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RDRC Minutes November 10, 2005

RDRC Minutes November 10, 2005


Thursday November 10, 2005 4:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM by Chairman Daybell


COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Daybell; Committee Members Cha, Duncan and Hoban
PUBLIC PRESENT: David Roman, Roman Cucina owner
STAFF PRESENT: Chief Planner Rosen, Senior Planner Eastman, and Clerical Staff Leopold


MOTION by Committee Member Duncan for approval of the minutes of October 27, 2005 as written. SECONDED by Committee Member Hoban.




1. PRJ04-01164 - ZON05-00024. APPLICANT: XUE M. REN; PROPERTY OWNER: NANCY CHANG. A request for the development of a 14-unit (per unit: 429 sq. ft. garage; 185 sq. ft. first floor; 462 sq. ft. second floor, 500 sq. ft. third floor) attached condominium project in Community Improvement District (CID) located at 918 S. Highland. (generally on the east side of Highland Avenue between 150 and 275 feet south of Knepp Avenue, west to Tamarack Drive) (R-3) (Categorically exempt under Section: 15332 of the CEQA Guidelines). (HS)

Senior Planner Eastman stated the applicant was not in attendance. He gave an update on the project to the committee. He spoke with the applicants and read a letter from them stating they would like to revise their plans to meet the RDRC's concerns and recommendations. They requested to continue their project to the Dec. 8, 2005 RDRC meeting.

Staff recommended that the RDRC continue the item to that date for consideration.

Senior Planner Eastman said it was his understanding the applicants were not going to reduce the number of units, but would like to address the committee's concerns in terms of height and additional items.

MOTION made by Committee Member Duncan. SECONDED by Committee Member Hoban to move item to Dec. 8 meeting. Passed unanimously.


2. PRJ05-00373 - ZON05-00101/ZON05-00040 APPLICANT: SHEILA HOWE; PROPERTY OWNER: MICHAEL J. MORGAN. A request to remodel an existing 2-car garage by adding an attached 2-story dwelling, construct an additional 1-car detached garage, and increase the maximum permittedable floor-area-ratio (FAR) by 10% (from 40% max permitted to 44%), on an R-2P zoned lot at 221 N. Princeton (generally located on the west side of Princeton between 223 and 273 feet south of Chapman). (R-2P) (Categorically exempt under Section: 15303 of the CEQA Guidelines). (JE)

Senior Planner Eastman stated the project did not meet the code and at this point it could not move forward until it is brought into conformance. Staff is recommending the RDRC continue the project to a date uncertain.

Chairman Daybell stated, that in his view, when projects would like to go beyond the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) in the preservation zone, it will be difficult to get his vote. Since a lot of effort went into setting up the regulations for preservation zones, they should be maintained.

MOTION made by Committee Member Duncan. SECONDED by Committee Member Hoban to CONTINUE project to a date uncertain. Passed unanimously.

3. PRJ05-00680 - ZON05-00095. APPLICANT: DAVID ROMAN; PROPERTY OWNER: FULLERTON PARTNERS, LLC. A request for a Minor Development Project review of exterior modifications for building tenant space located in CBD at 211 N. Harbor Blvd. (C-3) (Categorically exempt under Section: 15301 of the CEQA Guidelines). (JE)

Senior Planner Eastman provided a staff report on the project. He stated the project is a code enforcement case and the work was done without permits. The City is requiring the owners to obtain permits for the work already done. Prior to obtaining permits, they must get review and approval from the committee.

Senior Planner Eastman stated the RDRC would make the final determination and this item would not go to the Planning Commission. Staff is recommending approval of the project.

Senior Planner Eastman reviewed e-mail correspondence from Chairman Daybell regarding this project.

Chairman Daybell gave his opinion that businesses that do not obtain the proper permits should have their business closed down until they have acquired all permits. He then asked about the process regarding projects, which involve code enforcement.

Chief Planner Rosen explained that the City routinely works with businesses and property owners on their code violations. They are given a time to comply with codes and are not required to stop business activity unless there is a clear direct impact on community health and safety. If there is noncompliance, other action will be taken to seek compliance.

Senior Planner Eastman stated the City has issued some administrative citations to the property, as well, to make sure they come into compliance.

Chief Planner Rosen said the committee should focus on the architecture and site plan, but the committee's opinions will be passed along to the code enforcement staff.

Committee Member Hoban asked about the discovery process and how something like this went up in the Downtown area without the proper approvals.

Senior Planner Eastman said the City received some phone calls regarding the exterior work and a code enforcement officer was sent out to investigate.

Chairman Daybell stated he liked the exterior of the building, but had some concerns.

Chief Planner Rosen explained to Chairman Daybell that a building inspector will require them to remove sections of the material if necessary to confirm the installation or get certification from an architect or engineer.

Chairman Daybell requested that the building inspector submit a report of the inspection to the committee.

Senior Planner Eastman explained the process of an inspection. He said the committee should review this item as if the work had not been done. It would be within the committee's purview to deny the application and require that the owner's bring it into conformance.

David Roman, owner of Roman Cucina, was present. He stated his intentions were not to hide the work done from the City. He was not aware of the permits required by the City.

Committee Member Duncan asked about the stone veneer being inspected.

Chief Planner Rosen explained the process when buildings are inspected.

Committee Member Cha was concerned about permit information being made available to prospective business owners.

The committee discussed with Mr. Roman how business owners can contact the City regarding permit and signage information.

Senior Planner Eastman explained to Mr. Roman and committee the permit process and information available to the community.

Senior Planner Eastman provided some clarity for the applicant's benefit. The condition of approval stated that the applicant shall obtain permits within 10 working days. The appeal process was discussed, which is also 10 days.

MOTION made by Committee Member Hoban to APPROVE project with staff CONDITIONS. SECONDED by Committee Member Cha.


No public comments


Staff discussed the Brown Act with the committee and development in the Downtown.

Senior Planner Eastman reviewed the CVS, Home Depot projects discussed at the City Council and Planning Commission meetings.

Staff reviewed the underpass project the committee will be reviewing at the Dec. 8 meeting and the Providence project.




MOTION by Committee Member Hoban to adjourn. SECONDED by Committee Member Duncan. Meeting adjourned at 5:05 P.M.