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TWG Minutes - August 16, 2007




August 16, 2007

9:00 A.M.



Chair Burtner called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m.


ROLL CALL                     Members Present

                                                Roger Burtner, Chair            Larry Iboshi

                                                Fred Canfield                        Madusha Palliyage

                                                Mike Carter                            Edward Smith

                                                Helen Hall


                                                Members Absent

                                                Tony Anderson                      Carl Samantello

                                                Steve Giano                           Paul Stover

                                                Robert Port                           


Chair Burtner introduced newly appointed member Edward Smith, and asked that he provide the group with a brief description of his experience, and asked each member present to introduce themselves and provide a recap of their backgrounds. 




Chair Burtner asked if there were any corrections to the minutes of March 29, 2007.   With no corrections, Helen Hall moved approval of the minutes.  The motion was seconded by Fred Canfield, and the minutes were unanimously approved.


Chair Burtner asked if there were any corrections to the minutes of May 17, 2007.   With no corrections, Helen Hall moved approval of the minutes.  The motion was seconded by Mike Carter, and the minutes were unanimously approved.


Chair Burtner asked if there were any corrections to the minutes of July 26, 2007.   With no corrections, Fred Canfield moved approval of the minutes.  The motion was seconded by Helen Hall, and the minutes were unanimously approved.




Chair Burtner began with agenda discussion item #2:


2.      Citywide wireless:  Report on wireless options.  Proposal from ESC,

          Alvarion reseller


Chair Burtner noted that in follow-up to the TWG's last discussion regarding the possibility of the City doing just a public safety/public works type of system, he, along with Helen Hall and Assistant to the City Manager Rob Ferrier had met with representatives of Enterprise Systems Consulting (ESC), and Chair Burtner and Helen Hall had met with representatives from Alvarion to discuss options for a wireless network.  As a result, ESC/Alvarion had submitted a proposal, which Chair Burtner briefly reviewed with the group.


Based on these discussions and direction from the City Manager's office, Chair Burtner had prepared a "Wireless Options for Fullerton" report to be presented to City Council for their review, consideration, and recommendation.  Each member of the TWG had been provided a copy of the report prior to this meeting.  Chair Burtner noted that the intent of the report is to represent a consensus of the TWG of the options available to the City, and ask that Council provide direction to the TWG for moving forward.


The "Wireless Options for Fullerton" report is attached hereto and made a part hereof.


Ms. Hall indicated that the presentation to Council would include an explanation of the requirements and costs of each option.


Chair Burtner asked for a motion to adopt a recommendation that the report be presented to City Council.  Mr. Canfield so moved; seconded by Mike Carter; passed unanimously.


1.      Creation of an educational/municipal (institutional) fiber/wireless network,



Consultant for RFP/RFI and project timetable


Chair Burtner reminded the TWG members that at the last meeting it had been agreed that Mr. Ferrier would make arrangements for the City to contract with consultant Michael Crose (approximate cost $1,000) for a one-day meeting with school district superintendents, IT managers, city staff, the TWG, and other interested parties, regarding the design process, project costs, and funding options.  Mr. Ferrier had indicated that he would coordinate the meeting with Mr. Crose.


Chair Burtner stated that since that last meeting of the TWG, no such meeting had been arranged, and Mr. Ferrier's contact with the consultant had somehow resulted in a new proposal of a 14-day time commitment at a cost of $13,000. 


Chair Burtner expressed frustration with this development and noted that the original one-day timetable was to generate some sense of urgency to get the project moving, but now it appeared that no arrangements had been made with the consultant.


Ms. Hall indicated that she had received notification from Mr. Ferrier the day before this meeting that he was moving ahead with the one-day meeting with the consultant and that the TWG should select a date or several dates of availability.  It was agreed that it would be important to meet with the consultant before the start of the school year since some of the TWG members who represent school districts might not be available in September.


Progress report for City Council


Chair Burtner noted that the TWG's direction at the last meeting was to expand the executive summary of the progress report, but that he had not had time to finish the report prior to this meeting.


Memorandum of Understanding


Chair Burtner indicated that the City Manager had previously asked Mr. Ferrier to complete the memorandum of understanding.  Chair Burtner noted he was unaware of the status of the MOU, but assumed that Mr. Ferrier was waiting until the meeting with Mr. Crose before finalizing.


On another topic, Chair Burtner reported that he had talked with Steve Nelson, regional manager, Southern California Edison, regarding the Pole Use Authority.  SCE representative Jennifer Dumas, who is in charge of that, had responded with the cost information of $12.60 per foot per pole per year.  Noting there are upwards of 40 poles per mile, and 51 miles of aerial fiber, Chair Burtner estimated the cost between $25,000 and $35,000 per year for the access rights to the poles needed for the project.  An additional cost would be the one-time, up-front cost to join the pole authority, which is $80 per pole.  This cost includes the authority surveying which poles to attach to, then actually physically going out and inspecting every pole to make certain that it can be attached to that pole in that place.  So the up-front cost for the attachment rights would be in the neighborhood of $160,000.


Chair Burtner pointed out that the biggest hurdle was still determining what the ongoing costs would be.  He expressed that in his opinion the easiest way of accomplishing that would be to generate an RFI (request for information) to the people that might want to run the network, and they would have the necessary knowledge to be able to inform the TWG of what those costs might be.


Downtown Wireless


Helen Hall provided to the TWG members a report of one day's (July 31) users of the Downtown Wireless.  She noted there were 57 users that were logged on, only two of which were registered users.  The busiest nodes were Harbor/Chapman, Fullerton train station, and Commonwealth/Pomona.  The average number of registered users added each week is six.  She reported that she had opened up the bandwidth so that users were not limited, which resulted in a number of problems and calls to her office because users could not log on because some people were doing a lot of streaming of videos, pictures, etc.  Ms. Hall asked if the TWG wanted to continue leaving the bandwidth wide open.


Chair Burtner questioned why the bandwidth had been opened, because it was his recollection that the final decision was to only increase the bandwidth for unregistered users.  (A check of the tape recording of the previous meeting confirmed that the bandwidth was to be increased, not opened).



Ms. Hall explained that she did not have the staff to manage the problems that resulted from a wide open bandwidth, and suggested that the limits be put back in place.  She noted that there were businesses in the downtown using the free service to run their daily business operations, and that was not what the system was designed for.  She further noted that the vendor of the system was supposed to have supplied the City with automated management software, but it had never been received, which resulted in even more demands on her time and that of her IT staff.


Chair Burtner suggested that time limits be established for users (both registered and unregistered), such as the number of hours within a 24-hour period, or the number of minutes at any one time.  Mr. Canfield agreed, noting that Cal State Fullerton limits the user to 30 minutes.


Mike Carter asked if the problem was that too many people were associated to one node.  Ms. Hall confirmed that it was and that possibly the City has simply just maxed out the downtown system.  She noted that funding had been obtained to update the radios, but that it had been decided to postpone any updates until Council decided on the direction for the citywide wireless.


Mr. Carter pointed out that he experienced the same problems in providing Internet access to the dormitories at Hope International University, complicated by the large, long, consistent downloads.  He indicated he is considering segmenting the heavier traffic onto another circuit so that people who are just trying to surf the web, do research, or access their email have less congestion.  He is hoping that by segmenting the traffic, it may alleviate a lot of the problems but still allow the large number of users.


Ms. Hall stated she would run some more analysis reports for review at the next meeting, so that the TWG could make a decision as to how to proceed regarding the bandwidth issue.


Chair Burtner suggested that the downtown would need to be integrated into the citywide wireless, and the radios should be updated (suggesting Stricks radios because of the better throughput, higher bandwidth).  Mr. Carter noted that if the City wanted to continue providing the wireless access downtown, and to provide good quality access, the City would have to put more money into the project.


Downtown Surveillance Cameras


Chair Burtner asked Ms. Hall if she could brief the committee on the downtown surveillances cameras that were to be installed.  Ms. Hall indicated she had not participated in that project but was aware that eight cameras were being placed in the downtown area because of the ongoing problems from the bars/nightclubs, and that fiber was to be installed, bringing the fiber back to city hall where the equipment would be maintained by her staff.



To be determined.









With no further business, Chair Burtner asked for a motion to adjourn.  The motion to adjourn was made by Mike Carter and seconded by Larry Iboshi.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:06 a.m. with unanimous approval. 


The next meeting date will be announced at a later time.


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