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Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes February 5, 2004

Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes February 5, 2004

Meeting Minutes February 5, 2004 4:00PM

Meeting Called to Order:

Chairman McGarvey called meeting to order at 4:06 p.m.

Roll Call

Members Present: William McGarvey, Paul Andresen, Glenna Axe, Carolyn Johnson
Members Absent: None
Staff Present: Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor
Guillermina Torrico, Clerical Assistant III
Project Management: Tamasa Alvarado, Manager, Fullerton City Lights
Gabriela Michel, Solari Enterprises, Inc.

Approval of Minutes

Chairman McGarvey confirmed Members had received and reviewed December 4, 2003 minutes.

Committee Member Johnson had a question on minutes regarding member terms. Ms. Morad advised that Member Terms was an item in today's agenda. Chairman McGarvey asked that discussions on this topic be held at that point.

Motion was Made, Seconded and Carried by members present to APPROVE the minutes of December 4, 2003.

Chairman McGarvey asked regarding his position as Chairman and about the election process. Ms. Morad offered that Elections can be placed as an agenda item for next meeting so the Committee can vote for a Chair and Co-Chairperson. Committee members agreed.

Discussion of Work Program/Activities

  1. Quarterly Inspection Report

    Chairman McGarvey apologized for missing his quarterly inspection appointment. He stated that he neglected to transfer appointments from his prior year's calendar and as a result missed his scheduled inspection.

    Chairman McGarvey asked the Committee to share their perceptions of the building and to provide a summary of their inspection.

    Committee Member Andresen reported his inspections were all made to units on the third floor. He found some units that were slightly messy. Approximately two/three were not well kept at all, but it was more of a personal cleanliness issue and presented no major safety issue or problem. Chairman McGarvey asked about a resident with the built-in bookcases and Committee Member Andresen said that unit was ok. Committee Member Andresen's overall rating of most rooms is that they were fine. He stated that they were conducting a sprinkler system inspection at the same time and they found that the sprinkler system also met regulations.

    Committee Member Johnson reported on inspections made to second-floor units. She reported to have checked all rooms with more attention being paid to bathrooms. She stated that she found most rooms were fine, a few were messy and untidy, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Committee Member Axe reported that her inspections were on the fourth floor. She found several rooms with problem issues that were immediately addressed. She reported that these room's bathrooms and kitchens were disgusting. She said examples included a kitchen's dirty microwave and another unit with thick ice on the small freezer that needed defrosting. This year, the fourth floor had more issues according to Ms. Alvarado. Ms. Alvarado advised that residents in rooms with housekeeping problems were all sent notices. Committee Member Axe said that overall; the majority of units inspected were fine. She added that in general, cleanliness concerns were addressed, but they posed no major safety/hazardous problems.

    There was agreement between Committee Members that they are pleased with current status of facility.

    Ms. Alvarado also reported her perception as being a positive one. She informed the Committee that the facility is currently at 100% occupancy with a waiting list of people to pre-qualify.

    Ms. Michel announced that they will be painting the exterior of the building. She confirmed to Chairman McGarvey that it will not be a major change since the color will be kept the same, thus no city permits are needed. She stated that it will enhance the building since it will make it brighter.

    Chairman McGarvey asked if there were any other comments on the facility or any problems to report. There were no further comments on this subject.

  2. Emergency Responses

    Ms. Morad distributed the updated Emergency Response to Fullerton Lights Report which depicted a continued downward trend of emergency calls. She stated that for the months of December 2003 and January 2004, there was only one call to Police each month. She explained that although there were five calls in to the Fire Department in December 2003 and one in January 2004, all Fire department calls were health-related issues or illness.

    Ms. Morad advised that the calls shown on the report are definitely within the expected results for Fire/Police on a building of that size.

  3. Member's Terms

    Ms. Morad announced that Staff received a February 4th notice from City Clerk's office advising that Committee Member Axe had been reappointed and that James D. O'Connor was appointed by City Council at the February 3rd meeting. Unfortunately, Staff was not provided with Mr. O'Connor's contact information to invite him to today's meeting.

    The Committee asked Ms. Morad to explain the terms and their duration.

    Ms. Morad explained that there are currently two members appointed by the Developer, who are on a continuous term; two members appointed by City Council, which are on four-year terms; and, one Member-at-Large, who is on a continuous term. She stated Committee Members Johnson and Andresen were Developer appointed, Committee Members Axe and O'Connor were City Council appointed, and Chairman McGarvey is the Member-at-Large.

    Committee Member Johnson stated that she was hoping her term was over. She explained that quarterly inspections have recently become very fatiguing due to the many rooms she's expected to inspect. Committee Member Axe suggested that since now there will be five Committee Members, the workload could be shared. Chairman McGarvey expressed the Committee's appreciation for Committee Member Johnson's efforts and contributions and offered to accommodate her. He explained that she can choose to alternate each quarter and/or split inspections with another Committee Member.

    Committee Member Johnson announced that she would like to stay on and committed to staying another year. Ms. Morad advised that inspections are done quarterly with one quarter inspected by Staff and another by Committee Members.

Non-Agenda Item: Meeting Schedule Discussion

Ms. Morad asked Members to determine how often they want to meet since the Committee is currently set up to meet once a month. The Committee agreed that current status warranted that meetings be held every other month. The Committee wished to make a motion on the change, but the item was not on the agenda. Chairman McGarvey announced that next meeting would be April 1, 2004.

Ms. Morad stated 'Meeting Schedule' will be a topic on April 1st agenda so Committee may formally approve change so that Staff can inform City Clerk to notify Council.

Public Comments

Chairman McGarvey asked if there was any Public Comment.

A resident walked into meeting at 4:24pm. Chairman McGarvey welcomed the resident and advised her that the meeting was at the Public Comments segment. He asked that she please introduce herself and proceed if she had public comments. The resident introduced herself as Mary Kady, a Fullerton resident for over 26 years now living at Fullerton Fountains Senior Condo.

Ms. Kady stated that the reason for her attendance was to gain information on the City. More than speaking, her intention was to listen in on the meeting, but unfortunately she arrived late. She stated that it was great that the City offers places where people do not have to share with roommates and can live in a safe place that is not infested with drugs/crime. Ms. Kady said that she visited City Lights before they opened and has recently come across hearsay about negative things going on there.

Chairman McGarvey asked Building Management to provide a brief overview of facility and its intentions.

Ms. Michel asked Ms. Kady if she had recently visited the facility and Ms. Kady responded that she had not visited the facility since it first opened. Her concerns were based on things she had heard and read in the Observer. Ms. Michel offered that she come by to visit the facility so that she could confirm that everything is well with the maintenance of the building and the residents living there.

Chairman McGarvey briefed Ms. Kady on what was discussed earlier at the meeting: Facility's rental is at capacity; no calls were placed in to Police for crimes and no major problems posed or reported to Fire; January detailed inspections by Committee of each and every room all had positive reports.

Chairman McGarvey explained to Ms. Kady that the City is very interested in what goes on in City Lights. He described that there were some problems in the past that were confronted and there is nothing negative that the Committee sees going on currently. He stated that the Committee is assuring that State dictates are being satisfied. He assured her that the Committee cannot be any happier and they are pleased to know that the facility is serving a need.

Chairman McGarvey asked Ms. Kady to bring forward any and all negative reports or data. She had none to report. Ms. Kady said that residents need to know about the positive outcome of City Lights.

Ms. Kady asked regarding the Committee's involvement with other development in the City, specifically a project South of Commonwealth that she referred to as the So Cal project.

Ms. Kady stated that she thought it would be helpful if people and Council were informed of status on projects.

Ms. Morad informed Ms. Kady that this Committee reports to the City's Planning Commission and City Council does get reports from this Committee so they are always aware of current status. To help Ms. Kady with her other question regarding development projects south of Commonwealth, she directed her to Development Services, 2nd Floor to check for the planner assigned to that project.

Chairman McGarvey thanked Ms. Kady for her inquisitiveness and for her comments. Committee Member Johnson invited her to come along on an inspection.

Ms. Kady said she was interested and provided her phone number.

Chairman McGarvey recommended that she might provide feedback or share what she learned at today's meeting with the people or agency who misinformed her. Ms. Kady agreed.

There was no further public comment.

Meeting Adjourned

Chairman McGarvey adjourned meeting at 4:33 p.m.