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Connect to ePlan ProjectDox Portal
First time users - Install the components from this link.

Start a Building Permit Application
 Download and save this Word Document
 to your computer.
Email your application to eplans@ci.fullerton.ca.us

Download ePlan Applicant User Guide 
Modified March 17, 2014

Start a Planning Project Application (coming soon)

New to ProjectDox? -
Installation Guide for New Users - Download the guide here. 
Internet Explorer Versions 10 and 11 - Special Instructions for first-time users - Download the guide here.

What is ePlan?
How do I get started?
How long should I wait to receive a response to my application?
Do I need special software to use ePlan?
Can I use ProjectDox on a Mac?
Where can I find instructions or help for ePlan software?
I'm having trouble viewing the plan drawings on my computer.
Who can use ePlan?
Do I need to sign up to use ePlan?
Is there a cost?
Is ePlan 100% paperless?
Who can see my plans or designs?
What if I need technical help or assistance?
Why do I receive errors when uploading my plans?
Why am I getting emails telling me I have a task to complete?
I uploaded my plans, but no one has contacted me. Why?

What is ePlan? Back

ePlan is a web-based software that allows you to submit plans to us via the internet, saving you trips to City Hall and greatly reducing your cost for printing paper plans.  ePlan allows you to view the progress of your plan reviews, see comments and corrections while plans are under review, and download your plans once they are approved.  Our pilot program will begin with Building PERMITS only.  Planning projects will be accepted at a future date.

How do I get started? Back

 An electronic application form starts the ePlan ProjectDox process for most permits.  At this time, Pool and Spa permits cannot be accepted through ePlan.  Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Grading and Combination permits can be submitted through ePlan.

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat software on your computer to fill out the electronic application form.  We will review your application and email you instructions on how to proceed with your project within 24 business hours of receiving your emailed application.

Application instructions:

1.  Click on "Start a Building Permit Application", above.
2.  SAVE the form to your computer.
3.  Fill out as much information as possible.
4.  When the form is filled out, SAVE it for your records.
5.  Attach the completed application form to an email and send to eplans@ci.fullerton.ca.us
6.  Our staff will review your application and respond to you with further instructions within 24 business hours.
7.  While you wait for our reponse, review the Applicant User Guide so you'll be ready to begin when we contact you!

How long should I wait to receive a response for my emailed application? Back

 Please allow at least 24 business hours for us to respond to your emailed application form.  If you do not receive an answering email after this time frame, please call us: 

For Building PERMITS: (714)738-6541
Planning projects will be accepted in future: (714)773-5773

Please note that review times for plans submitted through ProjectDox are subject to the same review timelines as paper plans.  The advantage to using ProjectDox is that you will have real-time access to the progress of your review once you have uploaded your plans.

Do I need special software to use ePlan? Back

 You will need: 

1. Internet Explorer version 6 or greater, running Windows OR an instance of Windows if you are a Mac user (see below).  If you're using Internet Explorer versions 10 or 11, download this guide to change settings to work with ePlan.  ePlan does not support using Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers at this time. 
2. The free ePlan ProjectDox software: Using Internet Explorer, go to https://eplan.cityoffullerton.com/ProjectDox/.  You will see a link on the lower left to “Install ProjectDox components”.  Administrator privileges are required to install the software on your computer. 
3.  Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
4.  The ePlan ProjectDox Applicant User Guide describes how to format your plans and how to respond to comments and corrections.

Can I use ProjectDox on a Mac? Back

 At this time, you cannot run ePlan directly in a Mac environment.  You should install an instance of Windows on your Mac so that you can run ePlan ProjectDox under the Windows environment.

Where can I find instructions or help for ePlan software? Back

Download or print our ePlan ProjectDox Applicant User Guide which contains formatting instructions for your files and instructions on how to use ePlan.  While using the ePlan software, you can also access help from the help icon in the upper right portion of the screen.  If you're a first-time user of ProjectDox, we recommend you download our Installation Guide for New Users.

I am having trouble viewing the plan drawings on my computer Back

If you are using Internet Explorer versions 10 or 11, adjust your browser settings using our IE v10/11 Guide.  ProjectDox should be run in compatibility mode, as well as being run as a "trusted" site.

If you are running ProjectDox on a Mac, you should install an instance of Windows on your Mac.  Be sure to make ProjectDox a "trusted" site.

Who can use ePlan? Back

Anyone who wants to save money and resources can use ePlan.  It has been calculated that by using ePlan ProjectDox a jurisdiction issuing 3,000 permits annually could see savings of:

312,000 miles driven and 20,800 gallons of gas
457,600 lbs. of carbon monoxide emitted
$57,200 in fuel cost
12,480 hours of drive time
192,000 lbs of paper used (239 trees)

Do I need to sign up to use ePlan? Back

Once you submit an application for a permit or project, you will be sent an invitation to sign up for a user account.  You will need only a single login or user account to access ePlan ProjectDox for any Building or Planning Division request.  A separate application is required for each new Building Permit or Planning project.  If you are working for someone who has added you to their project, they can request us to add you as an applicant for their project.

What are the business hours for ePlan? Back 

You may access the ePlan service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Occasionally, ePlan may be unavailable for short periods during routine computer maintenance.  Requests for new applications or email responses from city staff, however, are limited to our hours of operation. 

Is there a cost to use ePlan? Back

The ePlan service is free.   However, normal plan check fees and project review fees still apply. 

Is ePlan 100% paperless? Back

During the submittal and review process ePlan is entirely paperless. 

For Building Permits:  The process is paperless until your plans are approved.  Two sets of printed plans are required when permits are issued.  Please see the Applicant User Guide for details.

For Planning Projects: No printed plans are required for planning projects (Planning Commission, Design Review or Zoning Administrator). 

Who can see my plans or designs? Back

ePlan users are issued a user name and password.  Plans or documents you upload can only be viewed/printed by you, by the city staff assigned to your permit or project, or by people you request us to invite to view your plans or documents.  Do not share your user name or password with others.

 What if I need technical help or assistance? Back

Please refer to our ePlan Applicant User Guide or this FAQ page.  If you are still unable to resolve your problem:
For Building permits, please email eplans@cityoffullerton.com or call (714)738-6561
For Planning projects, please email eapps@cityoffullerton.com  or call (714)773-5773

Why do I receive an error when uploading files into ProjectDox? Back

ePlan ProjectDox accepts only PDF file formats for plans and documents to be reviewed.  Other types of files will be rejected.  We recommend you save files from computer-aided drafting programs in vector PDF format and avoid use of hatching or other patterns on your plans.  Please refer to our Applicant User Guide for more details on file formatting.

Why am I getting emails telling me I have a task to complete?  What is a task?

ProjectDox uses a electronic routing system to move your plans forward.  When you receive an email from ProjectDox@ci.fullerton.ca.us , it means that your plan review is moving forward!  Open the emails and follow the instructions and links.  They will take you directly to your project/plans in ProjectDox.  Once logged in, you will see a button for "Workflow and Tasks".  Click on it and you'll see an underlined task that is awaiting action from you.  When you click the task, an electronic form will appear with instructions.  After you've completed the instructions, return to the task.  You'll just have to click a few checkboxes and buttons and your task will be complete.

I uploaded my plans, but no one has contacted me.  Why?

It is likely that you didn't complete the task that was sent to you by email.  ProjectDox uses a series of emails and electronic forms (called eForms) to manage workflow.  If you don't complete the emailed task, we don't know your plans are ready for review.  See the Applicant User Guide for more information on tasks and eForms.

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