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CDCC Minutes, January 24, 2005

CDCC Minutes, January 24, 2005

Call to Order:

Vice Chair Bambrook called the meeting to order at 6:38 PM.

  1. Roll Call

    Members Present:

    Jo Ann Brannock, Ph.D.
    Robert Elliott
    Kitty Jaramillo
    Denise Jensen-Purser
    Barbara J. Leon
    Barbara Bambrook
    Judy Givens

    Members Absent:

    Kitty Jaramillo
    Irene Moreno-Sandy

    Staff Present:

    Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor
    Guillermina Torrico, Clerical Assistant III

    Ms. Morad advised that Chairperson Jaramillo had given prior notification of her absence.


    The minutes were reviewed briefly by Committee Members and Committee Member Brannock noted a correction on Page 3: The name of the person appointed by Leland Wilson currently reads Parker and it should read Pat Hart.

    A Motion was made by Committee Member Elliott, Seconded by Committee Member Brannock, and Carried by members present to APPROVE the minutes of January 10, 2005 with the amendment to page three.

  3. Review of Non-Profit Requests

    Binders containing the non-profit agency applications were distributed and Ms. Morad reviewed the requests.

    She reported that the Boys and Girls Club was requesting funding for two projects this year. She indicated that the funding allocated to their Richman Park Project in 2004/05 did not go through. The funds were not used and they would come back to be reallocated.

    Committee Member Jensen-Purser asked if the reason for this was the agencys mistake in underestimating the costs. Ms. Morad replied that this was correct, but other issues were involved. She explained that Davis Bacon applied and the City had actually paid for a prevailing wage consultant to meet with the contractor at two different appointment times and both these times the contractor neglected to show up.

    She informed the Committee that $8,200 was the amount that would be carried over.

    Applicant: Boys & Girls Club
    Project: Commonwealth Branch New Paint and Windows
    Request: $73,103

    Description of Project : The Boys and Girls Club is requesting funds for window replacement and new exterior paint. The Davis-Bacon Act applies. Total project would be CDBG funded.

    Ms. Morad mentioned that she shows record of the windows being replaced in 2000 and had placed a call into Theresa Harvey to make sure this was not a duplicate request since the organization has had new personnel in administration.

    Committee Member Jensen-Purser speculated that the 2000 window replacement might have been the windows in the gym and this years request would be for the lower portion. Vice Chair Bambrook asked how many windows were going to be replaced and Ms. Morad replied that they are proposing to replace 39 windows. They will be tempered glass for improved safety.

    Applicant: Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton
    Project: Valencia Park Branch Salaries
    Request: $10,000

    Description of Project : Program for teens at Valencia Branch Boys and Girls Club. Program serves low/moderate income families in the Valencia neighborhood and is proposing to serve 400 youth. If no funding is received they will reduce services. The Boys and Girls Club is requesting funds to cover salary costs for the Valencia Park facility.

    Vice Chair Bambrook noted that there was a $1,000 increase from last years request and asked if this was due to an increase in salaries.

    Ms. Morad indicated that there was an increase of $10,000 to their overall budget. The increase in salaries was $5,000 and support and overhead another $5,000, so she speculated that it could just be cost of living increases.

    Applicant: Council on Aging - Orange County
    Project: Long Term Care Ombudsman Service
    Request: $18,000

    Description of Project : Program advocates the rights of frail elderly residents living in long term care facilities. Program provides: unannounced facility visits, complaint investigation, and witnessing procedures, etc.

    Ms. Morad stated that they have received funding for several years from the City. They do their budget based on the number of beds in each city.

    Committee Member Jensen-Purser pointed out that it is pretty amazing that their request has remained the same since 1998-99.

    Applicant: Crittenton Services for Children and Families
    Project: Juniper Cottage Ceiling Renovation
    Request: $12,000

    Description of Project: Request for funds is to cover construction costs incurred in the redesign of the vaulted ceiling in the TV room. This would allow the residential clients to enjoy computer and television time without the additional unnecessary noise echoes caused by the existing ceiling. Fire sprinklers and a speaker for the paging system are also being proposed.

    Ms. Morad reviewed Crittentons 2003/04 request for funding which was allocated and because of Davis Bacon they did not follow through and then cancelled. Their project was cancelled because bids submitted were too high.

    She stated that Davis Bacon would apply and the facility would also have to be tested for lead.

    Committee Member Brannock asked what the Kroger Houses current use was since she thought that it was now used for administration.

    Committee Member Elliott asked if an agency can carry funds over to the next year if they do not use them to be able to combine the funds and have more money available for their projects. Ms. Morad clarified that no funds can be saved to be used by an agency over the next year. She explained that the funds have to be returned and added to the next years allocation, and the agency would have to reapply. She also explained that they cannot combine with other rehab works funds because HUD will look at it as one project.

    Applicant: Fair Housing Council of Orange County
    Project: Fullerton Fair Housing, Education, Counseling, and Enforcement
    Request: $27, 912

    Description of Project: The Fair Housing Council is requesting funds to continue the administration of counseling services. The Fair Housing Council provides HUD-mandated fair housing services. The 15% public service activity limitation applies.

    Ms. Morad reminded the Committee that the City is required to provide services that Fair Housing provides for us. She also announced that this year Fair Housing will be producing the Five Year Analysis of Impediments report and Fair Housing is currently meeting with City staff. She explained that above this grant being requested, the agency will receive an additional $5,000 in administration fees to do the report. She indicated that this is significantly less than it would cost the City in staff labor and time to do it.

    This years request is $1,000 less than was requested last year. Committee Members Brannock and Elliott commented on the amount for Legal litigation settlements but staff did not have further information on this item.

    Applicant: Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services
    Project: Interfaith Shelter Network Program
    Request: $10,000

    Description of Project: FIES is requesting funds to continue the operation of their Adult Shelter Program. FIES has expanded their Life Skills Program to also assist these clients. With the help of churches, they provide transitional shelter and supportive services to employable, homeless single adults for up to 120 days. Individuals must go out during the day to seek employment and are provided evening shelter. The 15% public service activity limitation applies.

    Ms. Morad reported that Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services is submitting three projects this year. Committee Members asked regarding Barbara Johnsons retirement and Ms. Morad confirmed that she will in fact retire in June 2005 with the announcement being made last December to provide FIES sufficient time to find a replacement.

    Committee members commented on what an impressive project this was and stated that Barbara Johnson did a very good job of running this project.

    Ms. Morad pointed out to the Committee that in the green summaries pages being provided in the binders she added another item which reports on each agency performance based on their proposed goal. She reported that for FIES 2003/04 accomplishments, out of the proposed goal to serve 40 people, they have actually served 38.

    Applicant: Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services
    Project: New Vista Shelter Life Skills Training Program
    Request: $12,000

    Description of Project: Agency is requesting funds to continue the operation of the training program. Program provides hands-on learning of necessary survival skills to break the cycle of homelessness: Money management, shopping for value and nutrition, job seeking and retention, parenting skills, and conflict resolution and interpersonal skills. The 15% public service activity limitation applies.

    Ms. Morad advised that this project is for homeless families living at the New Vista Shelter on Amerige.

    Committee Member Elliott asked if there is any clothing provided to this agency through this grant and Ms. Morad replied that this $12,000 grant was used to cover salaries only. He asked if there was anybody within the organization that would supply clothing and other Committee Members said that the churches assist with this for people going to interviews. Dr. Brannock also commented that each church provides breakfast and Committee members started discussion about the Churches rotation program.

    Ms. Morad clarified that this project was for families and the Church rotation program was actually for the Interfaith Shelter program which is for adults and not this Life Skills Training Program which is for families. Ms. Morad stated that of the proposed 120 people to assist they actually assisted 119.

    Committee Member Brannock asked if the homes were ok for the families to be living in. Ms. Morad attested that these houses are in fact very old. She shared that she along with a City Inspector were just there working on the current electrical project and she found that much work is needed on these homes. She did state that they are building brand new units behind 508 Amerige. Committee Member Leon asked how many units and Ms. Morad stated that they will build four units.

    Committee Member Leon asked if this agency had social workers available and Ms. Morad stated that this information was not available but the agency did have a variety of services available to these families.

    Applicant: Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services
    Project: New Vista Structural Repair Project
    Request: $12,750

    Description of Project: Agency is requesting funds to retrofit the back house at 514 Amerige Avenue.

    Committee Member Leon asked if doing this work is worth it with it being such an old home. Ms. Morad stated that doing the retrofit would not guarantee that the house would not come down in case of an earthquake but it would give it support to hopefully help save the home.

    Vice Chair Bambrook spoke about prior experience with doing a seismic retrofit and the costs involved. She questioned the amount being requested since the bid seemed too low. Ms. Morad was not sure if the request was too low since FIES did not submit a bid but pointed out that it is a very small two-story house.

    Committee Member Elliott asked if the work would involve having the house strapped down. Vice Chair Bambrook confirmed that this would be one of the actions involved in the retrofitting in addition to perhaps adding pillars. She, as well as Committee Member Brannock had the impression that a retrofitting job would run much higher. Committee Member Brannock thinking that it could be as high as $60,000.

    Ms. Morad notified the Committee that this property was tested for lead-based paint for the 2003-04 project and lead was found all over the home. When the painting and work was performed, the City took precautions. These precautions did not eliminate the lead but removed the hazard.

    Vice Chair Bambrook asked if Davis Bacon would apply and Ms. Morad confirmed that it would apply to this project because they have their office in this building. She advised that with this project the lead-based paint would not be an issue because the work would be done under the house and would not disturb the paint. Also, no state permission would be required since the exterior of the home will not be changed.

    Applicant: Hart Community Homes, Inc.
    Project: Life Skills/Work Force Development Program
    Request: $60,000

    Description of Project: Agency is requesting funding to help with Administrative costs incurred in staffing emancipated youth and providing vocational/life skill training through their program at the Monkey Business Thrift Store. Funds will be used to pay salaries for the staff and the youth operating the store.

    Ms. Morad stated that this seems to be the same application that was submitted last year for their Monkey Business Thrift Shop.

    Committee Member Jensen-Purser informed the Committee that this store has been closed since early November and that prior to closing, she never saw a male under 35 years of aging working there. She stated that there was a sign announcing that a restaurant/cafe would be opening up in the Spring and they are taking donations for furniture.

    Committee Member Elliott asked if they should vote on it. Ms. Morad advised the Committee that they called City staff several times to help them write the application to fit the program. Staff did advise them that the reason they were denied was that their program does not fit CDBG guidelines. Ms. Morad added that CDBG money cannot be used to produce program income for the agency. She referenced Page 5 which requests $30,000 to pay the boys salaries and their benefits.

    The Committee brought up the following questions based on the information provided in the application:

    • How are they getting the kids to Fullerton from Orange?
    • How they determine the number reported on Application # 19 (Number of Fullerton Residents to receive direct benefit by project)?
    • How do they benefit low-income persons?
    • Why are they currently closed?
    • Why everything in store is always over priced?
    • Source of funds - Curious to know the other organizations guidelines?
    • Are these children in foster care or who these people are? Foster Care 13-18? Court appointment or Social service?
    • If kids are out of school between 3-4pm and the store is only open until 5pm, do they only work for one hour?
    • What the specific the number reported on Application # 21: Other $30,000 participants (2004-05 Existing Budget) is referencing?
    • The application mentions the One-Stop program -Committee questioned the assistance of One-Stop vocational site in La Habra. It seems that it does not fit the criteria of this project which is for minors?

    Vice Chair Bambrook and Committee Member Givens recommended that they give the agency an opportunity to come in and answer the questions. Vice Chair Bambrook asked that the Members read through all of the documentation and have questions ready for the Hart representative.

    Committee Member Leon asked if individual Committee Members could call the representative but Ms. Morad stated that she thought it was better for the questions to be addressed in a public forum during the agencys presentation where all of the Committee Members could hear.

    Applicant: Meals on Wheels of Fullerton, Inc.
    Project: Home Delivered Meals
    Request: $31,134

    Description of Project: Meal delivery to low/moderate income individuals who are unable to shop for and prepare their own meals and to frail elderly who cannot leave their home. The 15% public service activity limitation applies.

    Ms. Morad advised that this program has been funded for many years.

    Vice Chair Bambrook mentioned that based on the numbers provided, they served more than what their goal was.

    Committee Member Elliott said that in all his years of knowing this program, he has never had the sense that they have not been doing well. He spoke about knowing a lot of people who deliver meals and described this as a great program.

    Applicant: Orange County Bar Foundation
    Project: Stop Short of Addiction
    Request: $5,000

    Description of Project: Agency is requesting funding to assist with administrative costs incurred with the drug and alcohol intervention program for first-time youth offenders and their parents. The 15% public service activity limitation applies.

    Ms. Morad announced that staff will be auditing the facilities and will report findings back to the committee. She stated that the agencys reports are good and from their 2003/04 goal to serve 30, their actual number was 23.

    Committee Member Brannock commented that it is good to see that they are submitting to MediCal.

    Committee Member Jensen-Purser made the observation that their numbers are very low for repeat offenders.

    Applicant: Orangethorpe United Methodist Church
    Project: Orangethorpe Learning Center
    Request: $12,000

    Description of Project: The church is requesting funds to continue the Orangethorpe Learning Center. Learning Center provides safe and nurturing environment for children grades K -6 to complete schoolwork, enrich their studies with resources, and enhance English skills. The 15% public service activity limitation applies.

    Ms. Morad advised that this is the 3rd year that they seek funds from Fullerton. She stated that they do well with having the classrooms set up to study and also hold events for them. She will let the Committee know when their next event takes place.

    Vice Chair Bambrook asked regarding Application # 9, the purpose of the organization, to which the agency responded Religious organization. Ms. Morad advised that staff had noticed this answer but as long as the agency was not instructing on religious beliefs or teaching religion it would be fine. Staff would however talk to the agency about changing their application to be more accurate as was done with the YMCA last year.

    Committee Member Brannock stated that in reality their purpose is actually to provide the Learning Center.

    Vice Chair Bambrook expressed concern in that the actual number served for 2003-04 was 137 when their goal was 450.

    Committee Member Elliott spoke about the decrease in the number of grants and Committee Member Jensen-Purser noted that it may be in the way they are grouping their funding sources since they are actually all considered grants.

    Applicant: Orangethorpe United Methodist Church
    Project: West Fullerton Youth in Action Program
    Request: $11,552

    Description of Project: Agency is requesting funds to implement the West Fullerton Youth in Action program operated out of the same facility. This program would be for older children in helping them develop leadership skills and using them to assist in the Learning Center facility. The 15% public service activity limitation applies.

    Ms. Morad advised the Committee that she posed the question to Mr. Carey regarding placing priority on his two projects requesting funding. When she asked him if there should not be enough funds to allocate to both projects which would he prefer be funded, Mr. Carey stated that he would definitely prefer the funding go to the Orangethorpe Learning Center.

    Committee Member Jensen Purser asked if this is currently an on-going program and Ms. Morad replied that this would in fact be a new program.

    Committee Member Jensen Purser commented that this seemed to be based on the Boys and Girls model and Committee Member Leon thought it looked similar to the Step-Up model.

    Ms. Morad advised the Committee that the Orange County Human Relations agency (Edgar Medina) helped them develop or put this package together.

    Vice Chair Bambrook asked for clarification regarding the agencys statement of this area being a population has been traditionally undercounted. Staff was not sure where the agency was getting their data from.

    Applicant: Southern California College of Optometry
    Project: Future in Sight
    Request: $9,500

    Description of Project: The College of Optometry is requesting funding to continue an eye care program for children in the low to very low-income ranges. The 15% public services limitation applies. Program provides eye care services to low to very-low income students, children and families. Services include eye exams, glasses, and care for children that otherwise would go without.

    Ms. Morad noted that for 2003-04 their goal was to serve 86 and their actual served was only 39.

    Committee Member Leon stated that they do outstanding work and is wondering if people are just not referring enough children over to them. Vice Chair Bambrook commented that perhaps this program needs better marketing.

    Committee Member Leon also shared that in her opinion, Beverly Spencer who comes to present the project each year does an outstanding job and suggested that this be promoted in a flyer or newsletter since there are so many people that need assistance.

    Applicant: STOP-GAP
    Project: Interactive Touring Presentations for Seniors
    Request: $6,000

    Description of Project: Agency is requesting funds to continue the interactive performances to Fullerton Seniors. The 15% public service limitation applies.

    Ms. Morad informed the committee that they recently had a performance at the senior center. They help seniors deal with life situations.

    Applicant: Womens Transitional Living Center
    Project: Independence from Dependence
    Request: $10,000

    Description of Project: Agency is requesting funding to cover a portion of the administrative costs to operate the shelter. The 15% public service activity limitation applies. This program is to assist abused spouses who also possibly have substance abuse, addiction, or other problems to deal with as well as the abuse situation.

    Ms. Morad reminded the Committee that they voted not to fund this project last year. She recalled that the reason was not having enough funds available. She advised the Committee that she would look at last years documentation and report back at next meeting the reason for the denial.

    Ms. Morad advised that they do have a shelter in Fullerton but due to safety reasons the address cannot be disclosed.


    Committee Members asked if staff could provide a dollar total for all of the non-profit agency applications submitted. Staff agreed to provide a total amount at the next meeting.

    Committee Member Leon asked if there were new agencies applying this year and Ms. Morad replied that there were no new applicants this year.

    Ms. Morad notified the committee that there has been discussion that President Bush is recommending that the CDBG budget be cut in half for the 2006/07 budget year. More information is expected by early February.

    Committee Member Elliot also shared that the Bush administration is requesting more funding to go to Iraq.

    Ms. Morad also mentioned that another one of President Bushs proposals is to move CDBG money over to the Department of Commerce and remove it from HUD.


    No public comment.

  5. Non-Agenda Items

    Staff distributed the presentation schedules for the sixteen non-profits. Non-profits are scheduled to present their proposals for funding at the next two meetings on Monday, February 7, 2005 and Wednesday, February 9, 2005.


    Vice Chair Bambrook adjourned meeting at 7:32PM.