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Technology Working Group Minutes: August 12, 2004

Technology Working Group Minutes: August 12, 2004

August 12, 2004
9:00 A.M.


Vice-Chair Hall called the meeting to order at 9:12 a.m.


Members Present:

Scott PriceNorman ThornPaul Stover
David BaileyHelen HallJohnson Lew

Members Absent:

Nilo Niccolai Roger Burtner Tony Anderson
Robb Port


There were no minutes to approve. The minutes for May 20, June 3, July 12, and August 2 were noted to be approved at a future meeting.




Of the seven vendors who had submitted proposals for the Fullerton Downtown Wireless Network six-month pilot project, two had been selected to return to respond to additional questions by the TWG: CDCE/Tropos and Wireless Hotspot/Firetide. CDCE/Tropos were scheduled for August 12 and Wireless Hotspot/Firetide were scheduled for August 19.

Attachment 1 to these minutes is a copy of the 17 follow-up questions the TWG provided to CDCE/Tropos and Wireless Hotspot.

Paul Stover pointed out that maintenance of the project needed to be confirmed. Helen Hall noted that the CDCE/Tropos proposal stated ongoing maintenance and support - $3,450, but there was no indication whether the $3,450 was monthly, annually, or for the six-month duration of the pilot project only. Ms. Hall stated that needed to be clarified.

Paul Stover informed the TWG that Hermosa had launched their wireless on August 11 and encouraged the committee members to take a look at what Hermosa was doing because it was the exact model that the committee was considering. He also mentioned that Hermosas initial phase was downtown only, with the plan to eventually cover the entire city, and to always have free access for the public.

The Q&A discussion began with Mike Contois, Account Executive with CDCE, introducing the members of the CDCE/Tropos group in attendance. They included: Brian Solomon, Co-founder, CDCE; Amir Sheikhan, Pre-sales Engineer, CDCE; Jim DeFreeuw, Senior Account Executive, Tropos; Jim Wang, Technician, Tropos; and Anthony Mack, Western Region Sales Engineer, Blue Socket.

Attachment 2 to these minutes is a recap of the Q&A discussion with Tropos/CDCE.

After CDCE/Tropos/Blue Sockets presentation, the committee members discussed their opinions of the vendors capabilities.

Scott Price pointed out that the important factor was to make the system the easiest and most user-friendly in order to get people to use it, removing as many barriers as possible.

Dick Bednar stated he thought the critical step in the process was to be very pedantic about who does what, because it did not appear to him that the CDCE/Tropos team was entirely clear as to what their scope is, and suggested that each function of the project and who is responsible for each function of the project be clearly defined in the contract process.

Helen Hall pointed out that CDCE/Tropos fully understands that they have to create a turnkey solution by working with her, other city staff, and/or other vendors, and without that cooperation, contract negotiations would cease.

Dave Bailey questioned whether the 100 concurrent users would be adequate. Helen Hall pointed out that Long Beach has had their system in for more than a year, and they get five or six users a day, noting that if Fullerton got 100, the system would be booming. Norm Thorn stated that it was important to plan for peak periods not 100 users per day, but 100 concurrent users. Dave Bailey suggested initially opening the system up during the pilot period, monitoring the peak periods, and determine later whether it needed to be upgraded to accommodate more users.

Paul Stover stated that the committees focus needed to be on the vendor. He informed the committee that it was his opinion that CDCE/Tropos proposal and their follow-up Q&A did not meet his expectations. He further stated that it was his opinion that CDCE/Tropos interests were not the same as the Citys, and they needed to refocus their efforts on the Citys needs.


Follow-up Q&A with Wireless Hotspot.




There being no further business, Vice Chair Hall asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion to adjourn was made by Norm Thorn, seconded by Scott Price, and unanimously approved by the members present. The meeting adjourned at 11:22 a.m.

Questions for Proposal Finalists: CDCE and Wireless Hotspots (to be returned by 5:00 p.m. July 29, 2004)

Please respond to the following questions and requests:

  1. What are the specific locations for the pilot equipment, the anticipated area of coverage, and the specific equipment at each location?

  2. What specific access constraints will be in place for the pilot? Which nodes (at least two) will serve as gateways to the Internet?

  3. What performance guarantees are being made and what performance tests will be conducted to assure that the performance guarantees are being met? How long will these guarantees be in effect?

  4. What specific work does your proposal expect City staff or the Working Group to do to implement the pilot?

  5. What is the cost of the fully functioning turnkey solution that your company is proposing? Please itemize all costs for the initial installation, and separate these from the ongoing maintenance/operation costs.

  6. What are the monthly costs to operate and maintain the system likely to be? Information on possible gateway connections to the Internet can be obtained from Helen Hall, City of Fullerton. She should also be contacted for engineering information.

  7. Will the system include a web portal for login, registration, and authentication? Will your company be providing a portal design and implementation plan?

  8. Will the system have provision for multiple VPNs that can be made secure and given priority for use by various public agencies?

  9. Are billing options and software available for the system and are they included in the price?

  10. Will there be a need for a server or any other control hardware and software, and if so, are these included in the price?

  11. Will you offer a marketing plan/tools for the network (i.e., brochures, stickers, CDs, etc.)?

  12. Will someone from your company be available to educate local groups and businesses about the operation of the network and its potential uses?

  13. Although the City of Fullerton may wish to operate and maintain the system, if it chooses not to do so, are you prepared to provide this service or recommend another party that can? What company do you recommend for this service? What are your maintenance support hours and hourly rates?

  14. Is your company prepared to act as a WISP? If not, who do you recommend to provide these services?

  15. If your company is selected to implement the wireless network, when will you be available to start the installation and how long after the start date will it take to fully install and test the system and make it available for use by the public and public safety?

  16. Please identify which companies or subcontractors and personnel will be involved in all phases of the implementation.

  17. Please provide a brief summary profile of your firm, including principal line of business, year founded, form of organization (corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.), and location of office(s). Identify the Principal responsible for managing your proposed Project Team and ensuring delivery of the project. Please indicate why the proposed Project Team is uniquely qualified to perform this work.