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Art Heals, Art Works

Art Heals, Art Works

August 4 - September 22, 2002

Can art be a social and psychological tool for catharsis and healing? Is it the making or the experience of art that heals? Can it heal the individual or the society and still be art? How does art heal?

Sixteen artists with the common need to express and recover from various forms of trauma demonstrate art's power in the healing process. Through a diverse selection of inspirational works of art, the psychology of creative expression is addressed and the power of art-making in the healing process.

The sixteen artists featured in the exhibit are Janet Inez Adams, Marsia Alexander-Clarke, Stephen Anderson, Barbara Berk, Angie Bray, Deborah Davidson, Janice DeLoof, Cheryl Ekstrom, Carol Goldmark, Mildred Kouzel, Deborah Krall, Patrick Merrill, Jeff Middlemiss, Robert Miller, Cathy Salser, and Jean Towgood. The artists employ a wide variety of concepts, styles, media and approaches to art and healing, and give fascinating insight into how working artists use art as a part of the healing process.

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