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Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes March 20, 2003

Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes March 20, 2003

THURSDAY, 9:00 A.M., MARCH 20, 2003

CALL TO ORDER: Rosen Chair called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.
COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Rosen, Mullis, Yang (for Tabatabaee), Thompson, Wallin
STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Mullis, Kusch, Linnell


March 6, 2003 approved as written.



PRJ03-00094 - SITE PLAN SP-653A. APPLICANT: MATT MILLHISER; PROPERTY OWNER: ALBERTSONS, INC. A request to modify a minor site plan to allow the operation of the small collection recycling facility in a commercial center (Fullerton Marketplace) on property located at 914 West Orangethorpe Avenue (southeast corner of Orangethorpe Avenue and Euclid Street) (C-2 zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15301 of CEQA Guidelines). (Continued from March 6, 2003). (BLI)

Present were Matt Millhiser and Gustavo Gomez with Nexcycle; David Mahood with Albertsons, and Gloria Leung of Richtown Realty.

Project Planner Linnell presented the project. He stated that the City approved the original location of the recycling facility many years ago. Due to complaints from the neighborhood, the facility was moved to its present location without the City's approval. Recently, staff has heard a number of complaints from neighbors who would like to see the facility moved to a more visible site because it brings with it noise, rats, unsanitary conditions, and homeless issues. A tenant who operates a laundry in the Center next to the recycling facility finds the facility a nuisance and would like the facility relocated further south away from his business.

The Committee must approve either the existing location, move it back to its original location, or relocate the facility to another place within the center. The recycling facility is required by the State and cannot be easily moved to another property because of the State's requirements.

Mr. Millhiser noted that the facility was moved to its present location a few years ago at Albertson's request so that it would be further away from its loading docks.

Chairman Rosen asked about the number of parking spaces that would be eliminated in order to accommodate the facility. Mr. Millhiser replied that he did not know and was not sure that the spaces were marked due to earlier construction on the site. Chairman Rosen said that the Development Services Department would need to make sure that there is sufficient parking, and would require landscaping, possible screening, and an approved surface. The facility should also be more decorative.

Committee Member Wallin asked what the operating hours would be, and what happens when a large item, such as a couch, is dumped on the site during the night. Mr. Gomez replied that Nexcycle's hours are from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Tue. - Fri., and 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat. The site attendant usually calls him if there is a large piece of furniture left at the facility, and it is disposed of as soon as possible.

Gloria Leung, Richtown Realty, stated that she manages three of the tenants in the Fullerton Market Place. When the recycling facility was located on a small grassy strip near the corner of Albertson's, maintenance became very costly. Replacing grass, sprinkler head repair/replacement, and keeping the trash picked up was a constant problem. She would be in favor of either relocating the facility to a site behind Lucky John's near Euclid Street, or keeping it in its present location. Albertson's Manager, David Mahood, said he would not be opposed to either location.

The meeting was opened to public comments.

The following neighbors voiced complaints regarding the recycling facility.

Kathie Myers
Norma Sandoval-Reese
Maria Rivera

Their major issues are:

Noise and unsanitary conditions.
Homeless people.
Nighttime dumping

Mr. Millhiser stated that Nexcycle wishes to be a good neighbor, and the company will address those issues.

The meeting was closed to public comments.

Motion by Committee Member Wallin to approve a new location for the recycling facility at the front parking area near the gas station subject to approval of final site plans and a more decorative facade.

Committee Member Mullis said she is supportive of moving the facility away from the residential properties and placing it closer to Orangethorpe Avenue, but she did not feel comfortable making such a broad decision without having a sense of how it would fit in terms of aesthetics/functionability, and what kinds of improvements would be required. She also suggested that Nexcycle look at its existing facilities where there are highly sensitive neighborhood issues, and present those approved facilities at the Committee's next meeting.

Motion failed for lack of support.

MOTION made by Mullis, SECONDED and CARRIED by a 4-1 vote to CONTINUE PRJ03-00094 - Site Plan SP-653A.

Chairman Rosen advised the applicant that if staff receives any more complaints with the operation of the recycling facility, the Department would require that it be moved back to its originally approved location.

PRJ03-00079 - ZON03-00007. APPLICANT: CHRIS FIGHERA; PROPERTY OWNER: NORTH ORANGE COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT. A request for a six-month temporary parking lot for construction workers on property located at 409 East Amerige Avenue (north side of Amerige Avenue, approximately 130 feet east of the centerline of Lawrence Avenue) (R-3 zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15304 of CEQA Guidelines). (AKU)

Those present were Harold Abeln and Janet Portolan from the North Orange Community College District. Mr. Fighera was not present.

Chairman Rosen informed the College District that no action would be taken on this request today due to the number of people interested in voicing their concerns; because of an incomplete application, and lack of a full site plan. He also explained the nature of the Committee and the appeal process.

Staff Assistant Planner Kusch presented the request. He stated that the application involves two vacant properties 409 E. Amerige Avenue and 406 E. Wilshire Avenue for a temporary parking lot for construction workers during the college's expansion process.

There are two issues with the plan. 1) There is no curb cut on either Amerige or Wilshire Avenues and access would have to be taken from the rear alley on both properties. No curb cut is proposed. As a result, the circulation would be one way, similar to the parking lot adjacent and west of the property that serves the church on Lawrence and Amerige Avenues. 2) The parking spaces in that lot are at a 30-degree angle with a 12-foot aisle. The concern is that there may not be adequate room to turn around. There are two mature trees on the Wilshire Avenue lot, Staff is uncertain what the applicant intends to do with them.

Other issues include: The proposed hours of operation; some type of temporary surface, such as treated gravel; some type of drainage control, and lighting. Staff would require that no commercial vehicles or equipment be stored on the site, and that the plans show the actual configuration of the parking lot so that Staff can determine whether there is adequate turn around space.

Committee Member Wallin said that a parking layout would be necessary in order to determine the most feasible way to park.

Mr. Abeln said he did not see a problem with any of the City's requirements. The lots would be fenced with a gate and locked during non-working hours. The trees within the lot would be screened in order to protect them.

Committee Member Wallin asked how the construction workers would get to the site from the parking lot, and what would they do with their tools. Mr. Abeln replied that they would walk, and a place would be provided on campus to store their tools.

Ms. Portolan stated that the college intended to restrict the workers from parking on the campus so as to not cause more congestion for the students and staff. When she inquired about obtaining a permit, she was told that she could only get a permit good for six months, but could extend the time.

The meeting was opened to public comments.

Those who spoke in opposition were:

Steve Chapin
Linda Chapin
John Wolfe
Courtney Tanner

Neighborhood Issues

  1. The access would be limited due to trash pick up along the alley.
  2. Students parking in the lots during the evening.
  3. Lack of property maintenance.
  4. Public safety of the children who play in the alley and people from a half-way house who walk the alley at all hours.
  5. That at the end of the six-month period the request may be extended to the duration of the construction and could no longer be considered a minor temporary use of land having no permanent effects on the environment under California Environmental Quality Act, Section 15304.
  6. It is unlikely that there would be any substantial parking if the trees on the lot are fenced off.
  7. It is inappropriate to have a parking lot of this nature in a historic area.
  8. The lot would increase traffic/congestion and further slow movement on Wilshire Avenue that is already congested by students looking for on-street parking.
  9. Crime and vandalism would increase in the neighborhood.
  10. Mr. Chapin passed out a copy of several possible parking sites, and suggested that the college seek other options such as church parking lots or other off-site parking.

Ms. Portolan said that the college would need the parking lots until the proposed construction projects were completed in 200, and had, in fact, intended to extend the temporary parking permit for the duration of the expansion program.

MOTION made, SECONDED and CARRIED, by all members present, to CONTINUE PRJ03-00079 - ZON03-00007.




PRJ02-00172 - LRP03-00005, APPLICANT: CITY OF FULLERTON; PROPERTY OWNER: J. R. RICHTER. A request to delete a segment of East Valencia Drive from the City's Circulation element of the Fullerton General Plan, located 190 feet east of Balcom Avenue to the Union Pacific Railroad right of way, approximately 690 feet east of Balcom Avenue (Negative Declaration).

The Committee had no issues.

PRJ03-00129 - LRP03-00006 - LRP03-00007 - ZON03-00012. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER: SHUN H. KO. To consider a General Plan land use designation revision from Commercial to Medium Density Residential, a Zone Amendment changing the zoning designation from C-2, General Commercial, to R-3, Limited-Density, Multiple Family Residential; and a Development Project application for a five-unit apartment complex, on property located at 1077 West Avenue (north side of West Avenue, between approximately 260 feet and 320 feet west of the northwest intersection of West Avenue and Euclid Street) (Negative Declaration).

The Committee had no issues.


Meeting Notes

PRJ02-00402A, LRP03-00008, LRP03-00009. APPLICANT: CITY OF FULLERTON; PROPERTY OWNER: PEDRO GONZALES. A request to consider a General Plan land use designation revision from Low-Density Residential to Commercial, and a Zone Amendment changing the zoning designation from R-1-6, Single-Family Residential, to C-1, Limited Commercial, on property located at 2200 and 2204 West Valencia Drive (south side of Valencia Drive between the southwest corner of Valencia Drive and Pine Drive, approximately 128 feet west of the same street intersection) (Negative Declaration).

The Committee had no issues.


10:35 a.m.