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CDCC Minutes, March 29, 2004

CDCC Minutes, March 29, 2004

  1. Call to Order:

    Chairperson Jaramillo called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM.

  2. Roll Call

    Members Present:

    Robert Elliott
    Judy Givens
    Kitty Jaramillo
    Denise Jensen-Purser
    John Strub
    Irene Moreno-Sandy
    Jo Ann Brannock, Ph.D.

    Staff Present:

    Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor
    Andrea Thompson, Clerical Assistant III (G. Torrico, Clerical Asst. III-Absent)

    Members Absent:

    Barbara Bambrook
    Barbara Leon


    The minutes for March 23, 2004 were not yet available and would be mailed to Committee Members to receive written approval.

  4. 2004-05 Recommendations

    Chairperson Jaramillo explained that the amounts for total funds available and all of the requests would be projected on the screen so that the Committee could make the recommendations with knowledge of the running balance of funds remaining.

    Public Service Recommendations:

    The Committee went through the list of applicants to determine funding recommendations.

    • They started by noting the agencies which had previously been DENIED due to their application not meeting CDBG guidelines requirements:
    • Family Assessment, Counseling, and Education Services (FACES); Hart Community Homes, Inc; and Latino Youth Leadership Institute.


    • Funding was DENIED to the following agencies:
    • Alzheimers Association of Orange County.
      Rationale: There are other agencies available in which there may be duplication of services.

      Council on Aging Linkages
      Rationale: There are other agencies available in which there may be duplication of services.

      Wavecrest-Friends of LArche
      Rationale: There are a small percentage of individuals assisted; not far enough along in the project planning; and more immediate needs from other non-profit agencies.

      Womens Transition Living Center
      Rationale: Because of the Public Service limitation, no funds were available to allocate to this program.

      Rationale: This agency offered a duplication of services by other programs and there was not enough funding available.

    • Funding was GRANTED to these agencies, but NOT AT THE FULL AMOUNT :
    • Orangethorpe United Methodist Church

      YMCA of Orange County

      City of Fullerton Community Centers Project

      Rationale: Committee wanted to contribute to these agencies efforts but there were not enough CDBG funds to fund them completely.

    • Funding was GRANTED to these agencies/departments, AT THE FULL AMOUNT:
    • Boys & Girls Club of Fullerton Valencia Park Branch Salaries
      Council on Aging Long-term Care Ombudsman Service
      Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services New Vista Life Skills Training Program
      Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services Interfaith Shelter Network Program
      Meals on Wheels Home Delivered Meals Program
      Orange County Bar Foundation Stop Short of Addiction Program
      Southern CA College of Optometry Future in Sight program
      STOP GAP Interactive Touring Plays for Seniors
      Maintenance Services Graffiti Removal Program

      A MOTION was made by Committee Member Givens to fund the Public Service Category as recommended, the MOTION was seconded by Committee Member Moreno-Sandy and CARRIED by members present.

      Ms. Morad provided a recap to Committee Members present on their above funding recommendations: Funding recommendations did not include programs for abused spouses but it did include programs for the homeless (adults and youth), for seniors, and also included youth services.

      Discussions on other Projects:

      Committee Member Jensen-Purser advised the Committee that she had nonchalantly placed calls in to two City Council members. She informed the Committee that when she asked what would happen if the Committee voted to deny funding to Code Enforcement and the Public Works Facilities (Engineering project) she was told by both that Council would change the Committees recommendations.

      Committee Member Strub expressed worry about the future years budget when the additional $700,000 from the loan repayment would not be available.

      Chairperson Jaramillo stated the concern about Code Enforcement and her feeling about research findings that the department has sufficient staff to perform the job with the size of the City of Fullerton vs. other larger local cities running Code Enforcement departments with a smaller staff.

      There were common discussions amongst members present as to what would happen to the new Code Enforcement officer in the upcoming years when funding for that position might not be available or once the project was completed.

      There was general consensus amongst members present that they were not in favor of the new Code Enforcement Officer or the Engineering project but would recommend funding to prevent City Council from arbitrarily reducing funding from other projects in great need to fund these two others.

      They voted in favor of a contingency amount but worried that City Council would use other project funds and leave contingency untouched to fund the Code Enforcement and Engineering projects.

      Code Enforcement/Admin/Housing Rehab Recommendations:
    • Funding was GRANTED to these applicants, but NOT AT THE FULL AMOUNT:
    • Development Services Housing Rehabilitation Project
      Rationale: In order to fund the Code Enforcement request and meet the Public Facilities requests, Housing Rehabilitation amounts were decreased to balance the budget. Also, the Department stated that if funding was to be cut, this project could take the cut and Housing would only help people until depleting the funds.
    • Funding was GRANTED to these applicants AT THE FULL AMOUNT:
    • Community Services - Tool Bank Project
      Development Services - Code Enforcement
      Housing & Community Development Administration

      Public Facilities/Improvements Recommendations:


      There was further debate amongst members present to add contingencies to the Engineering Project funding. Chairperson Jaramillo stated that this funding had to be legitimately justified. Ms. Morad stated that Engineering could be asked to look at another option other than a signal.

      Members agreed that they would approve the funding to the Engineering Public Works Facilities Project with the following contingency: The Committee requested that funds not be expended if the study did not warrant a signal and requested that staff review all other options before the decision to install a signal is made.

    • Funding was GRANTED to these applicants/projects, AT THE FULL AMOUNT:
    • Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton - Main Branch Electrical Upgrade
      Engineering- Public Works Facilities
      Fullerton Interfaith - New Vista Expansion / Electrical Upgrade Project

      A MOTION was made by Committee Member Strub to APPROVE the budget as recommended, with the CONDITION on the Engineering Public Works Facilities Project, the MOTION was seconded by Committee Member Jensen-Purser and CARRIED by members present.


    The meeting scheduled for APRIL 5, 2004 will be cancelled and the presentation to City Council will be MAY 4, 2004.


    No public comments.


    Chairperson Jaramillo adjourned the meeting at 7:47PM.