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Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes

Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes

City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes March 9, 2006 4:00PM

Meeting Called to Order: William McGarvey III called the meeting to order at 4:00 P.M.
Members Present: Paul Andresen, Carolyn Johnson, Glenna Axe
Members Absent:Sunbie Harrell
Staff Present: Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor
Kim Husereau, Clerical Assistant III
Project Management:Bert Jones, On-Site Manager, Fullerton City Lights SRO
Eric Miller, Assistant Manager, Fullerton City Lights SRO

A. Roll Call

Chairman McGarvey called the meeting to order, conducted a brief roll call and confirmed that a quorum was present.

B. Approval of Minutes

Chairman McGarvey confirmed that all members had received and reviewed the February 2, 2006 Minutes.

A MOTION was made by Committee Member Axe, SECONDED by Member Johnson, and CARRIED unanimously by Members present to APPROVE the Minutes of February 2, 2006.

C. Discussion Of Work Program/Activities

1. Update on Heater - A/C Units

All installation and repair work has been completed on the heaters and inspections are scheduled to take place on Monday, March 13, 2006. Four new units were installed. The ten units that were initially replaced will also be inspected on March 13th.

Chairman Mc Garvey inquired about how the work was accomplished within 30 days. Mr. Jones and Mr. Miller responded that they had been directly involved in monitoring the contractor's progress daily. Ms. Morad added that she had made several contacts with Irene Tomlin, Asset Manager for ADI Inc., to expedite the project. It was noted that initial estimates called for 30 units to be replaced; however, the majority of those units were restored to operation and only four units were ultimately replaced.

Ms. Morad advised the Committee that a Housing and Community Development (HCD) Inspector has been hired, with a start date of March 27, 2006. The new HCD Inspector will accompany Senior Building Inspector Jim Crane during the heater inspections on March 13 in order to familiarize himself with the building features. The upcoming quarterly inspection will then be conducted by the HCD Inspector during the week of April 17, 2006.

Ms. Morad reminded SRO Management that inspections will need to be scheduled subsequent to the walls being closed and patched for the four heater units that were replaced. Mr. Miller stated that permits had been pulled for the wall closures and final inspection will be scheduled accordingly in order to ensure the fire-rating for those walls.

Mr. Jones provided an update on the progress of corrections that had been called out by the Committee Members during their inspections in early January, 2006. He commented that work orders have been completed on repair items and clean-up has been actively pursued with the residents.

Mrs. Johnson asked if vacancies have been filled. Mr. Miller reported that only four units are vacant at this time, and applications are currently being processed to fill those vacancies by mid-month.

Ms. Morad commented that the number of calls received by Staff has diminished recently, which would indicate that problems are being resolved.

Mr. Jones advised the Committee that he is being transferred to another facility. Mr. Miller will take over the position of Manager effective March 10, 2006. Mr. Miller will live on site.

Chairman McGarvey requested a notation be made that the Committee is in appreciation of the efforts made by both Mr. Jones and Mr. Miller and thanks them for their participation in resolving the heater repair and installation. The Committee extends best wishes to Mr. Jones on his new assignment.

D. Next Meeting Date

Chairman McGarvey proposed that the Committee resume a semi-monthly meeting schedule commencing May 4, 2006. He suggested that monthly meetings were no longer needed because the heater repairs and installations were complete. The Committee agreed to allow Chairman Mc Garvey to consult with Ms. Morad subsequent to the March 13 inspection and confirm that no open issues remain on that matter. If there are no additional issues then the meeting of April 6, 2006 will be cancelled.

E. Public Comments

No public comment. Meeting Adjourned: With no further business, Chairman McGarvey adjourned the meeting at 4:20PM.