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Citizens Infrastructure Review Committee

Citizens Infrastructure Review Committee

Citizens Infrastructure Review Committee (CIRC) Minutes
Wednesday, July 16, 2003 / 4:00 p.m.
Redevelopment Conference Room


Citizens Infrastructure Review Committee Acting Chair McNelly called the meeting to order at 4:02 p.m.


Jay Chong
Richard Daybell
Gary Drabek
Patrick McNelly
Allan Olson
Keith Switzer
Cline Duff
Peter Gambino
Skip Post


Jennifer Phillips, Assistant to the City Manager


Member Olson made a motion to approve the Minutes for May 21, 2003. Member Daybell seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.



Member Switzer advised he was unable to complete the justification and breakdown of Section III - Option 2 due to work demands.

Assistant Phillips handed out photocopies of Attachment A Orange County Agency Sewer.

Acting Chair McNelly suggested that future drafts of the Sewer Lateral Report be dated for easier reference.

Section I - Sewer Maintenance and Repair Issues

Page 2 2nd to last paragraph, Acting Chair McNelly suggested changing the word assigning to assumed as it is not necessarily the responsibility of the homeowner, and requested clarification of what type of responsibility would be required.

Member Daybell requested that Administrative Analyst Campbell contact the City staff who initially provided the information to re-verify and clarify the OC Sewer Policies.

Acting Chair McNelly requested that the City of Santa Ana be contacted to clarify its funding source in regards to its program.

Several members continued to question the definition of property line, and asked that the Building Division be contacted for a definition.

Assistant Phillips stated the Executive Summary is a concept only and the Committee is not responsible for its implementation.

Acting Chair McNelly and Member Daybell will work together on describing the issues of the homeowners lack of understanding of their responsibility for the sewer lateral.

Section II - Sewer Lateral Program

Page 2 2nd paragraph, Member Daybell questioned if there really is any PVC plastic sewer lines within the City. Assistant Phillips responded that she will contact Maintenance Services for clarification and invite a guest speaker from that department to address the Committees questions.

Member Daybell expressed curiosity how Newport Beach is managing its sewer lateral program. Assistant Phillips stated the program is managed by a separate sanitation fund.

Member Daybell questioned Health and Safety Code 5471, regarding the construction of new sewer main/sewer laterals and would like the City Attorneys input.

Acting Chair McNelly inquired about the Amerige Heights construction and whether or not the developer paid. Assistant Phillips answered that Mello Roos monies will be applied to the repair/maintenance/replacement of the sewer main/sewer laterals.

Section III Recommendations

Option I

The City amends the Fullerton Municipal Code to assume responsibility for sewer laterals from the property line to the sewer main line.

Assistant Phillips informed the members that there is a lot of information contained within this section and further discussion is needed.

Member Drabeck commented that Section 1 contained the same information as Section III Option 1.

Option III

The City evaluates the current sewer and waste water program and identifies what it would entail to add the sewer later program into this existing program.

Assistant Phillips advised the members the report is current, prepared in the summer of 2002 by the Maintenance Services staff.

Acting Chair McNelly inquired where the cost figures came from and if there is any record being kept of residents who ask about the cost.

Member Daybell felt Option 3 is the same as Option 4.

Option 4

The City establishes a fee for sewer lateral repair and replacement that is directly tied to water usage.

The difference between the choice to raise fees or assess a special tax was discussed with questions arising on how the City Attorney is interpreting the law.

Option 5

The City video tapes all sewers and sewer laterals during any street reconstruction project, and repairs and replaces any broken or deteriorated sewer lines.

Member Daybell suggested changing the wording of the title to reflect

The City videotapes all sewers and sewer laterals before any street reconstruction projects begin, and replace any broken or deteriorated sewer before the street is resurfaced.

Acting Chair McNelly commented that there has been progress, and expressed thanks to Assistant Phillips for the manner in which these discussions are reflected in the draft report.

Members Chong and Switzer will work together on the justification of Option 2.

Acting Chair McNelly suggested that members view a daily newsletter via the internet and deals with these issues, stating there is a lot of pertinent information, which deals with all local cities. He will forward the link to Assistant Phillips who will ensure all members receive it.

Acting Chair McNelly suggested continuing further discussion of Section III Recommendations until the next meeting.


There were no public comments


There being no further business the meeting was ADJOURNED at 5:08 p.m. The next meeting of the Citizens Infrastructure Review Committee is scheduled for September 17, 2003 at 4:00 p.m. in the Redevelopment Conference Room.