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TWG Minutes - December 21, 2006




December 21, 2006

9:00 A.M.




Chair Burtner called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m. 


ROLL CALL                     Members Present

                                                Tony Anderson                      Steve Giano

                                                Roger Burtner, Chair            Larry Iboshi

                                                Fred Canfield                        Carl Samantello

                                                Mike Carter


                                                Members Absent

                                                Helen Hall                               Cameron McCune

                                                Richard Hartman                   Robert Port 

                                                Gerald Lucas                        





The minutes of the November 30, 2006, meeting had not received final review by Chair Burtner so approval of the minutes was postponed to the next meeting.





Item 1.     Creation of an educational/municipal (institutional) fiber/wireless network, FullertonNet


Showcase Event at CSUF

Chair Burtner asked Steve Giano for an update on plans for the Showcase Event at CSUF.  Mr. Giano stated the three goals for planning the event that he hoped to discuss and finalize at this meeting were:  date/location, agenda, and invitee list. 


After a lengthy discussion of possible dates and locations, it was decided that the event would be held from 11:30-2:00 (with lunch provided) on February 20 in the Titan Student Union building.  Since the event was originally proposed for 3:00 p.m., Mr. Giano indicated he would need to reconfirm the availability of the scheduled presenters. 


Regarding the proposed agenda, Mr. Giano stated that Chair Burtner would provide an introduction, followed by an overview of Cal State Fullerton by Amir Dabirian.  Mr. Dabirian may invite one of his directors to speak about specific technology.  Two topics will be the focus of the presenters – education and public safety.  Ellen Jung, founder of the Faculty Development Center, will discuss technology in the classroom.  A presenter has yet to be identified for public safety.  Mr. Giano believes having a virtual visitor (videoconference, full-screen) would be impressive.  It was suggested that contact be made with Ted Malos at Ventura to see if he would be willing to participate. 


Chair Burtner pointed out that having testimonials from organizations or institutions that are using an I-Net would be beneficial, and also providing graphic demonstrations of the difference between 20 megabits per second and a gigabit per second.  Mr. Giano suggested an interactive demonstration.


Mike Carter suggested including a discussion of the benefits of owning the network, considering recurring cost and reliability issues, noting that Santa Monica had experienced problems when Verizon's main backbone went out and it took a few days to be repaired.  Ownership would provide more control, especially for public safety.  Chair Burtner indicated he had put together PowerPoint slides regarding that subject and planned to use them in the introduction.


Mr. Samantello expressed that he believed it would be important to the school board members as well as other educators in the target audience to come away from the event with an understanding of what enhancements to education could be achieved with the proposed I-Net.  In other words, there are a thousand kids walking around with laptops, what is this I-Net going to do for a school, what kind of educational experiences will it enable that cannot already be done now, what effect is this going to have on the learning process, is it going to increase scores.  They will want to see how it is going to impact what they do every day, which is teaching in the classroom.  Mr. Samantello also pointed out that education dollars are very tight, and money is being directed to the programs that management or the superintendent believes will have the biggest impact on the education of students.  With that in mind, Mr. Samantello suggested that if any research exists that provides measured improvements in, for example, test scores, as a result of this technology, it would be important to include it in the presentations.  He noted that these types of studies, which show a measurable difference, can be used to convince management to direct funds toward the program.


Mr. Giano suggested that committee members meet with Ellen Jung to discuss the focus of her presentation.  It was agreed that Mr. Giano would set up the meeting.

Mr. Stover noted that Mr. Samantello had raised a significant point regarding proving that an I-Net is going to be effective, but he believes the focus should be a broader context – emphasizing that we are in a technological, digital age, and that the selling point should be that we need to provide this I-Net in order to provide the best possible opportunities for everyone in our community if we expect the future to be brighter.  He stated that he hoped, at the end of the day, that we would be supporting the idea that the best and the brightest are going to do something really significant in our communities, in our cities, in our states, and in our nation, and that broadband should be at the core of that discussion. 


Mr. Samantello suggested that it would also be important to include cost analysis information, i.e., any savings that might be achieved by the school districts. 


Chair Burtner indicated that in terms of demonstrations and applications, the list of presenters may need to be pared down.  He pointed out that committee members are in the preliminary stage of talking to the proposed presenters, and they need to identify what each has to present and then make a determination as to whether the information is appropriate for the event and able to be presented within the limited time frame.


Mr. Giano motioned that the committee accept the basic agenda outline as discussed and that the committee can modify it as they deem necessary.  Mr. Canfield seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Regarding the invitee list, Mr. Giano pointed out that the committee's previous discussions resulted in a list including school board members, school district administrators, Council members, and high level City staff.  Chair Burtner requested that TWG members provide him with contact information for the school district board members and chief administrators and any other key educators they believed should be in attendance.  Chair Burtner noted that he was hoping to keep the invitee list to about 30 or 35, but the list appeared to be growing to 50-60.


Mr. Canfield suggested that there be three invitations to the invitees – one from the Technology Working Group, one from the City Manager to City personnel, and one from the school districts  -- noting that some invitees attend events based on who is doing the inviting.  Chair Burtner stated the committee would work out the details on the invitation.


Discussion with SCE

Chair Burtner indicated that he and Joe Felz had met with SCE rep Krista Marshall regarding the City's ability to hook in and make use of some of SCE's existing infrastructure.  It turned out that Ms. Marshall was a salesperson focused on selling the City an entire system built by SCE, and she could not respond to technology questions.  She kept indicating that she would have to get back to her engineers, which left Chair Burtner and Mr. Felz with the impression that they would have to work through a progression of meetings with SCE to get any answers.


Chair Burtner noted earlier in the meeting that Mr. Samantello had been approached by a firm called Trillium, that is interested in building at least a portion of the I-Net.  Trillium could put in the fiber laterals back to the hub for the school districts and then the City could sell Trillium rights to some of the fiber in the loop, since it would basically be a customer-owned network.  As a customer-owner and CLEC Trillium could provide management services, quality of service, etc., for the school districts and capture E-rate funds.  Chair Burtner requested contact information for Trillium and indicated he would follow up with them.


Corning Cost Estimates and Design

Chair Burtner indicated that he had received no response to his e-mails and phone calls to Corning, so there was nothing to report.


Item 2.      Citywide wireless network


Chair Burtner indicated there was nothing to report other than Mr. Felz was planning to bring the proposed wireless network to City Council January 16.



Same agenda.









With no further business, Chair Burtner asked for a motion to adjourn.  The motion to adjourn was made by Steve Giano and seconded by Paul Stover.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m. with unanimous approval. 



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