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BUSC Minutes May 18, 2005

BUSC Minutes May 18, 2005

Council Conference Room . . . . City Hall
Wednesday, May 18, 2005. . . .5:30 p.m.

Frederick E. von Coelln, Chair
Phil Lamontagne, Vice Chair
Greg Lindstrom
Stephen Hall
Martha Detor


Annaliesa Redfield

STAFF PRESENT: Ron Bowers, Senior Civil Engineer


The regular meeting of the Bicycle Users Subcommittee was called to order at 5:30 p.m


The Minutes of the April 20, 2005 meeting were approved with the corrections noted.



Stephen Hall, the newest representative from the Transportation and Circulation Commission, was introduced to the Bicycle Users Subcommittee members. Stephen Hall stated he was just newly appointed to the Transportation and Circulation Commission and then gave a brief history of himself.


The initial reason for the new motorcycle for trail patrols was that the police department was having a difficult time getting access to the trail and there were complaints regarding criminal activity on these trails not due to the current bicyclists.


Chair von Coelln stated they are going to make Gilbert Street four lanes from Castlewood to the north city limit (top of the hill). Ron Bowers stated that this is correct assuming that Chevron develops the property at that location. This street will not be widened until the property is developed. Ron Bowers stated if Gilbert is resurfaced, there is a possibility of a designated bike lane that could be developed (Class II). The Bicycle Users Subcommittee stated they want to be assured that the edges of pavement stripes are back in place if they do not implement a bike lane there. Chair von Coelln stated the Lemon Street Underpass upper level sidewalk is designated for the bicyclist and there will be no changes there. Ron Bowers stated that at Lemon Street from Chapman Avenue to Berkeley Avenue there is extensive work being done. New maps were given to the Bicycle Users Subcommittee members. These maps show the updating of the bike master plan with the proposed changes and all the members will be given an actual copy of the master plan from the general plan which will include proposed routes and changes. Ron Bowers stated there were some alternate routes with an example of a route through Fullerton College, with a bridge over the freeway or have Nutwood Avenue as a Class II bike lane, but Nutwood Avenue at the freeway was not wide enough. Chair von Coelln stated the Bicycle Users Subcommittee does tag along to a lot of City projects and there has been some compromises regarding bike projects. Ron Bowers reiterated that there are a lot of bike routes that were proposed that have been installed.

Ron Bowers stated that Bicycle Users Subcommittee members need to take a look at the CIP portion of arterial street projects. Ron Bowers stated there are specifically two street projects that are planned that would add bike lanes. They are at Orangethorpe Avenue from Brookhurst Street to Courtney Avenue and Orangethorpe from State College to Placentia Avenue. Chair von Coelln then asked about the residential streets and slurry seal projects. Ron Bowers stated that the residential street reconstruction and slurry seal projects normally do not impact bike routes. Chair von Coelln then asked about the project on Valencia Drive (the Richman Park area). Ron Bowers stated that the City is planning to install some landscaping, removal of some apartments to install a connector street from Valencia Drive to the south. There will be some alley work along with other work being done to adjacent streets. A Subcommittee member then suggested the possibility of Brookhurst Street going all the way through to Bastanchury Road. Ron Bowers stated this project would be very expensive to do because of the railroad, a grade separation under the railroad tracks and right of way acquisition costs.

Martha Detor asked what a smart street was. Ron Bowers stated that smart streets are major streets like Beach Boulevard where the streets have signal coordination, three to four lanes in each direction and are designed to reduce traffic congestion. He stated Imperial Highway is another example of a smart street and that Imperial Highway has been under design for years to get widened from the Los Angeles County line to the 91 Freeway. Ron Bowers stated the City is currently working with the cities of Brea, La Habra and Placentia to get Fullerton's segment widened. He also stated there will be three lanes of traffic in each direction using the existing right of way.

Chair von Coelln asked in regards to the CIP, what about the railroad crossings at Acacia and Raymond and then mentioned that Acacia is one of their bike routes. Ron Bowers stated that at this area only safety improvements will be done at these railroad crossings. A question was then raised regarding Nutwood Avenue and State College in the year 2006. Ron Bowers stated this project would not be approved because the money from OCTA funding did not rate as high as other projects within the county. Ron Bowers also stated that State College Boulevard and Orangethorpe Avenue project did not make the list either.

Ron Bowers mentioned to the Subcommittee that at their last meeting they talked about Valencia Drive and its reduction down to one lane in each direction.

The Bicycle Users Subcommittee then asked about the Laguna Lake project. Ron Bowers stated he has not been involved in this project but could check on this project for them. There was then brief discussion regarding the area of Laguna Lake and its bike trails.

Another Subcommittee member mentioned the area at Bastanchury between Malvern and the railroad tracks and that it appears there will be an equestrian trail along with a sidewalk. Ron Bowers stated he does not recall what is suppose to be done there but stated if they are referring to the park that is under construction, Randy McDaniel of Community Services is handling that project, and if the Subcommittee is referring to damage to the trail fencing this would be a maintenance problem and the supervisor to call is Dennis Quinlivan of Maintenance Services.

Chair von Coelln then stated in regards to CIP projects, the Bicycle Users Subcommittee recommends that the City should always consider looking at bicycle user safety, bike trails and bike routes with each city project.


Ron Bowers told the Bicycle Users Subcommittee members that the proposed Bastanchury bike route project that the City was working on to connect Valencia Mesa to Bastanchury will be delayed for now. The City was about 70% complete on design and then learned that part of the St. Jude requirements for that area needed to be graded out, and then landscaped. In order for the City to get this project finished, approval is needed by the Army Corp. of Engineers and then a redesign around the landscaping. There was no way to meet the deadline to receive federal money but Ron Bowers stated that the City can reapply for federal money again at a later date. Chair von Coelln asked how the Subcommittee can get this project completed at a later date. He asked if the Subcommittee needs to keep bringing it up every year or does the City just reapply in order to get this project done. Chair von Coelln reiterated that the completion of this bike route project is very important to the Bicycle Users' Subcommittee.





The regular meeting of the Bicycle Users Subcommittee was adjourned to the next regularly scheduled meeting of June 15, 2005.