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RDRC December 18, 2003

RDRC December 18, 2003

Persons addressing the Redevelopment Design Review Committee shall be limited to 10 minutes unless an extension of time is granted by the Chairman, subject to the approval of the Redevelopment Design Review Committee. When any group of persons wishes to address the Committee, it shall be proper for the Chairman to request that a spokesman be chosen to represent the group.

Public comment will be allowed on agenda items at the time the item is considered.

The Redevelopment Design Review Committee's approval or denial of any action on this agenda shall become final and effective ten days after its decision unless an appeal is made in writing within this ten-day period to the Planning Commission by either an applicant or an opponent. The filing of an appeal within such time limit shall stay the effective date of the order of the Redevelopment Design Review Committee until such time as the Planning Commission has acted on the appeal. Anyone interested in making an appeal should contact the Development Services Department for assistance.




November 24, 2003


  1. PRJ02-00197 - ZON03-00068. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER: CAROLINE DRUIFF. A request to review revised architectural plans of a previously approved Conditional Use Project of a second dwelling unit located at 440 West Malvern Avenue (south side of Malvern, approximately 127 feet east of the Richman Avenue centerline) (R-1-7.2P zone) (Categorically Exempt under Section 15303 of CEQA Guidelines).


  1. PRJ02-00393 - ZON03-00070. APPLICANT: R.J. HOMES AND PROPERTY OWNER: FULLERTON VILLAS, L.P.. To consider a request to review architectural and landscape plans of six residential dwellings located at 765 Carhart Avenue (west side of Carhart Avenue between approximately 315 and 420 feet south of the southwest intersection of Carhart Avenue and Pico Street) (R-1-7,200-RS-PC zone) (previously Certified Mitigated Negative Declaration).


Public comment will be allowed on matters not appearing on the agenda but within the Redevelopment Design Review Committee's jurisdiction, at the end of the agenda. No action may be taken on off-agenda items except as provided by law.

AGENDA FORECAST FOR: January 8, 2004
(The next regularly scheduled meeting on December 25, 2003 has been canceled).

  • A request for a mixed-use project (retail store/two dwelling units, garages, and surface parking) at 603 N. Harbor Boulevard.