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Specific Plan Districts in Fullerton

The Specific Plan District (abbreviated as "SPD") is a zoning classification which governs standards and uses for a larger area of land. SPD zoning provides for the establishment of physical development standards and regulations for land uses that may be unique to the particular area. These standards and regulations can include such things as lot sizes, building separation distances, land use, parking standards, open/recreational space and more.

The documents below contain the standards and regulations for currently adopted Specific Plans. Please note that the name of a Specific Plan District at time of adoption may not reflect the name of the established neighborhood, and, that over time neighborhood names may change.

If you do not see the name of the neighborhood you're looking for, click here to see a map showing the locations of Specific Plan Districts.

Mixed Use Districts

File Size

Amerige Heights Specific Plan District (3 files)

Table of Contents, List of Exhibits/Illustrations/Tables, Section 1: Project Overview, Section 2: Community Settings, Section 3: Land Use


Section 3: Land Use (cont.), Section 4: Signage Program, Section 5: Master Grading & Infrastructure, Section 6: Master Landscape


Section 6: Master Landscape (cont.), Section 7: Circulation, Section 8: Implementation & Amendment Procedures, Glossary

 Amendment No. 1 to Amerige Heights Specific Plan (Oct. 2011) removing Mixed Use Eldercare Overlay <1MB

Harbor Walk Specific Plan
All Sections 4MB

Jefferson Commons/University House
Cover, Table of Contents, List of Tables and Exhibits 2.4MB
Chapter 1.0 Executive Summary 0.7MB
Chapter 2.0 Introduction 5.7MB
Chapter 3.0 Planning Framework 1.7MB
Chapter 4.0 Development Plan 10MB
Chapter 5.0 Design Guidelines 5.3MB
Chapter 6.0 Land Use and Development Regulations 3MB
Chapter 7.0 Implementation and Administration 3MB
Appendix (General Plan Consistency Analysis) 3MB
SOCO Walk/Fullerton Transit Village (1 file)
All Sections 4MB
Fullerton Transportation Center Specific Plan
Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, Chapter 1: Introduction and User's Guide, Chapter 2: Specific Plan Vision, Chapter 3: Development Plan 11MB
Chapter 4: Regulating Code 9MB
Chapter 5: Implementation and Administration. Chapter 6: General Plan Consistency 1MB

Residential Districts

File Size

Aspens at Turnleaf and Cedars at Turnleaf
Development Standards 4.4MB
Hawks Pointe
Table of Contents, Ch 1: Introduction, Ch 2: Land Use and Development Plan 8.8MB
Ch 3: Open Space and Recreation, Ch 4: Circulation 8.7MB
Ch 5: Grading Plan, Ch 6: Public Facilities 9MB
Ch 7: Architectural Design Guidelines, Ch 8: Landscape Architectural Guidelines 12.8MB
Ch 9: Implementation, Ch 10: Revised Plan 11MB
Appendices I through IV 7MB
Imperial Parkhurst
General Development Standards 10MB
Orangefair Specific Plan
All Sections 13MB
Roosevelt Fullerton Specific Plan
All Sections 6.4MB
Sunrise Assisted Living (3 files)
Cover, Chapter 1.0: Executive Summary, Chapter 2.0: Introduction, Chapter 3.0: Planning Framework, Chapter 4.0 - 4.4 Development Plan 9.5MB
Chapter 4.5 - 4.6 Development Plan, Chapter 5.0 Design Guidelines, Chapter 6.0 Land Use & Development Regulations, Chapter 7.0: Implementation & Admin., Appendices 6MB
University Heights (1 file) REVISED Dec. 3, 2013
All Sections 1.85MB
Valencia & Woods Fullerton (6 files)
Cover, Table of Contents, Section 1.0 Introduction 1MB
Section 2.0 Land Use Planning & Regulatory Provisions 3.9MB
Section 3.0 Infrastructure 1MB
Section 4.0 Implementation and Section 5.0 General Plan Consistency <1MB
Appendix, Part 1 of 2 4MB
Appendix, Part 2 of 2 5.5MB
Williamson Avenue (1 file)
All Sections 5.8MB
Watt Communities/Citrus Park (1 file)
All Sections 5.8MB

Commercial Districts

File Size

Pacific Medical Buildings/St. Jude Plaza Medical Office Buildings, West side of Harbor Blvd.
Cover, Table of Contents, Section 1 2MB
Section 2 (Part 1 of 2) 5.3MB
Section 2 (Part 2 of 2) 12.7MB
Sections 3 and 4 1MB
Sections 5 through 7 1.5MB
St. Jude Medical Center, East side of Harbor Blvd. (9 files)
Cover, Table of Contents/Exhibits/Tables, Introduction 7.6MB
Section 2: Plan Summary 7MB
Section 3: St. Jude Medical Center Specific Plan District 1.6MB
Section 4a: Design Guidelines (to page 4-10) 9.4MB
Section 4b: Design Guidelines (pages 4-11 to 4-20) 8.6MB
Section 4c: Design Guidelines (pages 4-21 to 4-25) 3.4MB
Section 4d: Design Guidelines (pages 4-26 to 4-30) 17.6MB
Section 4e: Design Guidelines (pages 4-31 to 4-40) 5.9MB
Section 5: Implementation Program, Appendices 2.8MB
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