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TCC Minutes June 2, 2003

TCC Minutes June 2, 2003


MONDAY, JUNE 2, 2003 - - - 4:00 P.M.


David Bailey
J. Michael Cochran, Chairman
Brent Hardwick
Angela Lindstrom
Rosa E. Nowels
John Olmsted
Patrick Robeson, Vice-Chairman



Robert Hodson, Director of Engineering
Mark Miller, City Traffic Engineer
Dave Langstaff, Traffic Engineering Analyst
Teri Carlson, Senior Traffic Engineering Aide
Lieutenant Stanko, Police Department
Sergeant Matson, Police Department
Amy Inzunza, Recording Secretary


Chairman Cochran called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.


Commissioner Hardwick made a motion to accept the May 5, 2003 minutes. Vice-Chairman Robeson seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.



    Mark Miller, City Traffic Engineer, presented staff's report to modify the existing restrictions and use within the Plummer Parking Structure. On July 1, 2003, the operation and maintenance of the Plummer Parking Structure will become the responsibility of the City. Parking in the surrounding area is heavily utilized by Fullerton College with date specific use by the Civic Light Opera.

    It is staff's opinion that the proposed changes will meet the various needs of the community and Fullerton College by providing additional off site parking relief for patrons of the Downtown Area and Fullerton College students during the day while maintaining available parking for attendees at events held at the Plummer Auditorium or within the Downtown Area on Friday and Saturday nights; and weekends.

    Staff recommends that the Transportation and Circulation Commission approve and recommend to City Council, that the parking structure be posted for "No Overnight Parking between the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.".

    Staff also recommends that the Transportation and Circulation Commission approve and recommend to City Council, that the structure be designated as "Public Parking" everyday including weekends and Holidays and that parking be restricted to use by those displaying a Fullerton College Permit or obtaining a Daily Parking Permit for $2.00 a day.

    Finally, staff recommended that the Transportation and Circulation Commission approve and recommend to City Council, that parking is free on Friday and Saturday nights after 5:00 p.m.

    The public comment segment was opened.

    Chairman Cochran asked if the City spoke to the Civic Light Opera (CLO) regarding the Sunday fee. Ms. Jennifer Phillips of the City Manager's Office replied yes.

    Chairman Cochran commented that the CLO does a Sunday matinee. He asked if they would have to pay $2.00 on Sundays.

    Mr. Miller stated that the CLO will have free access to the Plummer Structure on Friday and Saturday nights only. Ms. Phillips stated that Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest evenings and they agreed to waive the fee for those two nights only.

    Vice-Chairman Robeson asked if the church utilizes the Plummer Parking Structure on Sundays. Ms. Phillip's was not sure. Vice-Chairman Robeson thought that the Plummer Parking Structure is a huge asset to the City of Fullerton and believes that it is unfair to charge some people and not others.

    Commissioners Nowels and Bailey did not see a difference between churchgoers, local businesses and the CLO; and that this was the time perhaps where everybody should be charged.

    Commissioners Robeson, Nowels, Cochran, and Bailey felt that if the fee was waived for the CLO then the fee should be waived on Sunday for the Church.

    Chairman Cochran stated that on Sunday afternoons, after the church lets out, the parking structure is fairly empty. He proposes that the Sunday also be free.

    Commissioner Olmsted thinks the City should be charging all the time. Ms. Phillips stated that everyone should be paying a $2.00 fee when using the structure and that charging a fee was part of the original agreement for building the parking structure. However, the signs have not been up to date and there has not been enforcement. Ms. Phillips further stated that if it is waived then that will be additional income that will not be received.

    Commissioner Bailey asked who owned the Plummer Parking Structure before the City and would the $2.00 fee will fund enough to maintain the parking structure. Ms. Phillips stated that the Redevelopment Agency built this structure with financing along with Fullerton College. It has always been a dually funded parking structure and has always been a joint agreement. Ms. Phillips stated that the money will be placed in a trust account and it will help offset the operation of the parking structure.

    Commissioner Hardwick asked how the city deals with situations such as a student that wants to use the parking structure at night and cannot park there because of a special event taking place. Ms. Phillips stated that the Community Services Department has provided service for the Civic Light Opera by providing individuals from the City to direct students to park on the upper level or at other locations.

    Commissioner Lindstrom asked if a study has been done to determine usage, balancing the operating costs and how they arrived to a $2.00 fee and asked if having Fridays and Saturdays free will put the city in a bad situation. Ms. Phillips stated that the city has not been tracking the usage.

    Commissioner Lindstrom said that she would really like to see some data in order to make a decision. Ms. Phillips stated that there is no data but she has provided all of the revenue projections and the expenditure projections for maintaining the structure. This decision was made to accommodate the needs of the community and help downtown businesses. Therefore the decision was made to make Friday and Saturday nights free.

    Commissioner Bailey asked if the surrounding businesses were notified about this meeting. Ms. Phillips replied no.

    Vice-Chairman Robeson asked what amount of money the city realizes on the Fullerton College permits. Ms. Phillips stated that we don't get any revenue from the permits. We only realize revenues from the ticket machines and the fine money that comes from the parking tickets.

    Vice-Chairman Robeson thinks that we should be receiving money from the college for every space in the parking structure. Ms. Phillips said that Fullerton College helped pay for the construction of the structure and if they had not paid for it they would have to pay to use the parking structure.

    Commissioner Hardwick asked what will be changing by approving this issue. Ms. Phillips stated that overnight parking will not be allowed, Fridays and Saturdays will be free and it will be designated as a "Public Parking Structure".

    Commissioner Olmsted asked if Fullerton College enforces parking on the other parking lots that they have. Ms. Portolan, Vice President at Fullerton College, said that on Saturday's they enforce until 2:00 p.m. and when they have no classes they do not enforce.

    Chairman Cochran asked if this item is approved will the Fullerton Police Department take over the enforcement of the structure.

    Ms. Phillips stated they will take over on July 1, 2003.

    Commissioner Olmsted thinks that the commission should approve the recommendation and request more information and revisit the information within the next couple months.

    Commissioner Bailey thinks that they should wait to get all the data and then make a decision.

    Vice-Chairman Robeson stated that he thinks the commission needs additional information. He is not in favor until he sees more data.

    Commissioner Bailey concurs with Vice-Chairman Robeson and does not feel comfortable making a decision with no data.

    Chairman Cochran stated that on July 1, 2003 the City of Fullerton will be taking over and if we don't have something in place the money will need to come from somewhere else. He suggests that the commission revisit this again with additional information.

    Commissioner Hardwick made a motion to amend the second recommendation to read "Paid Public Parking". He then supports what has been presented.

    Chairman Cochran made a motion to come back in 6 months with additional information.

    Commissioner Hardwick seconded the motion.

    AYES: Cochran, Hardwick, Lindstrom, Olmsted
    NAYES: Bailey, Nowels, Robeson

    The vote was 4 to 3 and the motion passed.


    Mr. Miller presented staff's report to designate both sides of Orangethorpe Avenue between Euclid Street and Lemon Street for "No Stopping Anytime". Staff is recommending the installation of the "No Stopping Anytime" restriction in an effort to install striped bike lanes on Orangethorpe Avenue between Euclid Street and Highland Avenue as part of a planned reconstruction project.

    Staff has taken this item before the Bicycle Users Sub Committee (BUSC) and they have agreed with the bicycle lanes. In addition to the bike lanes, staff is proposing to install dual left-turns for both east and westbound Orangethorpe Avenue at Euclid Street. It is shown as a Class II Bike Lane on the City's Master Plan of Bikeways. All the properties on the south side of Orangethorpe Avenue have sufficient off street parking.

    Staff notified all of the property owners who may be affected by this proposal. As of this date, staff only heard from two property owners. Mr. Leonard Renick of Renick Cadillac called to notify staff that they fully supported the recommendation. Staff also received a call from a Mr. Gordon Breecher, the property owner of the apartments at 915 W. Orangethorpe Avenue, concerned about the removal of parking in front of his property. Mr. Breecher stated that they recently installed a security gate on the property which limits access to the complex. Therefore, on-street parking was the convenient location for visitors to park for up to the 2-hour time limit. It should be noted that Mr. Breecher conceded that the property has sufficient off-street parking for tenants and guests based on current City code requirements. Dave Langstaff, Traffic Engineering Analyst, stated that a resident that lives off of Orangethorpe near Richman called staff and with his concern about traffic parking. He was in favor of the proposal.

    It is staff's position that removing on-street parking will allow the City to install bike lanes in conformance with the City's Master Plan of Bikeways, eliminate the potential for accidents to occur involving parked cars on the arterial, and reduce congestion at the intersection of Euclid Street and Valencia Drive.

    Staff recommends that both sides of Orangethorpe Avenue, between Euclid Street and Lemon Street, be designated for "No Stopping Anytime".

    Commissioner Olmsted asked if the only contention is 140 feet outside the apartment building. Mr. Miller replied yes.

    The public comment segment was opened and closed.

    Vice-Chairman Robeson made a motion to accept staff's recommendation. Commissioner Hardwick seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


    Mr. Miller presented staff's report to approve data as presented in the 2003 City of Fullerton Citywide Speed Zone Survey report. The speed survey report establishes prima facie speed limits on the City's arterial and collector street network.

    The City of Fullerton is required by the California Vehicle Code to conduct speed zone surveys every five years on the streets that the Police Department uses radar speed enforcement.

    There are three basic criteria's for establishing speed limits. The first is the eighty-fifth percentile which is the speed of traffic that eighty-five percent of drivers are driving at or below and that they consider safe and reasonable. Secondly, there are accident statistics. It is the number of accidents compared to the volume of traffic on the street. Thirdly, roadway conditions that is not apparent to drivers such as vertical or horizontal curves.

    Mr. Miller stated that schools are posted 25 miles per hour when children are present only if there are speeds over 25 miles per hour at these locations.

    Commissioner Olmsted asked if the 25 mile per hour speed limit is enforced during the weekend when children are playing sports at the school. Lieutenant Stanko stated that from an enforcement stand point they would enforce the lower speed limit if the children are on the sidewalk but not if they are behind a fence.

    Commissioner Olmsted stated that on Commonwealth Avenue the speed limit is currently 40 miles per hour and on weekends children are present. He thinks it should be posted at 35 miles per hour. Mr. Miller stated that the lower speed limit is not enforceable when school is not in session.

    Mr. Miller stated that staff does not conduct surveys on weekends, holidays or during the peak hours in the morning or in the afternoon; and that staff segments the roadway for continuity of speed.

    Commissioner Nowels stated that she appreciates most of the recommended changes.

    Commissioner Bailey asked if Euclid Street from Valley View Drive to Valencia Mesa is residential and why it went down to 40 miles per hour. Mr. Miller stated that it is residential and that it is 40 miles per hour due to the vertical curve.

    Commissioner Olmsted mentioned that the report states that there is a low accident rate on Harbor Boulevard north of Chapman Avenue; however, staff stated at the last meeting there were many intersection accidents. Mr. Miller stated that intersection accidents are excluded from the accident rates for speed survey purposes.

    Chairman Cochran asked if streets experience an increase in the eighty-fifth percentile speed each time the survey is conducted as a result of an increasing the posted speed limit. Mr. Miller stated that studies show that there is no correlation between the two and that the eighty-fifth percentile stays relatively consistent.

    Commissioner Lindstrom asked if staff will be reposting signs after implementing the increases and decreases. Mr. Miller replied yes. He stated that if the City Council approves this recommendation staff will change the signs and also put new legends on the roadway.

    Commissioner Olmsted made a motion to accept staff's recommendation. Commissioner Hardwick seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


    Mr. Hodson presented the proposed Budget/Capitol Improvement Program. The commission had several questions and comments. Following the discussion, the Transportation & Circulation Commission (T&CC) unanimously concurred the Budget/CIP as presented.


    Mr. Hodson stated that there has been a major issue with parking around the Chapman Park area. Staff had a community meeting. The consensus of the people that showed up to the meeting wanted staff to do something. In order to give the people that could not show up to the last meeting a chance to attend the meeting in July. Staff feels it would be best to have the meeting start at 5:30 p.m. The commission concurred.




Mr. Hodson stated that the Pomona Avenue Overnight Parking and Maple School items will go to Council on July 3, 2003.




The regular meeting of the Transportation & Circulation Commission adjourned at 5:38 p.m.