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Household & Green Waste

Household & Green Waste

In response to various environmental concerns and the State of California Waste Management Act (AB 939), the City is committed to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfills.

The City does have a recycling program! At this time, the City does not have a "curbside" recycling program - where separate bins for recyclables are used. However, the City has chosen to implement a program known as "murfing", which involves processing of the waste stream at a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) after being picked up by our refuse company, MG Disposal.

At the MRF, items which are placed in the trash and which can be recycled are placed on a conveyer belt, and a processing company (CVT Recycling) makes sure all recyclable materials are taken out before the trash is sent to the landfills. This process may sound strange, however, the City feels that sorting the trash this way makes sure that recyclable materials are retrieved and not taken to the landfills along with the regular trash.

There are some guidelines that residents and businesses should follow in order to assist the MRF in retrieving recyclable items from the waste stream. Following these guidelines will ensure better effectiveness in the sorting process at the MRF.

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Preparing Your Trash for Recycling

The following recyclable items should be placed in your refuse container as follows:

Newspaper: place in an open bag
Mixed paper/cardboard: place in an open bag or just loose in your refuse container
Glass: remove or rinse containers of food and liquid waste
Aluminum: must be empty, do not have to be crushed
Plastics: remove or rinse all containers of food or liquid waste

The following items are NON-RECYLABLE and should be bagged tightly before being placed in your refuse container:

  • Animal waste
  • Cat litter
  • Diapers
  • Waxed paper
  • Carbon paper
  • Plastic toys
  • Clothing
  • Food waste
  • Bathroom waste

Green Waste Collection

On January 24, 2000, a Green Waste Collection Program was initiated for single and multi-family homes with curbside collection service. Residents were sent an informational brochure ("Recycle Fullerton") that detailed the instructions of the program, including what was considered 'acceptable' and 'unacceptable' green waste. Regular weekly trash collection days are not altered in each neighborhood, however, a separate truck which collects only green waste comes before the regular trash truck.

clipart - trashcan The program uses "yellow stickers" which are to be placed on regular trash barrels, or other designated containers, to identify them as containing green waste. Plastic trash bags are not acceptable for this program, as plastic is not an acceptable material that can be introduced into the composting process and workers are not able to determine if disposed green waste is on the list of 'acceptable' items.

Additional yellow "Yard Waste Only" stickers and Recycle Fullerton brochures detailing the City's recycling program are available through MG Disposal or City Hall. Contact MG Disposal's Customer Service line at 238-3300 or the Planning/Environmental Programs office at 738-6884 for additional information.

Contact the Planning/Environmental Programs office at 738-6884 for additional information.

Other Recycling Information

Recycling Machines/Collection Centers in the City of Fullerton:

Albertsons - Amerige Heights
Albertsons - Orangethorpe and Euclid - Collection Center (914 W. Orangethorpe)
Sunrise Village Shopping Center - Collection Center (1885 N. Euclid St.)
Stater Brothers - Collection Center - (1040 E. Bastanchury Rd.)

Household Hazardous Waste (pesticides, paints, cleaners, etc.):

County of Orange Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center
1071 N. Blue Gum Avenue, Anaheim
Phone # 834-6752
Open Tuesday - Saturday, 9am - 3pm (closed Holidays and rainy days)

Recycling Websites:

For other important recycling information, including locations of other recycling companies in the area, please check the following websites: