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RDRC Minutes October 13, 2005

RDRC Minutes October 13, 2005


Thursday October 13, 2005 4:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 4:10 PM by Chairman Daybell


COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Daybell; Committee Members Cha, Coffman and Hoban
PUBLIC PRESENT: Applicant Representatives Present: Barry Ross and Dan Herman; Architects David Higginson and Erin Beaver. Fullerton resident: Mary Griffen.
STAFF PRESENT: Senior Planner Eastman, Associate Planner Sowers, Clerical Staff Leopold and Parks and Recreation Manager Dave Alkema


MOTION by Committee Member Hoban for approval of the minutes of August 25, 2005 as written. SECONDED by Committee Member Cha.

MOTION by Committee Member Coffman for approval of the minutes of September 8, 2005, as written. SECONDED by Committee Member Cha. Passed unanimously.

MOTION by Committee Member Cha for approval of the minutes of September 13, 2005, as written. SECONDED by Chairman Daybell. Passed unanimously.






A request to develop a 5,040 sq. ft. neighborhood medical clinic in Richman Park at 731 S. Highland Avenue. (Generally located at the southwest corner of South Highland and West Elm Street) (P-L) (Categorically exempt under Section 15332 of the CEQA Guidelines). (HS)

Chairman Daybell stated the committee was familiar with the project since the project had gone to the RDRC committee in March.

Associate Planner Sowers presented the project to the committee. The project went before the committee to provide direction to St. Jude on the construction of the modular unit to be placed at Richmond Park.

She stated the lease agreement to use the property was dealt with separately and was approved to use the space. The building received slight modifications since it was here before in its orientation and the pitch of the roof.

Associate Planner Sowers said other improvement discussions needed to be done in talking to Parks and Recreation including a revamping of the park landscaping that will be dealt with separately.

Staff recommended approval.

Associate Planner Sowers corrected typos on Condition #8 stating it should read "Address number shall be located where they provide clear obstructed identification as required by the Fire and Engineering Departments," striking the reference to two units and visibility from Malvern in the alley.

Condition #9 should read "Fencing shall be provided in a location approved by the Director of Development Services and Parks and Recreation."

Architect Dave Higginson discussed the comments they received in March from the committee were implemented and were brought back to resubmittal - a revised landscape plan addressing the city's initial concerns.

Landscape architect Dan Herman met with Parks and Recreation and tried to complement what they are doing to make it fit into the landscape scheme.

Mr. Higginson said they are requesting approval for the project to move forward since they have deadlines to meet.

Mr. Higginson presented and reviewed a color rendering of the health center.

Landscape architect Dan Herman discussed Condition 4C stating it may not be appropriate. He said the irrigation system was discussed during meetings with the Parks and Recreation Department. It was decided that the existing park's irrigation system would be utilized. Mr. Herman said the condition may be construed to be implied differently, in reference to the backflow device.

Associate Planner Sowers added language stating "as determined to be required by Parks and Recreation and Water Engineering".

Chairman Daybell stated that a change was not necessary since Condition 4 reads "may be required" not "shall be required".

Resident Mary Griffen who resides near the location of the project site inquired about the height of the fence. She told the committee trespassers would cross over the fence to her house from the park and was concerned about her security. She stated there was a meeting held several months ago at the office on the school's property by Parks and Recreation staff. She said Susan Hunt, Pat Trotter Council Members and the police chief were in attendance. Ms. Griffen stated the parks and recreation staff promised to add a security system to her house and discussed adding a fence and lighting.

Associate Planner Sowers pointed out that Ms. Griffen's house sits immediately south of the property on a large lot. The back of her lot blends in with the school and park property. The area being discussed is the rear of Ms. Griffen's lot is directly south of the building.

Senior Planner Eastman gave a brief overview on the location of Ms. Griffen's house and the fencing around the surrounding area.

Chairman Daybell stated the RDRC would review the architectural plans of the project, but would have staff research who attended the meeting held by Parks and Recreation staff to find a resolution about what was discussed.

Committee Member Hoban arrived at 4:20 p.m.

Senior Planner Eastman questioned Mr. Herman about the fencing and landscaping proposed for the project.

Barry Ross, a representative from St. Jude Medical Center, gave the committee the health center's hours of operation and said the St. Jude clinic would not have any controlled substances in their facilities. The health center will have security system installed with lighting, motion detectors and alarms in the building.

With no further comments from the public, Chairman Daybell closed the public comments.

Committee Member Cha expressed concerned about parking and wheelchair access to the facility.

Committee Member Hoban also expressed concern about the parking being too far away from the facility and asked if this is a modular unit that will be moved on site with facading in that style (referring to the rendering of the center).

Mr. Ross said they tried to take the modular unit and enhance the 12 ft. x 50 ft. modular system and have a hinged system for the roof. The front canopy would be a permanent site built assembly.

Committee Member Hoban said he toured the site and was not overly excited about the existing wall on the South property line. He questioned if it was within the RDRC's purview to have the discussion about the wall.

Senior Planner Eastman said that it is within the RDRC's purview to provide recommendation for fencing between the building and exisiting fences. He stated directional motion lighting around the building would create an added security feature in those areas and providing additional landscaping, if needed. The committee can also address how the property line would be affected, and if they feel additional fencing is a substantial issue, they should consider if there is a realistic ability of funding the improvement, which may be another issue.

Committee Member Hoban asked the applicant if the north exit was to be used for anything other than emergency access.

Mr. Ross answered saying the access would be for patients such as for a child who has measles to enter the facility through the emergency access entrance.

Mr. Herman spoke about the landscaping and replacing the Jacaranda. He said given all of the circumstances around that neighborhood that all visibility would be kept open and the only shrubs that would normally be thought of blocking would be against the building.

Committee Member Hoban questioned the parking signage. Mr. Ross stated their patients primarily walk from their homes to the clinic and the parking will primarily be used by the staff.

Committee Member Coffman had no issues with what was being proposed in terms of the appearance of the building. However, he was curious about Ms. Griffen's situation and what was discussed and promised to her at the meeting held by the Parks and Recreation staff.

Chairman Daybell stated he liked the project before and liked what he sees now, but was concerned with security. He did not have any problems with the architecture, site and design. However, would like a report at a future meeting as to what was done to resolve Ms. Griffen's concerns.

A MOTION was made by Committee Member Hoban to APPROVE the project per staff's recommendations, as clarified by Associate Planner Sowers. SECONDED by Committee Member Cha. Passed unanimously.


No public comments


Senior Planner Eastman discussed the special meeting of Oct. 20 regarding Amerige Court and the Oct. 27 RDRC meeting regarding the Transportation Center Study Update.

Senior Planner Eastman provided an update of projects presented at the Oct. 4 council meeting, and the Providence Center and Jacaranda projects.

Associate Planner Sowers and Senior Planner Eastman reviewed the CVS project.




MOTION by Committee Member Coffman to adjourn, SECONDED by Committee Member Cha. Meeting adjourned at 5:30 P.M.