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TWG Minutes - February 1, 2007




February 1, 2007

9:00 A.M.




Chair Burtner called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. 


ROLL CALL                     Members Present

                                                Tony Anderson                      Mike Carter

                                                Roger Burtner, Chair            Steve Giano

                                                Fred Canfield                       


                                                Helen Hall arrived after roll call.


                                                Members Absent

                                                Larry Iboshi                            Cameron McCune

                                                Gerald Lucas                         Carl Samantello

                                                Robb Port                              Paul Stover




Chair Burtner indicated that the minutes for the two previous meetings (December 21 and January 11) were not yet available, and would be scheduled for approval at the next TWG meeting scheduled for February 22.




Item 1.      Creation of an educational/municipal (institutional) fiber/wireless network, FullertonNet


Corning Cost Estimates and Design

Chair Burtner distributed copies of the revised cost estimates provided by Corning, which consisted of two quotes, one based on 144 fibers ($400,000), the other on 216 fibers ($500,000) in the backbone loop and 12 fibers from each hub to the individual sites.  He noted that he had anticipated a reduction in costs from their previous quote, but Corning had informed him that they had originally used an underground burial cost of a little more than $4 per foot, when they should have used $15 per foot (which is typical for California).


Mr. Giano asked at what point it would be appropriate to start giving out real numbers.  Chair Burtner indicated he was trying to get an accurate number before the February 20th presentation.  He pointed out that he had broken the numbers down on the basis of the number of drops, the amount of undergrounding that would occur for each of the facilities, the electronics, etc., and came up with a cost for the Fullerton School District of approximately $410,000 and $319,000 for the High School District.  He noted that a number of the institutions are near the hub, which would result in relatively short runs.   He indicated that if the school districts and the City decided to go with an RFP, he would contact Corning, who would send out an engineer from their Hickory, North Carolina, facility to do on-the-ground surveys to come in with a firm proposal.  


Mr. Burtner pointed out that the costs were based on the conceptual design and information contained in the conceptual design, but what the costs do not include are closets for the electronics at each hub, air conditioning, or backup power – nor does it include any markup by Engineering for permits and engineering.  Chair Burtner stated that he did not know what the final markup would be, but that Engineering had originally estimated 35%-40%.  A Corning rep had estimated that optoelectronics will cost about $1500 per line from PacketFront.  However, prior to the showcase event at CSUF, Chair Burtner will contact PacketFront for a more definitive cost estimate for the optoelectronics and these will be used to create revised estimates for the three agencies.


Showcase Event at CSUF

Chair Burtner indicated that the invitation letter to the February 20th showcase event had gone out on January 26.  They were hand delivered to the two school superintendents' offices with copies for all boardmembers.  He further indicated that Joe Felz had informed him that the City would pay for parking passes for attendees.  Mr. Giano stated that 50 parking spaces would be blocked off adjacent to the Titan Student Union.  It was noted that the venue had been confirmed as Pavilion C, and the caterer just needs a final headcount.  Mr. Giano indicated he would start coordinating with Mr. Samantello regarding the technology needs for the event.


A brief discussion was held regarding the schedule of presenters and time allotment for each.  Chair Burtner will present the case for the I-Net; Amir Dabirian, CSUF, will give an overview of CSUF’s fiber network and their experience with it. Ellen Junn, CSUF, will discuss the importance and role of technology in education; Ted Malos, Ventura School District, will report on his experience with the Ventura I-Net; and Chair Burtner and Joe Felz will present estimates of the cost to create the I-Net.  Mr. Burtner proposed a handout packet for attendees consisting of:  copy of the I-Net map, two or three summary case sheets, assumptions and cost breakdowns, Corning estimate, and a sample memorandum of understanding. 


Discussions with Trillium

Chair Burtner reported that Mr. Samantello had met with Trillium, but he has decided to continue under his existing contract.   It was noted that the state's agreement will be expiring in December 2008, so the school districts will need to do something before then.  The question was raised as to whether or not Trillium, a registered telecommunications services provider, would be considered for operating the I-Net.  Chair Burtner indicated that he had asked Corning to provide a list of service providers that operate I-Nets.



Item 2.      Citywide wireless network


Chair Burtner reminded the group that he and Helen Hall had been asked by the City Manager's office to attend the Wireless Internet Institute conference in Tempe, AZ, February 12-14, and to return with a recommendation as to the direction the City should take with regard to municipal wireless. 


Helen Hall informed the group that she had recently learned that the City of Anaheim had entered into an agreement with the City of Fullerton to rent part of the Fullerton Airport for its helicopters, and as a result, needed a fiber connection from Anaheim to the Airport.  Because they are using Homeland Security money, the fiber connection would have to be run from Anaheim to the Fullerton Police Station and from there to the Airport.  The route is the same as a portion of the I-Net backbone.  Consequently, there is the possibility of cooperating with Anaheim to get a portion of the I-Net built at the same time.  Ms. Hall will set up a meeting with the Homeland Security people in Anaheim to further discuss options.



Recap of same agenda items.









With no further business, Chair Burtner asked for a motion to adjourn.  The motion to adjourn was made by Helen Hall and seconded by Mike Carter.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 a.m. with unanimous approval. 


The next meeting is scheduled for February 22, 2007.



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