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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes June 16 2004

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes June 16 2004

June 16 2004

CALL TO ORDER: Chairman McNelly called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m.
MEMBERS PRESENT: Adamson, Devlin, Hardwick, McCormack, McNelly, Mitchell, Murphy, Pugh, Roberts, Twineham
STAFF PRESENT: Assistant Planner Sowers, and Clerical Support Thompson
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes for the April 21, 2004, APPROVED
Minutes for the May 19, 2004, APPROVED as amended
Minutes for June 2, 2004, APPROVED as amended


  1. Commission and Committee Structure

    Chairman McNelly described the memo prepared by staff on behalf of the ERMC to the City Council on the Committees unanimously approved motion at the June 2, 2004 special meeting. He then shared his personal comments addressed to the Council on the subject of Commissions and Committee Structure. He then encouraged each individual member to address his or her personal comments the Council. Committee Member Pugh made a motion to approve the memo as written reflecting the recommendation of the Committee to the City Council and City Manager. There was some question as to attaching individual letters with the memo. It was determined that each member should send his or her letter separately to make more of an impact. The motion passed unanimously.


  1. Used Oil Recycling Program

    Assistant Planner Sowers updated the Committee on the progress of the Used Oil Recycling Program. She stated that this item was placed on the agenda to continue the Committees initial discussion on the composition of program components. There was some discussion about services provided from Industrial Strength and Curbside. It was decided that this committee would like to find a local advertising agency. After some additional discussion the Committee also concluded that they would like to focus on the point of sale and see some of the funding from the grant to be allocated for the continued publishing of the Green Pages program. Chairman McNelly stated that he would like to discuss this topic further at the next meeting.




Chairman McNelly advised the Committee that the Sewer and FOG fee issues will be discussed at City Council on July 6, 2004.

Assistant Planner Sowers announced to the Committee that Clerical Support Thompson would no longer be the clerical support for the Energy and Resource Committee due to a promotion within the department. Chairman McNelly formally thanked Clerical Support Thompson for her efforts and support to this committee.

Vice-chair Hardwick noted the comments from Committee Member Murphy at a previous meeting on the run-off from the Sierra and the failure of a dike in the Sacramento area. He thanked Committee Member Murphy for his knowledge and comments.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 a.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on July 21, 2004 at 7:30 a.m.