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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes October 15 2003

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes October 15 2003

October 15 2003


Chairman McNelly called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m.


Adamson, Devlin, Hardwick, McCormack, McNelly, Mitchell, Murphy, Roberts, Twineham






Assistant Planner Sowers, and Clerical Support Thompson


Minutes of the September 17, 2003 meeting were APPROVED as written.

  1. Potential City of Fullerton Environmental Programs Brochure (Elaine Mitchell)

    Committee Member Mitchell proposed to the committee a brochure based on one provided by the County of Riverside that consists of information and phone numbers for different agencies on environmental programs. This information is delivered twice a year to homes in Riverside County through the Penny Saver. In the City of Fullerton, the citizens1 receive such information through the water bill, however a majority of them do not receive water bills due to Associations, rental units, and often these are the citizens' that need such information. Her main concern is that information in not more available through the City counters or staff and would like to see the City reach out to it's citizens with such information.

    Committee Member Mitchell did some research and found that the County of Riverside paid 5.8 cents per delivered piece and split the costs between three agencies. According to the Penny Saver Riverside County has 625,000 households compared to Orange County, which has 617,000 households, of which 36,500 households are in the City of Fullerton.

    After additional discussion the committee questioned staff about unused funding from grants the City has received. Assistant Planner Sowers responded that there should be some funds available, possibly from the Used Oil Program. Staff will investigate funding opportunities. Committee Member McCormack suggested that each member come to the November meeting with suggestions on distribution, brochure layout, and content. The committee agreed and expressed their appreciation for the efforts that Committee Member Mitchell put into this project.

  2. Water Quality Information Update

    Chairman McNelly addressed the committee on an Observer article and a follow up article by the City in Focus on Fullerton pertaining to the water quality report sent to residents by the City. While he felt that the Observer article did not indicate any serious health problems, he felt that the technical language in the water quality report caused confusion and misunderstanding among reporters and residents.

    Chairman McNelly reiterated the desire of the committee to receive regular briefings in writing about water quality issues. The following individuals were identified to provide briefings to the committee; presentations will be scheduled as part of the 2004 goals:

    • City Water Engineer The committee would like to meet the individual hired to fill the position, receive an update on the water quality report, as well as regular updates.
    • Jim Blake, City representative to the MWD The committee would like to receive updates on the water agreements and other on-going projects and issues.
    • Shawn Nelson, City representative to the OCWD The committee would like to receive updates on on-going projects and issues.
  3. Worm Composting Session (Patrick McNelly)

    Chairman McNelly advised the committee of the upcoming Worm Composting Workshop at the Fullerton Arboretum on October 25th between 10 am to 11:30 am.




Chairman McNelly notified the committee that the meetings of the Citizens Infrastructure Committee as well as any discussion on sewer lateral lines by the ERMC are suspended until further notice due to legal issues.

Vice-chair Roberts advised the committee that 2004 would be his last year serving on the committee and encouraged a newer committee member to consider filling the Vice-chair for 2004.


Items to be reviewed at a future meeting will include the following:


  • Environmental Programs Brochure design
  • 2004 Goals and Objectives


  • Water Quality Updates as outlined above

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 a.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on November 19, 2003 at 7:30 a.m.