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January 26, 2006
9:00 A.M.


Chair Burtner called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m.


Members Present:
Tony Anderson
Gerald Lucas
Roger Burtner, Chair
Robb Port
Mike Carter
Paul Stover, Vice Chair
Helen Hall

Members Absent
Fred Canfield
Cameron McCune
Richard Hartman
Carl Samantello
Larry Iboshi

Scott Carroll arrived at 9:20 after the roll had been called.

Chair Burtner announced that a quorum existed and the committee could transact any and all business.


Chair Burtner advised that the minutes of the January 5 meeting were not yet available and would be agendized at the next meeting.

Paul Stover asked if the minutes could be posted to the City's website. Helen Hall indicated the minutes are posted to the website once they have been approved by the TWG.


Discussion Item 1: Creation of an educational/municipal (institutional) fiber/wireless network, FullertonNet

Report of Discussion with Lee Afflerbach

Chair Burtner reported that he, along with City Manager Meyer, IT Manager Helen Hall, and Assistant to the City Manager Joe Felz had met with Lee Afflerbach of Columbia Telecommunications Corporation on January 11 regarding hiring CTC to consult with the City and TWG on the conceptual design of the proposed I-Net system in Fullerton. Joe Felz had summarized the one-hour meeting in a memo to TWG members dated January 18, 2006, a copy of which is attached hereto and made a part hereof. A packet of information, which included site maps, TWG goals, and fiber maps, had been provided to Mr. Afflerbach. For the meeting Chair Burtner had prepared a memo documenting I-Net project goals. It is also attached as a part of these minutes. Also attached to these minutes is a list of the possible I-Net sites that was presented to Mr Afflerbach.

Chair Burtner indicated that they were impressed with Mr. Afflerbach's experience, and would like to move forward with a contract with CTC for Mr. Afflerbach to do the conceptual design. A summary of Mr. Afflerbach's credentials and cities for which he had consulted in the past three years was distributed to the TWG members.

Tony Anderson asked Helen Hall to provide the TWG members with a copy of the map provided to Mr. Afflerbach. Ms. Hall provided copies before the meeting concluded.

Vice Chair Stover suggested that other institutions, such as churches and church schools, be included in the list and map of potential network sites. The question was raised as to whether or not there would be any church and state issues if public funds were used to include churches and church schools. Mr. Stover indicated that he was not proposing the use of public funds, but thought it would be prudent to include the institutions in the I-Net. He also pointed out that private schools come under a public school district, and do have access to funds through public channels; it is up to them to choose whether or not they want to participate.

Chair Burtner informed the TWG that Assistant to the City Manager Joe Felz had indicated he would move forward with the contract with CTC for the conceptual design for the I-Net, with the concurrence or recommendation from the TWG. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that the TWG would recommend that the City contract with CTC. The recommendation will be agendized at the next meeting. Chair Burtner noted that it will probably take a few weeks to receive the conceptual design, once the contract is approved.

Helen Hall emphasized that the conceptual design is a critical component of being prepared for the negotiations with Time Warner, and she will be working with Joe Felz to push through the P.O. to contract with CTC.

Ms. Hall noted that Mr. Afflerbach had indicated Fullerton was very similar to Ventura, and that the new director of information technology for the City of Huntington Beach (Jack Marshall) was instrumental in the Ventura project. Ms. Hall informed the TWG that she had made arrangements with Mr. Marshall to speak to the TWG at its February 16 meeting.

Chair Burtner raised the question of how an I-Net might be administered, and suggested that a nonprofit organization might be established that could act on behalf of the members of an institutional network. He indicated that he was a member of an inactive nonprofit called the Job Development Council, and suggested that perhaps the charter of the nonprofit could be changed to enable such a vehicle for administration of the I-Net. Vice Chair Stover proposed a different methodology, that of forming a community foundation. Chair Burtner indicated he would discuss the idea with Joe Felz for the City's input.

Next Steps

Chair Burtner noted that once all of the telecommunication costs were compiled, someone with more knowledge that the TWG members would need to go through the very detailed lists and decide which ones would stay and which ones would go if the City has an I-Net. Chair Burtner questioned whether Mr. Afflerbach would be the one to do that. Chair Burtner also relayed to the TWG that Joe Felz had indicated that the City's traffic engineers are very interested in running fiber to the traffic lights and traffic control systems, which could provide a potential for transportation funds or grants, as well as redevelopment funds.

Discussion Item 2: Review of Action Items and Next Steps Regarding FullertonWireless

Action Items

Chair Burtner pointed out that the priority action item of entering into an agreement with potential I-Net institutions had not started, but was an important task that needed to be completed.

He further indicated that members were still working on the list of applications and system requirements.

Regarding Action Item #3 - other government facilities - Chair Burtner asked about the parking garages that had been discussed previously. Helen Hall stated she would follow-up with Joe Felz on whether or not to add parking garages.

Paul Stover asked if there were police substations in Fullerton, noting that it would be important to include them on the site map. Helen Hall indicated she would look into it.


Chair Burtner indicated that he had not yet followed up with Tropos. Ms. Hall stated that she would talk to CDCE to see if she could get them to follow through with Tropos on the issues.

Paul Stover asked if the TWG would be looking at upgrading the system, adding nodes, and if so, what radios would be used. Helen Hall pointed out that the bigger question is where the City will get the money to buy the radios. Mr. Stover noted that if it were done in incremental fashion, it may not be all that expensive.

Helen Hall reported that more than 300 persons have registered to use the system, and that Redevelopment has agreed to pay for another year's subscription (February 2007). Paul Stover asked if the TWG should start to talk again about expanding. Chair Burtner indicated there were a number of issues that needed to be worked out first (particularly the problem with MacIntoshes).

Mr. Stover proposed that FullertonWireless be re-agendized in the near future to address a game plan beyond just lengthening the subscription. Chair Burtner added that another important usage issue is the registration process, which he indicated needs to be automated. Helen Hall agreed.

Paul Stover suggested that the TWG set up something for the Thursday Farmer's Markets that start up in April or May, noting that it would be a great place to at least advertise what's happening in the downtown, and give people an opportunity to experience the network.

Chair Burtner noted that the website also needs updating. Paul Stover asked if that process could begin. Helen Hall indicated that she had been able to hire a half-time web designer, and she would be looking to the TWG for suggestions on updating the site. She also indicated that she would be talking to Redevelopment and suggesting to them that their advertising dollars are needed.

Chair Burtner asked Helen to set up a meeting with the Redevelopment Director and Economic Development Manager to discuss their involvement. Helen Hall and Paul Stover will also participate.


Discussion with Jack Marshall, IT Director, City of Huntington Beach.
Progress on contract with CTC.




There being no further business, a motion for adjournment was made and unanimously approved by the members present. The meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.


Meeting with CTC - I-Net Consultant
I-Net Project Goals
Possible I-Net Sites