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Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes August 8, 2005

Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes August 8, 2005

City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes August 4, 2005 4:00PM

Meeting Called to Order: Chairman McGarvey called meeting to order at 4:12PM
Members Present: William McGarvey, Paul Andresen, Sunbie Harrell, Carolyn Johnson
Members Absent: Glenna Axe
Staff Present: Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor Guillermina Torrico, Clerical Assistant III
Project Management: Gem Reid, Property Manager, Fullerton City Lights Mark Singleton, Regional Manager - Solari Enterprises

A. Roll Call

Chairman McGarvey introduced himself and asked everyone to go around the room and introduce themselves and their association with the Committee. Introductions were as follows:
  • Committee Member Johnson, Developer appointee associated with the Committee since its inception.
  • Committee Member Andresen, Solari-appointed and part of the committee for two years.
  • Linda Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor for Development Services department and staff person assigned to this Committee for a few years and a City employee for 24 years.
  • Mark Singleton, the Regional Manager with Solari, Enterprises.
  • Gem Reid, Property manager for Fullerton City Lights.
  • Guillermina Torrico, serves as clerical staff for this committee and will be here for the last time today since she will be moving to Code Enforcement. Ms. Morad announced that she hopes to have this position filled by September 22, 2005.
  • Committee Member Harrell, appointed by City Council last Tuesday. Member Harrell stated that she had recently visited the facility and is excited to be part of this group.

B. Approval of Minutes

Chairman McGarvey confirmed that the members had received and reviewed the April 7, 2005 minutes. A Motion was Made by Committee Member Johnson, Seconded by Committee Member Andresen, and Carried unanimously by members present to APPROVE the minutes of April 7, 2005.

Committee Member Harrell asked on the status of the inspector position. Ms. Morad replied that she hoped a Housing Inspector would be starting in September. She intends to continue to using the consultant for the affordable housing units which are over 600 units. Committee Member Harrell asked regarding the number of affordable housing units and Ms. Morad stated that a list would be provided.

C. Discussion Of Work Program/Activities

1. Report on Quarterly Inspection - City Staff
Ms. Morad announced that the City inspections were completed. She explained that working without a city inspector put staff a little off schedule, and because the Committee did not meet, the Committee missed their July inspections. However, because the consultant did conduct inspections in May and again re-inspected in June, she felt that this covered both the City and the Committee inspections. She confirmed with the Committee that they were comfortable with this and the Committee replied affirmatively.

She advised that since the inspector/consultant will go back out again and inspect in October, the Committee could then do their inspections in January 2006. It was agreed that the Committee Inspection Schedule would be set up at a later meeting.

Ms. Morad distributed the inspection report from May. She confirmed that during the June re-inspection it was found that all items requiring corrections were addressed with the exception of the air conditioning (AC) units.

Ms. Morad asked Property Management to provide an update on these units since residents have also placed calls into Code Enforcement to complain about the malfunction of these units.

2. Update from Property Management on AC

Ms. Reid stated that a notice was sent out today to tenants advising of the start date for unit repair/replacement work on all the units that were reported and troubleshooted. In this main resident notice all tenants were also asked to report any problems with their unit to property management if they had not yet done so. Mr. Singleton said that to date 30 units were scheduled for repair/replacement. Ms. Reid said that they did a priority list based on residents that are elderly or have existing medical necessities and these units will be done first.

Chairman McGarvey asked about the types of units and Ms. Reid described these as mini-split systems, which means that they are both AC and heat. She explained that the condenser is up away from the air handler which means that there is a line set in the wall, four-story line sets in some of them. Mr. Singleton summarized by saying that it will definitely be a big task. He added that the initial unit that was installed at construction was not the best unit for the complex and the plans are to phase this system out while at the same time addressing any issues/problems within inner-walls, as needed and on a case-by-case basis. He advised that an independent contractor will be installing the AC units and any problems found in the inner-walls such as mold, etc. will all be addressed by the in-house maintenance group.

Chairman McGarvey asked about the types of repairs on these 30 units. Mr. Singleton explained that of these 30; only ten will be replacements and the remainders have issues that will be repaired. He stated that the owner has pre-approved replacement of 30, since Property Management thought it would be easier to report that they had not used up all of the funds rather than having to go back to request additional monies.

Committee Member Harrell asked how long the process would take. Ms. Reid responded that just to get the units it would take approximately three days. Mr. Singleton replied that he estimated that it will take two months to finalize the whole project due to the fact that there might be unforeseen issues such as mold. He explained that they want to take the time to address any issues that come up. Ms. Reid shared with Ms. Morad and the Committee that she was very pleased with the consultant/inspector. She complimented him for being very personable and very thorough. She assured that everything that was noted on the first inspection has been completed and/or corrected.

3. Next Quarterly Inspections

The City consultant/inspector will be again conduct inspection in October and the Committee will inspect in January 2006.

4. Emergency Responses

Ms. Morad distributed the updated Emergency Response to Fullerton City Lights Report. Chairman McGarvey explained to Committee Member Harrell the purpose of this report and how it has shown that the facility has improved tremendously from the time where there were numerous calls placed into Police and Fire. Ms. Morad stated that all of the calls into Fire were all for medical aid. She explained that even though there were 19 calls in to Police only two of them were medical aid and the others were repeated disturbance calls. She asked Ms. Reid if she could elaborate or knew about this problem.

Ms. Reid explained that there was an issue with apartments 113 and 115 and that the resident in 113 is in legal at this time. She also shared that unit 302 had incidences with traffic and announced that the facility is getting to a stage where there will be a noted shift in turnover. She stated that when there is a problem it has to be addressed and she feels that they have reached a point where it is time to clean house. She informed that there will be upcoming vacancies but assured that they will work to have them filled at maximum pretty quickly. She noted that they will definitely be screening more thoroughly.

Ms. Morad advised the Committee that a 'Mrs. Wilson' called the City Manager's office to complain about never being given an interview and never being told that she was ineligible. Ms. Morad said that prior to calling Fair Housing she called Ms. Reid and found out that this lady's application was incomplete. Ms. Reid said that not only was the application incomplete, but felt that instead of calling the City, she should have given them an opportunity to inform her of the status. Ms. Reid reviewed Mrs. Wilson's case and explained that initially she submitted an application in May. She did in fact qualify for lowest rent level and she did start the paperwork; however, the application was incomplete and in these cases they are put on hold. Ms. Reid stated that there was never an ineligibility letter, Mrs. Wilson never paid the $35 (it is actually $32) since money is not taken until there is a room to place an applicant due to the fact that money is short for most of these applicants.

Ms. Morad asked Property Management if they would follow up and send Mrs. Wilson a letter. Mr. Singleton said that he would go ahead and mail her a letter and provide a copy to the committee. Ms. Reid said that the weather, the temperature, and the AC have caused some problems; however, in her overall estimation, things have been good because issues are getting resolved. Mr. Singleton said that they will be having resident meetings and Ms. Reid added that there will be more enforcement of the rules. Mr. Singleton explained that if someone gets evicted, they will know with proper documentation, proper notice, and given clear expectations.

Chairman McGarvey asked if he expects over half a dozen evictions and Mr. Singleton explained that there will be more than six but less than a dozen. Committee Member Harrell asked for the reason for these evictions and Mr. Singleton described these as drugs, not abiding by rules, etc. Ms. Reid added that one of these cases will not even contest it in court, admitted to their wrongdoing and apologized..

Chairman McGarvey asked about a particular tenant who is eccentric and Ms. Reid said that he is one of the best tenants. Mr. Singleton explained that he is a perfect case of a tenant that needs a little guidance but is very respectful. Ms. Reid says that he is a very positive person and gives back.

D. Non-Agenda Items

Chairman McGarvey asked if there was any further discussion or questions on any topic. Committee Member Harrell asked for the process of when a unit becomes vacant. She asked for the different levels of rent, the number of applications, the interview process, etc.

Ms. Reid informed of the four different rent levels which are determined by a person's income. She replied that there are always a huge number of applicants and there is in place an interview process and a six-page criterion that answers all questions/issues on the facility. Ms. Reid elaborated on how important it is for applicants to read these criteria since it goes over all qualifications, expectations, and rules.

Mr. Singleton explained that applicants are given a sheet that is titled 'Application Process' that does just that, walk them through the entire process to apply. Committee Member Harrell asked if people applying were of certain income or group. Mr. Singleton explained that anybody can apply and are then screened for qualification.

Chairman McGarvey asked Committee Member Harrell of her interest in this Committee. She explained that she originally applied for the Library committee but was unable to get on it due to a medical situation. She wanted to get involved with a city committee and definitely believes in affordable housing and would like to see that protected.

Chairman McGarvey shared his experience with Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services and expressed the positive of this City's services available for residents. Ms. Reid spoke about the resourceful booklet provided by St. Jude and after expressed interest from staff and the committee; Ms. Reid offered to bring copies to the next meeting or mail them to Ms. Morad.

Mr. Singleton shared that he was very impressed with the Fullerton City Lights. Committee Member Harrell asked about the resident meetings and Mr. Singleton said that he could advise the Committee about the dates/times of these meetings.

E. Next Meeting Date

The next meeting will be on Thursday, October 6, 2005 at 4PM.

Ms. Morad noted that the meeting after that will be on Thursday, December 1, 2005 and this would be the meeting where the January inspections are assigned.

F. Public Comments

No public comment.

Meeting Adjourned: Chairman McGarvey adjourned meeting at 5:29PM.