summer 2003

    Judy Peterson, Community Services Manager gave an oral presentation asking this Commission to increase swim lesson fees for June through August 2003. The proposed increase in swim fees will help recruit and maintain quality staff.

    Commissioners' Questions and Comments:

    Commissioners asked questions and commented as follows: Which cities were surveyed? When did the salaries receive a pay increase last? What type of difficulty have you faced in recruiting and maintaining lifeguards? How did you come up with the $2 increase? One Commissioner commented on the difficulty in recruiting new employees. Commissioner Quirk commented on her personal experience as a lifeguard for the City, stating it was a great job, great experience and the job was fun.

    Commissioner Dalton MOTIONED to approve the proposed increase in swim lesson fees.

    Commissioner Quirk SECONDED the MOTION.

    Per Chair Spencer, the MOTION stands approved.

    Public Comments:


  5. Landscape Division Monthly Report

    Building and Facilities Superintendent Lyman Otley was on hand to answer any questions. Mr. Otley stated there were 20 trees planted during the Arbor Day event and all questions concerning landscape will be forwarded to Dan Sereno, for his response. The report is received and will be filed.

    Commissioners' Questions and Comments:

    Commissioners' asked questions and commented as follows: According to the Master Plan, 13 thousand trees should be planted this fiscal year, why have only 8 thousand have been planted?

    Public Comment:


  6. Building and Facilities Division Monthly Maintenance Report

    Building and Facilities Superintendent Lyman Otley was on hand to answer any questions. The report is received and will be filed. Mr. Otley responded, yes, all park fixtures will be replaced, with the highest priority completed first.

    Commissioners' Questions and Comments:


    Public Comment:


  7. Commissioners' Questions and Comments:


    Director Hunt advised the Commission of:

    • West Coyote Hills Community Forum on Tuesday, April 22nd, 6:30 - 10:30 p.m. at the First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, 2801 Brea Blvd., and encouraged the Commissioners' attend.

    • The opening day of the Fullerton Market had good attendance.

Chair Spencer adjourned the meeting at 7:25 p.m.