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BUSC Minutes February 16, 2005

BUSC Minutes February 16, 2005

Council Conference Room . . . . City Hall
Wednesday, February 16, 2005. . . .5:30 p.m.

Frederick E. Von Coellin, Chair
Phil Lamontagne Vice Chair
Denny Bean
Bruce Shoemaker
Jack James
Greg Lindstrom


John Olmsted
Bruce Shoemaker

STAFF PRESENT: Ron Bowers, Senior Civil Engineer


The regular meeting of the Bicycle Users Subcommittee was called to order at 5:30 p.m.


The Minutes of the January 19, 2005 meeting were approved.



    Chair Von Coellin asked the members what is their purpose is for subcommittee.

    At the last meeting, each subcommittee member was appointed to a specific City Council member in order to report to and discuss certain issues. Chair Von Coellin asked Ron Bowers if the subcommittee members are supposed to go to his/her assigned Council Member with problems of bike use. He believes that the members should press the issue and talk with them in order to keep the Council aware of the Subcommittees direction and to let them its input is viable because the members are experienced bicyclists. He also stated this may lead to more Council support. Ron Bowers stated that he does not know the protocol regarding the interaction with the City Council members but suggested each member should contact their council person and introduce themselves and set up an appointment with them. Mr. Bowers also stated he would talk to the City Clerk to find out what exactly the protocol is regarding their assigned City Council members and will bring it back to them at the next meeting.

    According to Chair Von Coellin, the number one concern is bicycle safety as discussed with Councilmen Bankhead. It was suggested they get data on the injuries caused by cycling within the City. Chair Von Coellin stated he would try to get that information from the police department. Another suggestion was to put articles about bicycle safety and any other kind of useful bicycle information in the Fullerton Observer. Other suggestions were mentioned to promote bicycle safety, including, a safety check list that could be available to bicyclists.

    Chair Von Coellin asked if there was a number two item that the subcommittee could be working on and could bring to the council members. Suggestions were made to promote the use of bicycles, i.e., how bike riding helps to reduce smog and fuel usage, get kids interested in riding bicycles with possible safe bike routes to school. Ron Bowers stated that OCTA might have some bicycle safety tips, but no safe routes to school. Chair Von Coellin then mentioned there is a web site that is available where you can put in a destination and a bicycle route is then provided for you. Ron Bowers stated he would like to see this subcommittee creating a priority list of projects (median and high dollar), that the Engineering Department can look at if any money becomes available. Denny Bean suggested signs which would indicate bike routes with an arrow pointing that way. Chair Von Coellin suggested dividing the City into quadrants and determining what areas are deficient regarding signage. A question was then raised if there is a criterion for the distance between each street sign in the City and who is responsible for it. Ron Bowers stated this is part of Caltrans design criteria. Chair Von Coellin stated there are some streets in Fullerton that have signs, but are not suggested bike routes. Ron Bowers then asked the subcommittee to get a priority list together regarding the deficient signage of bike lanes and bike routes. He stated a work order can then be processed by the Maintenance Department, depending on cost and funding.

    Chair Von Coellin then stated that they will all work on compiling a priority list of projects for this subcommittee and present it at their next regularly scheduled meeting.






The regular meeting of the Bicycle User Subcommittee was adjourned to the next regularly scheduled meeting of March 16, 2005.