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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes March 20 2002

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes March 20 2002

March 20, 2002

Chairman McNelly called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.
Adamson, Devlin, Hardwick, Hoover, Mahaffey, McNelly, Mitchell, Murphy, Pendarvis
Roberts, Schmidt
Water System Manager Carlson, Associate Planner Viado, Contract Planner Garcia, and Clerical Support Thompson
Minutes of the February 20, 2002 meeting were APPROVED as written.

Associate Planner Viado announced to the committee that she has accepted a promotional position with the City of Culver City and would be leaving the City of Fullerton on Thursday March 28, 2002. In her absence Maria Garcia would be the Contract Planner for the committee and Associate Planner Viado introduced her to the committee.


Compost Awareness Week

Chairman McNelly informed the committee that April 29th to May 4th is International Compost Week and suggested that the committee recommend that City Council issue a Proclamation for the City's Composting efforts. The discussion continued to include background information on the Backyard Composting Program, classes offered through the Fullerton Arboretum and Chairman McNelly's involvement in these programs.

After additional comments committee member Hoover motioned to make the recommendation with committee member Hardwick seconding the motion. The committee unanimously agreed.

Committee member Mitchell noted that on April 26th the City would be sponsoring a Night in Fullerton and would like to see the committee host a table bringing awareness to the community to the composting program. The committee agreed and asked staff to look into the possibility, in addition to reporting their findings at the next meeting.


Future Tour of Taormina Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

Associate Planner Viado noted that many of the current committee members have not visited Taormina Industries facility. There were some questions as to whether the tour included a visit to the Brea-Olinda Landfill Facility. Associate Planner Viado said she would look into it. Chairman McNelly suggested that in lieu of a May meeting the committee tour the facility. The committee agreed.

Urban Water Management Plan

Due to some concerns regarding the City's Water Conservation Plan, Water Systems Manager Carlson presented the committee with new copies of the plan and answered some of the committee's questions. After a brief discussion Chairman McNelly asked each committee member to take an in-depth look at the Water Conservation Plan and forward this discussion to a future meeting.

Water System Manager Carlson suggested meeting with Chairman McNelly to discuss some goals to revise the plan. The discussion concluded with additional comments from the committee regarding water rates. Chairman McNelly then excused Water System Manager Carlson with the gratitude of the committee for his service.

Sewer Lateral Lines

Chairman McNelly informed the committee that the City had developed a new Citizen Committee titled the Infrastructure Citizen's Committee. The issue of sewer lateral lines will fall under the new committee instead of the current committee. Chairman McNelly will be a part of this new committee and will continue to inform the Energy and Resource Management committee as to new developments with this issue.


Committee member Adamson expressed his concern with the lack of customer service mindset of the city and would like to see a change.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 a.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be April 17, 2002.
Andrea B. Thompson, Clerical Support