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Residential Sprinklers
Residetial Sprinklers
  • A fire occurs in a residential structure every 79 seconds, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. To the homebuilder, this fact means that a large share of potential customers now have knowledge of the terror and destruction caused by fire.
  • Families with children, senior citizens, and handicapped members have special fire protection needs. Home sprinkler systems provide added protection for these people.
  • In case of a home fire, firefighters will have less risk of injury or life loss since they will be fighting a fire of less intensity.
  • Allocation of community resources can be improved with the adoption of home sprinkler technology.
  • Communities will be able to make better utilization of available land and thereby increase their tax base.

Millions of Americans have installed smoke alarms in their homes in the past few years, but a smoke alarm can only alert the occupants to a fire in the house ... it cannot contain or extinguish a fire. Residential sprinkler systems can!

In 2004 there were:

  • 410,500 residential fires
  • 3,225 civilian fire deaths
  • 14,175 civilian fire injuries
  • $6 billion in property damage

Data Source: Fire Loss in the U.S. During 2004, NFPA. August 2005.

Studies by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's United States Fire Administration indicate that the installation of residential fire sprinkler systems could have saved thousands of lives, prevented a large portion of those injuries, and eliminated hundreds of millions of dollars in property losses.

Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

Using quick response sprinklers and approved piping, homes can be built or even retrofitted to include low-cost automatic sprinkler systems connected to the domestic water supply.

Through the use of construction trade-offs, homebuilders and developers can achieve reduced construction costs if residential sprinkler systems are installed. Home sprinkler systems offer both safety and financial advantages to homebuyers, a rare combination.

Advantages for homebuilder
  • A low-cost reliable safety option that would attract many buyers
  • Trade-offs between sprinklers and code requirements that can result in lower construction costs, more units per area of land, etc.
Advantages for homeowners
  • Assurance of a safer environment for their families
  • Protection of their investment and irreplaceable family possessions
  • Lower insurance rates: from 5 to 15 percent
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