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Graffiti App “MyFullerton” Up and Running
Fullerton Announces Smartphone App to Combat Graffiti
Contact :City of Fullerton Maintenance Services    (714) 738-6897
Fullerton City Manager’s Office    (714) 738-6317

Graffiti removal is going high-tech in Fullerton. To involve as many citizens as possible in its attempt to minimize graffiti throughout Fullerton, the City is pleased to announce the release of a smart phone app that will provide a quick and easy way to create graffiti removal requests at any public location (or locations facing the public right-of-way). The app is called MyFullerton and can be downloaded for free from a smartphone’s App or Google Play store.

Graffiti vandalism is destructive to City property and contributes to the deterioration of the community. In an effort to improve graffiti removal, the City recently contracted with Graffiti Protective Coatings, Inc. (GPC) to perform graffiti removal services throughout Fullerton.  GPC’s advanced training, GPS technology, and real-time response to graffiti requests has enabled the City to greatly increase the amount of graffiti removed while decreasing the time it takes for removal.

According to Tim Campbell, Maintenance Services' Administrative Manager with the City of Fullerton, “even though GPC has increased the amount of graffiti removed, graffiti eradication programs are most effective when the community is involved as well.” He added, “with everyone’s involvement, we can preserve the beauty of our city and community.”

Once the app is downloaded and opened, the user chooses “graffiti removal” from the drop-down menu and follows a few simple steps to report the graffiti’s location. The app will prompt the user to take a picture of the vandalized location, allowing the GPC technician to more easily locate the graffiti and determine the best removal method.  The app gives citizens the option to submit graffiti removal requests anonymously or leave their contact information so they can be notified when the removal is complete, as well as receiving a “before and after” picture of the submitted location. In less than a minute, a graffiti request can be created and submitted to a GPC technician, who will then receive the notification in real-time and respond to the request.

For those who do not have access to the app, citizens can still make graffiti removal requests through the graffiti hotline at (714) 738-3108, or via the online request system via the City’s website, or by calling Maintenance Services at (714) 738-6897.

With this additional method of reporting graffiti vandalism, the City hopes to expand public efforts to minimize graffiti throughout Fullerton and make the City a better place for all its residents, businesses, property owners, and visitors.