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CDCC Minutes, January 26, 2004

CDCC Minutes, January 26, 2004

6:30 P.M.

Hunt Branch Library

Meeting Called to Order:

Chairperson Brannock called meeting to order at 6:44pm.

Roll Call

Members Present:

Barbara Bambrook
Denise Jensen-Purser
Irene Moreno-Sandy
Jo Ann Brannock, PhD
John Strub
Judy Givens
Kitty Jaramillo

Staff Present:

Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor
Guillermina Torrico, Clerical Assistant III

Members Absent:

Barbara Jo Leon
Robert Elliott

Ms. Morad advised that Committee Member Elliott had given prior notification that he would be unable to attend.

Approval Of Minutes

Minutes were reviewed briefly by committee members.
Motion Was Made, Seconded and Carried by members present to APPROVE the minutes of March 31, 2003.

Election of Officers

Committee Member Strub moved to keep officers as is and Chairperson Brannock declined.
A MOTION was made by Chairperson Brannock to open the nominations. Committee Member Jensen-Purser nominated Kitty Jaramillo as Chairperson. Committee Member Jaramillo nominated Denise Jensen-Purser who declined since she had previously held position. Chairperson Brannock closed nominations.
Chairperson Brannock Motioned to elect Kitty Jaramillo; it was Seconded and Carried unanimously.
Committee Member Strub Motioned to elect Robert Elliott as Vice Chair; it was Seconded and Carried unanimously.
Gavel was passed on to new Chairperson, Kitty Jaramillo.

Committee Member Moreno-Sandy arrived at 6:50pm.

Presentation by Marian Homes

Ms. Morad introduced Marian Homes Representative, Jennifer Byram who announced that Marian would not be soliciting funds this year.
The purpose of her presentation was to thank the City of Fullerton for funds awarded in 2001. Every year Marian awards those who fund their projects.
Ms. Byram presented the crystal award to Chairperson Jaramillo. She informed the committee that HUD had approved them for an Independent Living grant which would cover all the costs in their project.
Ms. Byram complimented Ms. Morad on her assistance. She gave details on their current project and their goal to gain equity and purchase additional properties. She again thanked the City of Fullerton. Pictures were taken of Committee Members receiving award. The presentation concluded with Committee Members wishing Ms. Byram and her organization luck with their upcoming projects.

Committee Member Moreno-Sandy requested that the latest Contact Sheet be routed to make sure all contact information was current.

2004 Schedule

Ms. Morad advised that 2004 schedule of meetings was mailed and copies were available. She informed that all meetings would take place at Hunt Branch Library and would be on Monday nights except for Tuesday, March 23.
She indicated that a meeting was scheduled for April 5th but would only be held if needed. Ms. Morad informed the committee that the presentation to City Council will be held on May 4th at 6:30pm in City Council Chambers. The meeting dates are as follows: Committee Member Brannock cannot attend the April 5th meeting, should it take place. All other members confirmed that they can attend all meetings.

Section 108 Project Update

Ms. Morad advised that HUD approval had just been received last week (week of January 18). She stated that approval was for $7.5 million for the Richman Park Area. Ms. Morad specified that the approval was for capital projects only, i.e., streets, alleys, sidewalks, park, etc. A map of area to be rehabilitated was distributed "Richman Park Neighborhood". She indicated that there is no agreement with HUD as of yet, and other parks would be appraised to use as collateral for this funding. Ms. Morad advised that due to delay, $500,000 that was set aside last year to repay this February will not be used and as a result this $500,000 will show as additional funds. Ms. Morad stated that monies should be available in August.


Committee Member Jensen-Purser asked if laundromat would be included. Ms. Morad confirmed that it would be and explained that use of each property would be evaluated. She gave the example of the Civic Center Barrio most recently acquired properties, which when evaluated, the best option determined was to demo and rebuilt.
Committee Members Jaramillo and Jensen-Purser agreed.
Ms. Morad advised that Fullerton recently acquired four properties after Affordable Shelters (non-profit agency) neglected to comply with stipulations given to them by Redevelopment for the funds.
More discussion was made regarding goals of rehab. i.e., more lighting, cutting through long stretch of streets to reduce long alleyways, thus making them safer. It was reiterated by Ms. Morad that no homes will be improved with these funds, - only capital projects.
Committee Member Jensen-Purser stated that at a recent meeting in the neighborhood of discussion, approximately 45 people attended and showed tremendous interest.
Committee Member Bambrook asked regarding the absentee landlord percentage to which Ms. Morad advised that it was probably about 99%, but in spite of this, the neighborhood has independently started their own group to proactively seek improvements.
Ms. Morad advised that other areas for improvement/enhancement include making parks safer by providing better visibility and reducing traffic by adding center medians.
To ease concern from some committee members Ms. Morad gave the example again of Civic Center Barrio where with the annual code inspections in place, they have managed to maintain properties in good condition.

2004-2005 Allocation

Ms. Morad advised that the allocation was unknown as of yet. She referenced the 2003-2004 Action Plan which was approved by Council and informed committee Members that copies are available.
Ms. Morad advised that at the May 2003 Council meeting a recommendation was made to not fund "Rebuilding Together" since they neglected to follow guidelines and obtain proper permits. Ms. Morad informed that Fullerton is now using current CDBG Rehab funds to repair the damage to properties. This year they did not apply and approximately $6,500 will be reallocated into this year's funds (04-05).

Review of Non-Profit Requests

Ms. Morad reviewed non-profit agencies requesting funding this year.

Applicant:Alzheimer's Association of Orange County (AAOC)
Project:Low-Income Elderly Families Outreach and Support
*(Ms. Morad advised that per Finance's request, numbers will be rounded off to nearest 10th.)

Description of Project: Located in City of Orange and annual budget is two million dollars. They offer a number of services to individuals and families affected by Alzheimer's disease. Services are offered free of charge, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Will assist 164 Fullerton residents.

Ms. Morad advised that they are a new applicant. She noted corrections on page 5 of application: 'City of Fullerton CDBG' amount should be $11,236 and 'Individual Giving' amount should be $273,452.

Applicant:Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton
Project:Commonwealth Main Branch Rehabilitation-Electrical Upgrade

Description of Project: Upgrade of electrical services. The Davis-Bacon Act applies. The current 03-04 project includes replacement.

Ms. Morad advised that applicant has a problem due to new personnel. Their new director is receiving bids at approximately $25,000; only $12,000 was approved. It is believed that they did not include Davis Bacon wages in their request last year. In addition, the Fire Department also found violations. These violations must be addressed.

Copies of the bids for 04-05 submitted by agency were distributed to the committee.

Applicant:Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton
Project:Valencia Branch Salaries

Description of Project: Program for teens at Valencia Branch Boys & Girls Club. Program serves low/moderate income families in the Valencia neighborhood and assists 225 people. If no funding is received they will reduce services.

Ms. Morad noted change on page 4 of application: Total should be $73,200. She advised that applicant states an increased demand and is requesting additional staff but their total cost remained the same. She recommended that Committee ask agency during presentation if the addition will be in staff or hours.

Applicant:Council on Aging - Orange County
Project:Linkages Case Management

Description of Project: Program informs older Latinos and their families of services available at no charge. They have an informal collaborative that provides care-giving to support groups, client to an established home-delivered meal program, and client/caregiver legal counseling. Informal services include housecleaning, transportation, and installation of home safety devices. Program reaches 168 clients annually.

Ms. Morad advised that this program has not been funded by Fullerton before and it falls under the 15% public service activity limitation. The agency has received funding for two other programs. Ms. Morad noted a correction on page 4: CDBG Fullerton portion should be $10,000.

Committee Member Bambrook asked if agency's services are exclusively for Latinos and Ms. Morad explained that funding would help staff a bilingual person but services are not limited to Latinos. Committee Member Jensen-Purser confirmed that this is a referral agency.

Applicant:Council on Aging - Orange County
Project:Long Term Care Ombudsman Service

Description of Project: Program advocates the rights of frail elderly residents living in long term care facilities. Program provides: 520 unannounced facility visits, complaint investigation, and witnessing procedures, etc.

Chairperson Jaramillo noted mistake on Alzheimer's green summary sheet address.

Ms. Morad advised that agency's numbers show that at least 51% of the clients are under the median income guidelines but due to the fact that clients are seniors, clients are presumed eligible.

Applicant:Fair Housing Council of Orange County (FHC)
Project:Fullerton Fair Housing Services

Description of Project: Project is designed to counteract housing discrimination that occurs in Fullerton. Assists with affirmatively further fair housing. Provides assistance to low to moderate-income persons in landlord-tenant matters. Last year program served 643 Fullerton residents.

Ms. Morad advised that City recommends this as a cost-effective means of providing housing services to residents vs. having legal staff employed.

Applicant:Family Assessment, Counseling & Education Services (F.A.C.E.S.)
Project:Juvenile Connection Programs Project Yellow Light

Description of Project: An eight-week prevention program (drugs, alcohol, gang, and violence) and life-skills course. Sixty (60) families/students will benefit from program.

Ms. Morad expressed concerns based on agency's application: Schools listed not under eligible areas; application states that 'families' will be served when programs are geared towards teens.

Based on these concerns Ms. Morad left it up to committee if they wish to see agency's presentation.

Committee Member Brannock Motioned to send denial letter based on not meeting CDBG requirements. Committee Chairperson Jaramillo Seconded and decision was Carried by Members present.

Applicant:Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services
Project:New Vista Electrical Upgrade Project

Description of Project: Project would upgrade electrical system. Current electrical system has improperly grounded outlets and overloaded circuits which create safety issues.

Ms. Morad advised that agency is just now doing lead-based testing and thus bid will not be accurate. She informed agency that testing cannot be skipped on any area due to the liabilities.

Ms. Morad distributed revised page 4 of agency's application and copies of current bid. It is anticipated that their bid will change.

Applicant:Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services
Project:New Vista Shelter Life Skills Training Program

Description of Project: Program provides hands-on learning of necessary survival skills to break the cycle of homelessness: Money management, shopping for value and nutrition, job seeking and retention, parenting skills, and conflict resolution and interpersonal skills.

Ms. Morad advised that this project has been funded by Fullerton over the last several years.

Applicant:Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services
Project:Shelter Network Program

Description of Project: Provides transitional shelter and supportive services to employable, homeless single adults for up to 120 days. Individuals live at the church and go out during the day to seek employment.

Ms. Morad advised that page 4 of agency's application was changed so that total budget calculates to $39,100. New copies were distributed since staff received them today.

Applicant:Hart Community Homes, Inc.
Project:Monkey Business Thrift Store / Work Force Development Project

Description of Project: Agency provides a residential program for boys with backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Funds will be used to operate a thrift store to employ emancipated youth.

Ms. Morad expressed concerns based on agency's application: Persons to directly benefit is listed as customers (#17 in application); Description of project states that additional staff would generate more income (#13 in application). Based on these concerns Ms. Morad advised committee that as written, project does not comply with Federal guidelines and would leave it to committee's discretion whether agency should come present.

Committee Member Jensen-Purser stated that after visiting the thrift store she has never observed male workers. Committee Member Strub stated that last year's presentation was poorly executed.

Committee Member Brannock Motioned to deny agency the funds based on not meeting requirements, Chairperson Jaramillo Seconded and motion was Carried by Members present. Members unanimously voted to notify agency via letter that their application does not meet CDBG requirements.

Applicant:Latino Youth Leadership Institute
Project:2004-05 Empowering Future Latino Leaders Conference and Leadership in Action Program

Description of Project: Project to promote higher education and educational excellence via a venue where Latino Youth citizens can attend a comprehensive conference/workshop.

Ms. Morad advised that this is a 1st time applicant and they are located in the City of La Habra. Concerns were expressed regarding location of project being at UC Irvine which would have no association with Fullerton. She stated that it would be committee's discretion whether agency should come present. Application does not specifically state the 'education' or 'service' and only states that agency would provide a venue/referral.

Committee Member Moreno-Sandy stated that programs similar to this conference's goals are already in place at most schools with a more academic-based structure.

Committee Member Strub Motioned to deny agency the funds, Committee Member Jensen-Purser seconded motion, and the committee unanimously agreed to notify agency via letter that their application does not meet CDBG requirements.

Applicant:Meals on Wheels of Fullerton, Inc.
Project:Home Delivered Meals

Description of Project: Meal delivery to low/moderate income individuals who are unable to shop for and prepare their own meals. Served 228 seniors last year. CDBG funds are used only for seniors.

Ms. Morad stated that agency is now assisting disabled (homebound) individuals in addition to seniors. She noted change on application: Page 4 #24 for the City of Fullerton CDBG should be $31,134 and not $31,124.

Applicant:Orange County Bar Foundation
Project:Stop Short of Addiction

Description of Project: Santa Ana-based organization works closely with Fullerton Police Department to assist youth and their families with drug/alcohol intervention program. Services are provided in English and Spanish to non-court dependants (ages 12-17). Treatment program mandates parental/guardian participation. Will assist 60 youth and 60 parents for a total of 120 people in the next year.

Ms. Morad advised that program does fall into 15% public service activity limitation. Agency is currently receiving funds and this would be the 2nd year they seek funds from Fullerton. Ms. Morad advised that their number calculations will not match since agency rounded off numbers.

Applicant:Orangethorpe United Methodist Church
Project:Orangethorpe Learning Center

Description of Project: Learning Center provides safe and nurturing environment for children grades K through 6 to complete schoolwork, enrich their studies with resources, and enhance English skills.

Ms. Morad advised that agency is seeking funds to continue the Orangethorpe Learning Center and this would be the 2nd year that they seek funds from Fullerton. Agency will host their annual event and date will be given to committee once received. Agency falls into 15% public service activity limitation.

Committee Members discussed positive feedback received at Council meetings from youth benefiting from this program.

Applicant:Southern California College of Optometry
Project:Future in Sight

Description of Project: Program provides eye care services to low to very low-income students, children and families. Services include eye exams, glasses, and care.

Ms. Morad advised that this would be the 3rd time agency asks Fullerton for funds (they were funded in 2001). Agency falls into 15% public service activity limitation.

Applicant: STOP-GAP
Project:Interactive Touring Presentations for Seniors

Description of Project: Program would deliver ten interactive plays to senior audiences. Performances will create opportunities for 250 seniors to find solutions for coping with practical and emotional challenges that accompany the aging process.

Ms. Morad advised that although funds were allocated agency did not draw funds. Agency felt there was too much paperwork involved and they did not apply 03/04. Ms. Morad stated that HUD does in fact require a lot of paperwork (numbers need back up paperwork submitted i.e., time sheets, etc.) Agency has new staff that now wishes to apply for funds.

Committee Member Strub asked if the funds that were not drawn would be in this year's amount and Ms. Morad confirmed that funds would be available.

Applicant:Wavecrest Friends of L'Arche
Project:Abraham House

Description of Project: Program would create homes for persons with developmental disabilities where they would live with Assistants and share life as friends, not as clients and staff.

Ms. Morad advised that agency did not have a facility when they applied last year. They show no previous funding. Licensing is in process and should be in place before/if funds are allocated. Ms. Morad recommended committee ask about licensing and 'per-person cost' during agency presentation.

Applicant:Women's Transitional Living Center
Project:Independence from Dependence

Description of Project: Program will help people with high risk behavior by providing assistance with health, nutrition, immunization, STDs, and prenatal care. Program offers counseling and case management to help victims of domestic violence who are at high risk in terms of substance abuse, violence, gangs, etc. Program will help 1,200 people (110 in Fullerton).

Ms. Morad advised that this is the first time agency seeks funds for this program. Fullerton has funded other agency programs (Career Development, Family Outreach, Emergency Shelter, and Transitional Housing).

Applicant:YMCA of Orange County
Project:Tutoring Assistance Program - Valencia Community Center

Description of Project: Program will provide tutoring, mentoring, leadership development, college/career awareness, character building, sports/team-building, and service learning opportunities to youth Monday-Thursday 3-5:30pm under the supervision of two staff members and program director. Program will encourage positive behavior through character education program, incentives, and awards. Program to serve 150 families in Fullerton.

Ms. Morad advised that the community center is in the target area. Ms. Morad asked agency to change wording on application page 1 to meet CDBG guidelines (CDBG funds cannot be used for religious affiliation).

Applicant:YWCA of North Orange County
Project:Youth Employment Services (YES)

Description of Project: Program will serve youth (ages 14-22) by providing counseling, workshops on completing job applications, interviews, and resumes. Other services include: Job placement, referrals to employers in the area, and offering available resources, i.e. North Orange County Regional Occupational program, Community Colleges, Chamber of Commerce, Employment Development Department, work permit and labor law information about minors.

Ms. Morad advised that previous funding was allocated to their 'Beyond Shelter' program and she also confirmed to committee Members that it is a Fullerton-based organization.

Ms. Morad concluded the presentation of non-profit agencies by opening it up for questions. CDCC had no questions. Ms. Morad concluded by recapping that based on committee decision, three of the agencies would not be coming to present.

Committee Member Strub requested the 'Summary Sheet of Non-Profit Requests' form be e-mailed to CDCC members.

Review of Rules, Regulations, and The Consolidated Plan

Ms. Morad asked CDCC Members if there were any question on the rules and regulations. CDCC had no questions or comments on this topic.

Public Comment

No public comment.

Meeting Adjourned

Chairperson Jaramillo adjourned meeting at 8:26pm.